The Rainbows programme has been running in St. Molaga's N.S. since 1998.

What is Rainbows?

Rainbows is a peer support group for children who have suffered the loss of a close family member- parent, grandparent or sibling through bereavement or separation.
Rainbows seeks to provide the emotional stability which the children need to verbalize their feelings.  trained facilitators provide guidance and a secure place so that healing and acceptance may take place.
The programme lasts for 20 weeks, one session of 30 minutes per week.  The Rainbows group can have up to six children per programme.  the programme is delivered by a trained facilitator with a strong emphasis on confidentiality.
The Rainbows programme can be summarised as follows:

The Goal of Rainbows

Healing From The Tragedy of Death/ Separation

This means

working through grief process

apparent increase in self-esteem

better grades

behaviour improves

inner contentment

Accomplished by:

peer support/knowing you are not alone

nurturing adults who care

secure place to share themselves

acceptance by those in Rainbows

Each Rainbows Session has

Theme- focus on feelings

Activity - workbooks, games, art

Discussion - share feelings, understood by peers

Reflection - moment of quiet for closure of session.

Wrap -Up Day - cornerstone to healing/forgiveness.

For further information please contact the Rainbows Co-ordinator in St. Molaga's N.S.

Phone: 01)8413133