National Gallery & Natural History Museum Trip April 2017

Everyone in 5th Class was lucky enough to visit the National Gallery on Clare St. and the Natural History Museum on Merrion Square. The tour in the Gallery was terrific, especially considering how busy the Gallery was.

We had a terrific time in the Natural History Museum and saw lots of amazing Irish and international, especially the Hoopoe bird that was found here in Balbriggan in  1903

Our Guide Sarah was  terrific!

Kate was fantastic too!


The sculpture Gallery was cool,Hercules was on legendary demigod!!!! But Teacher struggles taking pictures in mixed light settings.

The Ladies

The Gentlemen

The Gang

and introducing Mr. Picasso

FAI Spar 5 Aside

After numerous trials and only being able to pick 16 boys from almost 60, Michael O Regan, Ms O Brien and Ms O Mahony headed off to Abbotstown for the FAI SPAR 5 aside soccer tournament. We had two teams entered into the competition. Both teams played very well considering the pace of the game and it being 5 a side soccer. The decision on who was to leave the group stages came down to the last match for one of the teams. Unfortunately St Ciaran’s knocked us out of the competition, however they went on to win the overall tournament on the day.

The boys played extremely well with outstanding performances from so many of them. A huge thank you to Ms Daly and Michael for organising the event. We wish the girls the very best of luck on Thursday 30th!

Christmas 2016

Ms O Brien’s group made coconut snowballs desserts. We made small balls of dough which we then rolled in sugar syrup and then into desiccated coconut. It was a messy lesson but lots of fun and there were even yummy to taste.

Painting with Ice
We poured different coloured paints into ice cube trays. We placed lollipop sticks in to the centre of each paint cube. We placed the trays into the freezer for 24 hours. When we removed the ice cubes of paint from the trays we the set about painting Christmas themed paintings. It was extremely messy but great fun.

Lemon Drizzle Cake
As a group we planned how to bake a lemon drizzle cake. We listed the ingredients and the method in sequence. Lucky us we got to go into the staffroom to bake the cake. We all took turns measuring, beating and mixing the cake. Ms O Brien placed the mixture into the oven for 55 mins at 180 degrees.
When it was cooled the next day we returned to the staffroom and mixed icing sugar and lemon juice together to make the drizzle icing. We were able to eat it immediately. It was delicious.

Special Showcase for Julia

Well done to Julia. She won a special showcase for her lovely story about her friend Mia.  Julia’s story is a lovely way to remember Mia. We miss her every day.  

Best Friends Forever

There was a girl called Mia . She had a rare condition that meant that she could not run or jump. Mia had good friends that are called Julia , Julia and Mia B. They all were best friends forever and respected each other.
Mia said “I’m sick of the rare condition, so that’s why I’m always last in races “.
Then Julia said “you’re always number one for us and you’re best at maths, science and Irish even though you worry about it “.
And that was nice, to not let her down and one day she won first place in maths, Irish and science.
From that day Mia loved her friends .

Seachtain na nGaeilge

Dia dhiabh go léir!

This week we celebrated Seachtain na nGaeilge! We had lots of fun learning and performing “Amhrán na gCupán” (The Cup Song) as well as doing some Irish Dancing, Éist agus Tarraing and designing seanfhocal posters to decorate our hall for Seachtain na nGaeilge.

Well done to everyone who took part in the Seachtain na nGaeilge concert, bhí sibh ar fheabhas ar fad!!  Congratulations to Katie Davey who won herself an Easons voucher in our scríobhnoireacht competition for 5th class. Obair iontach!

Bain taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine agus Lá Fhéile Pádraig!



Money makes the world go round!

This week, we have been doing money for maths. We worked with a partner in a fun shop keeper game where we made up prices for different items and had to buy them from or sell them to our partner! We had to calculate the total cost of items but most importantly… We had to make sure we received the correct change out of our spending money! We had great fun (but secretly wishing the money was real!)


By Jamie Mc Guffin-Grehan

Busy Week!

We’ve had a busy week this week! 

Our seeds that we planted continue to grow! Some of them grew so tall now during the mid-term break that it took three of us to measure them! 






On Tuesday we had sports conditioning training. It was great fun. We also learned about healthy eating and nutrition.






Emma from the RSA also visited on Tuesday and spoke to us about being safe on the roads and in the care. The best advice is to be ‘Aware’ when you are on the road, as a pedestrian, a cyclist or in a car.






Wednesday was ‘Ash Wednesday’. We received ashes from Fr. Eugene and we made our Lenten promises.





We’ve been celebrating ‘Friendship Week’ all week. We had some fun activities with Ms Sulllivan’s 5th class. We played games in the hall, wrote poems and did some ‘Friend-Ship’ art.











On Thursday and Friday we do  Maths Circuits. We love this part of the week. We were able to use the new laptops for one our circuits. 





We’ve started our ‘One World – Irish Aid award projects this week too. 






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Balbriggan Co. Dublin