The Witch – by Sophie

They had her. Maria knew she shouldn’t have flown. Her mother told her not to despite her efforts to resist temptation , she flew on her broom. How great it was for a young witch, to have adventure, to break the rules and besides it was only natrual for a kid to break the rules. She jumped up and summoned her broom.

She knew her trainee could only get her so far,  she landed in a forest. Suddenly she heard the town’s people behind her. So she froze herself, in a black stone like case, her toughts replaying in her mind.

Can you balance?

In order to balance when you are standing your centre of gravity should be over your feet. When you are standing and bend forwards your centre of gravity starts to move forward too. Normally, you’d compensate by sticking your bum out behind you.

In this experiment you stand with your back and heels against a wall/door. Drop a coin on the floor in front of you and try to pick it up without falling over.

With the wall/door there, this is impossible, so you tip over.



The Grim Reaper by Leah

One day Eva and I were walking home from football,when suddenly we  heard a weeping noise. We both turned around and started looking around. Eva said that is was probably just a cat. I was really hungry and so was Eva ,  we  decided to pop into the shop and get something. We turned into a lane, that was quicker. We  were walking up the lane when he heard the weeping noise again, and this time it was really loud. Eva and I were terrified. Suddenly the Grim Reaper  jumped out. He had his scythe in in his hand. !

The Hooded Statue by Rachel B

I gasped as I watch the hooded statue come to life, bit by bit the statue started to move.  I could remember my Dad telling me that the statue was there when he was a kid and that everybody was scared of it.  He said it was the Grim Reaper.  The Grim Reaper looked around but I could not see his face.  The wind was blowing violently now as the Grim Reaper walked over to the tree were his sign was.  Slowly she took down her dark hood.  She looked around the park and then she looked straight at me.

Pat’s Revenge by Adam T

As Pat walked through the wood`s, he went over to the tree his son was climbing. The tree stretched and twisted like play-dough in a child`s small pale hands. He strolled over just in time to see a dark figure fleeing from his son`s bloody corpse , which was brutally murdered. Mr. Cliney was no athlete but he knew how to run , so that’s what he did. He ran through the cold hard ground , the overhang of the canopy turned dark. The figure could not run very fast since he was in sandals and a robe. Suddenly it stopped, he launched himself towards the statue . Pat looked it where its eyes should be , NOOO! he screamed.