Special Showcase for Julia

Well done to Julia. She won a special showcase for her lovely story about her friend Mia.  Julia’s story is a lovely way to remember Mia. We miss her every day.  

Best Friends Forever

There was a girl called Mia . She had a rare condition that meant that she could not run or jump. Mia had good friends that are called Julia , Julia and Mia B. They all were best friends forever and respected each other.
Mia said “I’m sick of the rare condition, so that’s why I’m always last in races “.
Then Julia said “you’re always number one for us and you’re best at maths, science and Irish even though you worry about it “.
And that was nice, to not let her down and one day she won first place in maths, Irish and science.
From that day Mia loved her friends .

Seachtain na nGaeilge

Dia dhiabh go léir!

This week we celebrated Seachtain na nGaeilge! We had lots of fun learning and performing “Amhrán na gCupán” (The Cup Song) as well as doing some Irish Dancing, Éist agus Tarraing and designing seanfhocal posters to decorate our hall for Seachtain na nGaeilge.

Well done to everyone who took part in the Seachtain na nGaeilge concert, bhí sibh ar fheabhas ar fad!!  Congratulations to Katie Davey who won herself an Easons voucher in our scríobhnoireacht competition for 5th class. Obair iontach!

Bain taitneamh as an deireadh seachtaine agus Lá Fhéile Pádraig!



Money makes the world go round!

This week, we have been doing money for maths. We worked with a partner in a fun shop keeper game where we made up prices for different items and had to buy them from or sell them to our partner! We had to calculate the total cost of items but most importantly… We had to make sure we received the correct change out of our spending money! We had great fun (but secretly wishing the money was real!)


By Jamie Mc Guffin-Grehan

Busy Week!

We’ve had a busy week this week! 

Our seeds that we planted continue to grow! Some of them grew so tall now during the mid-term break that it took three of us to measure them! 






On Tuesday we had sports conditioning training. It was great fun. We also learned about healthy eating and nutrition.






Emma from the RSA also visited on Tuesday and spoke to us about being safe on the roads and in the care. The best advice is to be ‘Aware’ when you are on the road, as a pedestrian, a cyclist or in a car.






Wednesday was ‘Ash Wednesday’. We received ashes from Fr. Eugene and we made our Lenten promises.





We’ve been celebrating ‘Friendship Week’ all week. We had some fun activities with Ms Sulllivan’s 5th class. We played games in the hall, wrote poems and did some ‘Friend-Ship’ art.











On Thursday and Friday we do  Maths Circuits. We love this part of the week. We were able to use the new laptops for one our circuits. 





We’ve started our ‘One World – Irish Aid award projects this week too. 






Click on the link to see more pictures!

Team teaching in English

We have been busy working with our teacher and Ms O’Brien in our English groups. We have completed lots of activities to help us with our phonics, handwriting and vocabulary. We have read lots of examples of narrative writing and written our own stories. We are able to predict, visualise and make connections when we are reading. We played some phonics games today to help us revise what we have learned so far.



Class Debates

We have been learning how do persuasive writing in school. Some of the debates we have had included: Children should not be given homework after school. Happiness is more important than money. Ireland is the best country for tourists to visit.

This week, we wrote debates on the topic: “Should swimming lessons be compulsory in primary schools?”. We worked with a partner to write our debates and then argued for/against the motion.

We really enjoy debates!



Adverbs can be fun!

Today we learned about adverbs – What they are and when to use them. An adverb is a word that describes a verb! That’s why the word VERB is in ADVERB! Usually adverbs end in -ly. For example: kindly, quickly, happily, viciously, hastily. But sometimes is can be words that tell when something happens or where it is. For example: yesterday, now, usually, upstairs, downstairs.

We made a display all about adverbs…. very quickly and intelligently! In our group, we wrote a poem a short story, sentences, lists and the definition of adverbs. We even wrote one adverb for every letter of the alphabet!

Here is our display. We hope you enjoy reading it just as much as we enjoyed making and presenting it!

By: Elle, Mercedes, Lucas, Christian, Jamie and Luke.


Balbriggan Co. Dublin