September 2014. Our first month in St. Molaga’s.



Our first four weeks in school have been a lot of fun .The best bit is the astro turf and I love science. I love school! Eoin

I love ST Mologa’s School. They do the best art, pe, and class dojo is beast. Astro turf is really fun. We did Gaa with Barry. We all love the reading buddy. My partner Sean is really nice. This is the best school ever :) from Jake in Mr. Gormans class.

School Newsletter September 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are al busy working away in our new classes. During this term there are a number of events and activites:
Bulb Planting Third Classes: Third class pupils planted bulbs from on Thursday 11th. This is an annual event for all new entrants to St. Molaga’s N.S. and every spring we enjoy the display of daffodils and tulips which many pupils have planted through the years. Check out the school blog for photographs  Cycle Skills for 6th class. We are delighted to be able to provide 6th class pupils with an opportunity to engage in Cycle Skills Training from 17th September. The training usually costs €20 per pupil. We have been able to secure 50% funding from Fingal County Council. St. Molaga’s N.S. Parents’ Association and Board of Management are also part funding the programme so that the cost per pupil is €2.
Our Parent Teacher meetings will take place on the 19th & 20th of November 2014 and it is important that parents/guardians take time to meet their child’s teacher. You will receive notification of the date and time nearer the date. Please contact your child’s teacher if you wish to discuss your child’s progress or ant other issue before then.
Arts’ Week will take place from the 20th October. We have a number of events and activities organised which include a visiting author, storytellers, drumming workshops, weaver, felting, music composing and an information event on the honey bee.
Sports Activities: Classes will have access to coaching in Rugby, Soccer and Gaelic this term 4th classes will commence swimming after Halloween. All pupils attend PE and swimming classes.
Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for pupils. Please check for letter sent home from Parents’ Association in relation to this scheme. Final date for payment of subscription is the Parents’ Association AGM on the 30th September.
School mass to be organised for October.

Road Safety
We would like to remind parents/guardians that the official school opening time is 9:10 am. Children coming to school should arrive for 9:10am and the school cannot accept responsibility for children arriving before that time.

School closes at 2:50pm and the school cannot accept responsibility for looking after children after this time.

We encourage children to walk to school if possible as we were awarded our fourth Green Flag Travel last term.

Children should cross the road with the help of the lollipop lady in the morning and evening and not at the traffic lights opposite the Garda station. Pupils on bicycles should also walk across the road at the lollipop lady crossing.

I ask all parents/guardians to remind pupils of the Safe Cross code and to pay special attention to road safety especially when bringing and collecting their children from school.

The Road Safety Website is a useful site to visit with your children at home.
Reading Reminders
Please read with your child every night. Don’t forget to check out our Reading Tips for Parents on our website 
Keep up to date with all that is happening on St. Molaga’s Website and Blog  The website has lots of information on the school policies and activities. The Parents Page and School Policies page contains information on polices and newsletters. We would be grateful if all pupils could pay the €70 contribution as soon as possible. We understand that some parents may wish to pay in instalments and are happy to facilitate this. We ask that the €15 for Visual Arts is paid as soon as possible so that teachers can purchase art materials for their classes. €30 is a contribution towards office materials, photocopying, postage, testing and €25 contribution towards the Parents’ Association.
Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting in St. Molaga’s N.S. on Tuesday, 30th September 2014. Election of Parent nominee (mother) to Board of Management will take place at the meeting. Nominations taken at 7:45pm prior to meeting at 8pm.

Whole School Evaluation
We are pleased to inform you that St. Molaga’s will have a whole school evaluation commencing on the 29th September.
The whole school evaluation evaluates the work of the school under the following headings:
• The quality of school management
• The quality of school planning and self evaluation
• The quality of teaching, learning and pupil achievement
• The quality of support for pupils
• The evaluation will focus on Irish, English, Maths and Visual Arts.

During the evaluation members of our Board of Management and representatives of our Parents Association will meet with Inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills.
A number of classes will be selected by the inspectorate for pupil and parent surveys. We ask that parents surveyed would complete the questionnaire and return to the school on the date requested.
We look forward to the visit and to our work and your children’s’ work being evaluated externally.

Our own School Self Evaluation is continuing and we will publish this year’s report in October. The report from 2012/13 is available on the website. Ms Costello will report on this and the plan for 2014/15 at the Parents’ Association AGM

There are lots of great books and novels for pupils to read and get hours of enjoyment from. They are perfect for primary school-aged children. Choosing a book for 5th and 6th class is an important but challenging task as the focus is to promote a positive reading experience for children with a diverse range of interests. The following list of books represents recommended reads that have been tried and tested by Irish primary teachers.
1. Bill and Fred, by John Quinn
2. Cherokee, by Creina Mansfield
3. Deep Water, by Anne Turnbull
4. Faraway Home, by Marilyn Taylor
5. Goodnight Mr. Tom, by Michelle Magorian
6. Holes, by Louis Sachar
7. I am David, Anne Holm
8. Point Blanc, Anthony Horrowitz
9. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred Taylor
10. Spy Dog, by Andrew Cope
11. The Boy in the Striped Pjs, by John Boyne
12. The Guns of Easter, by Gerard Whelan
13. The Strongbow Saga, by Judson Roberts
14. The Wreck of Zanzibar, by Michael Morpurgo
15. Under the Hawthorn Tree, by Marita Conlon-McKenna
16. Riding Out the Hurricane, by Maeve Mc Mahon
Books for Third/Fourth Class
The following is a list of fictional reading books we feel would be suitable for 3rd class children to read.

Kitty Books- a selection of short stories.
Horrid Henry series
Roald Dahl series

Demon Dentist, Ratburger, Gangsta Granny,
Billionaire Boy, Mr Stink
Bell Mooney- It’s Not Fair, So What, I Don’t want to, It’s not my fault, I’m Bored.
Bill’s New Frock-Anne Fine
Dave Pilkey- Captain Underpants
Mr Majeika series
Adam’s Starling-Gillian Purdue


This week’s 100 word challenge

We are taking part again this week in the 100 word challenge. (You can also read what the other participating schools have written, and leave a comment on their blogs. Just go to the website

This week you have 5 words that must be put into your writing. They can be in any order but must all be there.  The words are:

Pepper    Crocodile    Orange    Forgot    Soft

100 W/C by Adam D.

God life is great! Where else would you want to be, but sitting here on this gorgeous evening admiring nature at its best .  The orange glow of the setting sun, so beautiful. Ah! pepper just a lovely touch to make my steak complete. Oh! boys I am lucky. I thought I forgot the lens for my camera, but there it was, sandwiched at the bottom of my rucksack, my book on one side and my camping kit on the other .  The river was so still, and the evening so soft.  and one photo is all I need of a crocodile.

Jeepers Creepers  By Rachel B

  It was a dark and spooky night; I could hear the soft whistling of a wolf in the distance.  I knew I had to do it, I knew had to survive, but with only one bright orange pepper for food – survival was slim. I walked carefully along an old bridge.  I could see a crocodile licking his lips underneath me.   A howling sound erupted from behind me.  I forgot about the crocodile staring straight at me.  I took a deep breath and ran.  The wolf was gaining on me.  What should I do now I thought?

To be continued……………

100 Word Challenge by Jake McG

Last summer my family all went to the zoo in Dublin.  We decided to go early after breakfast.  My Mam got a picnic ready and she packed up the car.  Before we left she checked in case we forgot anything.  As we entered the zoo I saw all the soft toys on the stand outside.  There was a big orange monkey that I really wanted.  Inside there was a huge crocodile it was in a glass case.  We ate our picnic, but I took a bite of a sandwich and spat it out because there was pepper on it. Disgusting.

Orange the crocodile By Leah M

One day Orange the crocodile was swimming in the lake, just then he forgot to put sun cream on, but then he remembered that he was a crocodile and that he doesn’t need it. Orange was very soft, normally crocodiles are bumpy but he wasn’t. His favourite food was humans with pepper .He rarely caught anyone so he mostly just ate fish. His favourite fish was salmon and cod. One day Orange was out swimming in the lake, it was a nice bright day, it was going good until he got eaten by a fish.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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