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Mystery Skype Call

We held another mystery Skype call yesterday.DSC_0008[1] DSC_0009[1] This time the school was in Georgia, USA. Their school is called Eastbrook Middle School, the link to their school is here

This time they guessed where we were located, before we guessed where they were.

We had a lot of fun chatting to them about school, music, hobbies, sport, homework and TV.

We sang Man of the Bees for them.

Winter Poems

The wind is howling strong and loud

The leaves are falling to the ground

The snow flakes fall without a sound.

The winter nights are long and dark

All the birds sleep even the lark

I snuggle warm in my bed

with the covers over my head.

By Eirinn


Rudolph is helping on the sleigh

The other reindeer have to stay

Then one day Santa woke

After choking on a smoke

Then he said Ho!Ho!Ho!

And then yo!yo!yo!

Rudolph says your slow!slow!slow!

Cant catch me when I’m making dough!dough!dough!

By Dami

Winter Fun

It’s winter time

The snow is out

The ground is white

The snow comes down at night

When we awake

The world is white

Make a giant snow cone with snow from your yard

Jack Frost will freeze the flakes

Your job is not that hard.

By Holly

Winter Cold

Snow is falling

From the sky

The Winter is calling

Very, very cold

Can’t stand it

‘But its beautiful’ I told

Wrapped up warm and cosy

Like on a cloud

My cheeks were so rosy

The cold, I cant bear

The Summer is near

See you next year.

By Reward



My Winter Poem

A snowy Winters day

Sadly not to say

The cold breeze

Freezing our knees

giving out toys

to good girls and boys


Outside is wet

The table is set

At the hearth we will settle

And drink from the kettle

We wish christmas day coyuld stay

More Winter Poems

Winter time is here

the coldest time of year,

Snow falls fluffy and white

not a blade of of grass insight,

Snowmen,sledging,OH! Such fun

lot’s to do for everyone,

Play outside have a cheer

cos Winter comes just once a year!!!

By Maleek

My Winter Poem

Rain, sleet and snow

That`s the way these winters go

Heating set at full blast

To try and warm the house at last

Everybody crowded around the hearth

While anxious parent read the weather chart

And it will say it will snow

But like every winter it will come and go

By Rachel Byrne


The Decision by Ava B

This is Ava’s entry into the 100 word challenge this week. The writing prompt was …the light was so bright…

Leave a comment below to let Ava what you think of her writing.

Maddie enjoyed dancing and gymnastics. Her Mum told her that she had to choose between the two as money was very tight.

Maddie didn’t know what to do, she loved them both, her pal Eimear was in dancing and her friend Amy was in gymnastics. That night she was lying in bed worrying over making the right decision when suddenly she saw a light, the light was so bright it hurt her eyes.  She knew what she needed to do.

She was going to choose Gymnastics because that was where her heart was and you always have to follow your heart.


You read more of this week’s entries on our class blog


We had other Mystery Skype call yesterday.

This time the school was in Montreal, Canada.  The school was called Murielle Dumont.   The teacher was Ms Usha Singh. This is a link to their school.

We used the laptops (using Google Earth and Google Maps) and our atlases to try and find out where they were.

We started by trying to find out which continent they were on, and then we had to find the province they are in. We were only allowed to ask yes/no questions, so it takes time to find the correct answers.

We are calling it a draw because they guessed Dublin before we guessed  Quebec.  Then we guessed Montreal but they had to go to their next class,  so they never got to guess Balbriggan.

We learned all about their school.  They told us that they start school at 8.00 am and they finish school at 3.00 pm.  They also told us that their lunch last 1 hour 20 minutes and they have 4 breaks.

Our next Mystery Skype call will be on the 22nd January.

by Rachel


Homless by Adam T

If I was homeless people could help me by:

1:Giving regular donations to certain charities.

2:Pointing me into the directions of  shelters.

3:Doing charity walks.

4:Participate in things like giving bags of clothes to charities and homeless people.

5:Wearing a christmas jumper and giving a euro for it.

6:Giving a can of food to a collection hamper.

7:Attending a giving mass.

8: Giving a nice warm blanket or sleeping bag to  homeless person.

9:giving a homeless person a hot drink or a hot meal.


It was cold, I was waiting under the overhang of Lidl. Day in day out I stayed here begging for food money or anything then a police officer came over to me bent down and offered me a piece of fruit he said “lets get you warm.” That day I learned people are willing to help.

Christmas Traditions

We have been researching Christmas traditions for a Google Hangout on Wednesday. Here are some the traditions that we learned about:

Some people put a candle in the window to remember relatives that are away from home at Christmas. (Adam & Adam)

The Wren is celebrated in some parts of Ireland, people go around playing music, collecting money for charity. They used to use a real wren, but nowadays they use a fake one. (Sophie)

Lots of people exchange gifts at Christmas (Reward).

People exchange cards at Christmas (Rachel)

The season before Christmas is called Advent and people use this time to prepare for the celebration of Christmas (Racheal)

Most put up a Christmas tree (Adeshola) and a wreath on their door (Eirinn).

Some lucky children are allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. (Ava B.)

Lots of houses put up a Christmas crib in their homes (Leah).

In Poland they hide money underneath the tablecloth and after dinner everybody gets a chance to take some money out. (Malinka)

Most people enjoy Christmas dinner with their family. (Maleek and Dan) Usually they eat turkey (Holly).

At Christmas people enjoy singing and/or listening to Christmas carols (MJ)

Many people go to Mass on Christmas morning with their families (Ava)

Children enjoy pulling Christmas crackers. (Dami)

People hang up holly and mistletoe in their homes (Kevin & Stephen)

Lots of people eat mince pies and pudding at Christmas (Alex & Dami)

Lots of people in Dublin (and Balbriggan) do a Christmas Day swim to raise money for charity. (Stephen N)