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Homless by Adam T

If I was homeless people could help me by:

1:Giving regular donations to certain charities.

2:Pointing me into the directions of  shelters.

3:Doing charity walks.

4:Participate in things like giving bags of clothes to charities and homeless people.

5:Wearing a christmas jumper and giving a euro for it.

6:Giving a can of food to a collection hamper.

7:Attending a giving mass.

8: Giving a nice warm blanket or sleeping bag to  homeless person.

9:giving a homeless person a hot drink or a hot meal.


It was cold, I was waiting under the overhang of Lidl. Day in day out I stayed here begging for food money or anything then a police officer came over to me bent down and offered me a piece of fruit he said “lets get you warm.” That day I learned people are willing to help.

Christmas Traditions

We have been researching Christmas traditions for a Google Hangout on Wednesday. Here are some the traditions that we learned about:

Some people put a candle in the window to remember relatives that are away from home at Christmas. (Adam & Adam)

The Wren is celebrated in some parts of Ireland, people go around playing music, collecting money for charity. They used to use a real wren, but nowadays they use a fake one. (Sophie)

Lots of people exchange gifts at Christmas (Reward).

People exchange cards at Christmas (Rachel)

The season before Christmas is called Advent and people use this time to prepare for the celebration of Christmas (Racheal)

Most put up a Christmas tree (Adeshola) and a wreath on their door (Eirinn).

Some lucky children are allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. (Ava B.)

Lots of houses put up a Christmas crib in their homes (Leah).

In Poland they hide money underneath the tablecloth and after dinner everybody gets a chance to take some money out. (Malinka)

Most people enjoy Christmas dinner with their family. (Maleek and Dan) Usually they eat turkey (Holly).

At Christmas people enjoy singing and/or listening to Christmas carols (MJ)

Many people go to Mass on Christmas morning with their families (Ava)

Children enjoy pulling Christmas crackers. (Dami)

People hang up holly and mistletoe in their homes (Kevin & Stephen)

Lots of people eat mince pies and pudding at Christmas (Alex & Dami)

Lots of people in Dublin (and Balbriggan) do a Christmas Day swim to raise money for charity. (Stephen N)



Google Hangout – Lunchboxes



On Wednesday we took part in a Google Hangout for the first time. We ‘met’ with three other schools to talk about our schools and what we eat for lunch.

Here is a link to the German’s school presentation

The other schools were from Taiwan, America and Germany. We learned a lot from them. Their schools all have canteens that serve hot food everyday. Most of the German school children bring a lunch similar to our lunches.

We are doing another hangout nest Wednesday to learn about Christmas traditions in each other’s countries. We plan to sing ‘Silent Night’ together. hangout_snapshot_0 hangout_snapshot_1 (1) hangout_snapshot_1 hangout_snapshot_2 (1) hangout_snapshot_2 hangout_snapshot_4 hangout_snapshot_11

100 Word Challenge

For the writing prompt this week we have 5 words. They must all go into your piece but can be in any order. They are:


Spotting Santa

By Rachel Byrne

The celebration of Christmas was just beginning as I packed my overnight bag.  It was 10:00 and I was going to see Santa.  I tiptoed down the stairs and crawled behind the couch.  Then I waited…..

It was a loud bang that awoke me.  There he was in a big red suit and carrying a big sack.  I suddenly felt nervous and a bit sick as I watched him open his sack and take out lots of brightly wrapped presents. As he was about the leave he looked around with a strange look on his face.

‘I know your there’……….

Mystery Skype

We conducted another Mystery Skype today.

This time the school was in Canada. The school is in a town near Montreal, called Saint Lambert. Their teacher is Ms. Goulet.

We had great fun guessing, and took it in turns to ask questions.

We guessed where they were before they found us! We used our atlases to find which continent they were in, then we narrowed it down to the city, Montreal. We then used the computers and Google Maps, to find the town.

DSC_0380 DSC_0381 DSC_0382 DSC_0383 DSC_0384 DSC_0385 DSC_0386