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A Story by Julia G

One day Amie and her family was going to granny’s farm. It was a very long journey .When they finally arrived they were starving.
Granny made some of her favourite recipe apple pie.
“Can I go outside ?”asked Amie .
“Yes you can but don’t get dirty” said granny.
Of she went , she opened the wooden door and ran like lightning . In the bushes she saw some foxes , she saw a big bee hive, she did not get any closer then a meter .
When she was walking and exploring nature she found a smooth round cocoon attached to a leaf, she was looking at it with excitement, as she turned round it changed shape into a beautiful butterfly with colourful wings and flew away.

The Evil Teacher – Ms O’Death by Lorcan

Once there lived a evil teacher her name was Ms O’ Death,  she was the most evil teacher in the world. Every time someone talked there legs got chopped off and Ms O’ Death would put them in a giant pot, in her garden. One day the whole class talked and all there legs and hands were chopped off . Just then there was a loud bang and the police came in and arrested Ms O’ Death and she was sent to the highest maximum security prison for the rest of her life. The children cheered and shouted ” good riddance Ms O’ Death!”

You can read more great stories and leave a comment here.

Space Stories

To finish off Science Week we wrote stories about a robot, called Ohbot Peaky, as part of the 100 word challenge.

The best stories will be recommended for a Special Showcase, the best Special Showcase will be taken into space by Ohobt and he will  read it  from space.

To comment and recommend a story for a Special Showcase, you can just fill out this form.

The winner will be announced on November 24th. You can  read our stories on our class blog.


Special Showcase – for Julia

Congratulations Julia on your award of a Special Showcase!   The prompt was to include the words…but where were they going? in the story. 

RATTLE! CLANG! I stirred in my bed. I had been having a nice dream but it was over now, because something outside had woken me up. What was it? I wasn’t going to just lie in bed and wonder about it. All mysteries need solving and I wasn’t the kind to go back to sleep. I pushed over the covers and gently slid the curtains open. I could just make out, through the darkness of the street, three strange people. They were throwing rocks at a car, then suddenly they turned around and started feeling on the ground, as if they were looking for a hole they could climb into…but where were they going? I felt a feeling rushing through my veins, I could feel something bad.

Science Week Experiments

We’ve been enjoying science week this week. We’ve done lots of experiments. 

We put an egg into vinegar and we’ve been watching what happens. The vinegar erodes the egg shell.

We put ‘Mentos’ sweets into Coke to see what happens – it exploded!

We put raisins into Seven Up to see what would happen. The gas in the Seven Up makes the raisins rise and fall.

We put warm water on ‘Skittles’ sweets to create a rainbow.

We recorded all our experiments in our copies.

We loved doing our experiments because we could eat and drink most of them when we were finished! Click here to see our video.