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The Night Zookeeper

You can read lots of great writing by children from all over the world including our class, on this great website:

This week’s prompt is …As the flashing lights came towards me…

This is written by Jack:

It all started on the way home from Mullingar. We had spent the weekend down there and had stayed in a friends house. Her name is Marcella and she is married to a man called Ray. They have four children called Katie, Andrew, Rachel and Sean. On Saturday we went swimming in the local pool and after that we went for a picnic in the park. We had a great weekend in Mullingar and left for home on Sunday evening. It got very dark on the way home. We drove around a bad corner. All of a sudden as the flashing lights came towards me my Dad had to swerve the car out of the way of the oncoming truck.

This is written by Amy

It was a dark and spooky night in the forest. I was walking along with my dog. When suddenly, I saw something bright in the sky. I stopped and looked towards it, when I realised it was moving. As the flashing lights came towards me I started to panic. What can it be? I thought to myself? I tried to run but I was stuck! Suddenly it landed. It was a spacecraft. An alien stepped out, it smelled of dead sardines and looked like cauliflower. It burbled some sort of gobbledegook. I turned and ran away as fast as I could.


Dublin Fire Brigade Visit

The third classes had a visit today from Dublin Fire Brigade. They told us about fire safety.

Fire can be very dangerous.

Never put water onto an oil fire.

Don’t leave things plugged in at night.

Always turn off the red switch on the cooker.

Keep candles and matches out of the reach of small children.

Never put a cigarette into a plastic bin.

Never play with matches or lighters.

Always extinguish candles at night or if you are leaving the room.

Don’t put candles near curtains.

Don’t put things on the cooker top.

100 Word Challenge

Last week’s writing prompt was ‘…but under the earth…’

This is Caelan’s entry


It was night time on the street where I live and everything was very quiet but under the earth, the snails were plotting to take over the world! The only problem was that snails are very small and very slow but they did have one super power. The power of slime. The snails planned to leave a trail of slime everywhere so that people would slip. The plan did not work out as they thought because as they were busy leaving slime on the paths, people kept stepping on them. In the end their evil master plan did not work but I think they are still plotting away.

This is another entry:

Once upon a time there was a animal who did not live on land but under the earth he had rainbow fur. Her name was Katie she could fly with her big wings. She could fly so high she shot marshmallows out of her butt. She could do back flips in the air.She had a twin sister named Eitak who could do front flips in the air. Eitak did not have marshmallows she had fire. Katie and Eitak got up every night and toasted marshmallows together. While watching the shooting stars fly by them and making wishes.