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Special Showcase!

Mia G has been awarded a Special Showcase for her 100 Word Challenge. The prompt was a picture of a giant spider. Well done Mia. This is her story.

Once in a big calm city, there lived kind, friendly people. One day a man called Jeff came over with his bucket of black material and tubes. He was the only one who was bad in the city. Everyone ran into their houses. ”LOCK YOU DOORS, LOCK YOUR WINDOWS, HE’S HERE, HE IS GOING TO MAKE US LOOK LIKE BLACK CHICKENS !!! screamed one old man.

And Jeff built a BIG GIANT SPIDER in front of the happy childrens’ school .
When he was done everyone was scared as if it was going to come to life . ”AAAAAAHHHHH!” every one was screaming like mad. They were lucky and it did not come to life .

Arts Week

We’ve had great fun this week as we celebrated Arts Week. We had the book fair on Monday and Tuesday, we bought some great books.

We had DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) every day this week.

On Tuesday we had dancing in the hall. We learned to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, it was great fun.

On Wednesday we had our Mystery Skype call.

On Thursday we had a story teller come into our class and tell us lots of great stories. She told us stories from around the world and some scary stories for Halloween.

Tomorrow, Friday, we have a music class with Maria where we will compose some music.

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Our First Mystery Skype

We had our first Mystery Skype call today. We had to find the other school, using our maps and Google Earth, before they found us.

We were only allowed to ask questions that had Yes/No answers. We all had special jobs to do. We worked together to find out where they were. We guessed where they were, before they guessed where we are!

They are in Marlton, in New Jersey in The USA. They are in Ms. Boehm’s 2nd Grade class, in Beeler Elemenary School. We had great fun chatting with them after the Skype call. They didn’t know that Halloween originated in Ireland!

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Stories by Niamh and Julia

These are just two or our stories for this week’s 100 w/c.  The prompt words are gingerly, remarkable, however, discovered and yellow.

Niamh’s Story

Hi my name is Gingerly. I have eight legs, I am black, I am a spider.  I live in a house but the people don’t know I am here.  There are six in the house. Their names are Mark, Tish, Conor, Niamh, Liam and Eva. I spend  my night making webs. Every night I eat the flies that get caught in my webs. I thought it was remarkable that I managed to live in this house for five years without anybody catching me. However one day when the yellow sun was shining they discovered my web and caught me……..

Julia’s Story

Bob opened the door gingerly. Three kids, one dressed as a yellow monster, one dressed as blue vampire, and one dressed as a red Frankenstein were there. However, instead of shouting “trick or treat” they said “we have discovered a black furry blob on your garden tree.” Bob went outside to check it out and as the children had said, there was a furry, black blob sitting in his tree. It was a remarkably dark evening and he couldn’t see what it was. “What is it ?” asked one of the children. “It could be a monster”, said the other. Bob picked it up cautiously… and sitting in his hand was a cute little bat!

Special Showcase – for Adam

Well done to Adam, he has been awarded a Special Showcase for his 100 Word Challenge Story. Great work Adam!

This is his story:

One morning a little kitten called Frankie woke up and was very surprised. Something outside was very white , bright and was falling from the sky. It was absolutely magical. It looked like a thousand suns shining together straight onto him. He was shocked and amazed. He was sitting still and was afraid to go outside. He thought that it was a dream. Then his mum said “It is winter, Frankie. Lets go out to play.” Frankie and his mum went outside. He was very careful when making his first steps on the unknown surface for him. He touched it. The material felt like fluffy cotton balls but was very cold. His mum said ” The white flakes are the snow. Let’s make a snowman.”