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Special Showcase For Katie

special showcase snipThis is Katie’s entry into last week’s 100 Word Challenge. It is a very powerful piece of writing and it contains some very good advice. Well done Katie on your great achievement, you should be very proud of yourself. There were 1,825 entries into the challenge last week. So this is a great achievement.

Think Before You Do.

The damp streets and the street lights flickering. They called me names and hurt me. Sadly I strolled down the street. They jumped out behind me. ” What do you think you’re doing? ” Shouted the gang. As they turned the corner I fell slowly to the ground. It felt like people were punching me inside.” I need  to stand up for myself” I mumbled. The next day I went outside and they came around the corner.  ” Are you too scared to come near us? ” They all shouted. “Stop!” I shouted. ” Leave me alone” I said. I started to tell my mam,dad.teacher what was happening to me. Then everything turned out alright.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is a message if you are getting bullied tell someone.

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Mystery Skype Call with Mr. Bonavita’s Class in Delaware

We did a Mystery Skype call today with Mr. Bonavita in Oldcastle, Delaware, USA.

We had great fun with his 4th Grade Class. They guessed where our school is before we guessed their location.

They didn’t believe we had a castle beside our school, so we took the laptop outside and showed them Bremore Castle.

This is their video of that moment!

Their sate is the oldest US state, founded in 1787 which is around the time that Baron Hamilton introduced cotton factories to Balbriggan.

Link to Animoto video.

mystery mystery2








Two Special Showcases!

Well done to Sophie and Reward who have both been awarded a Special Showcase this week for their writing for the 100 Word Challenge.

This is a fantastic achievement for them, and they should be very proud of their writing. They have both worked very hard at their writing and this award is very well deserved.

There were 1,828 entries for the 100 Word Challenge this week so for our class to receive two Special Showcases is fantastic news.special showcase snip



This is a link to Sophie’s story:

This is a link to Reward’s story: