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Special Showcase for Alex

We are all very proud of Alex, he has been awarded a Special Showcase for his writing on Night Zookeeper.

Well done Alex. This is his story. (The prompt was, ‘how could something so tiny make so much noise.)

The Noisy Piglets

Hi my name is Sam I work on a farm in county cork and this is a story about my farm.  One bright spring morning I was ploughing the field so I could sow the seeds and I stopped to have a break. While drinking warm milk I saw a mammy pig having six small pink piglets. Putting my milk down I walked slowly and quietly over to see them.  The piglets made so much noise how could something so tiny make so much noise I wondered. Many months later they grew up and they had piglets but it is still a mystery how they can make so much noise.

Adventure ’15

We took part in Adventure ’15 today.

100,000 children from more than three thousand schools, in 62 nations took part today.

Adventure ’15 was all about getting to know what it’s like to be a child in another part of the world, and how small the world really is!

Our class meet up online with Ms. Melissa Simmons’ class. Ms. Simmons teaches 3rd Grade in China Grove Elementary School (North Carolina, USA).  We told each other about where we live, our culture, what we do for fun, about our school etc.

We had prepared some information about Balbriggan, Dublin and Ireland.

Ms Simmons class told us all bout their school and their town. You can read about their school on their website

We had great fun chatting and asking each other questions.

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100 Word Challenge: New Connections

I have connected with these two teachers who also take part in the 100 word challenge. The children in these classes would love to have comments from you.

They will also be commenting on our writing too. Our class page is

Please click on one of the links here to comment.

Ms. Boyce’s Class:

Mr. Russell’s class:

Science Week – Rainbow Milk

We put some milk into a wide bowl.  We added some drops of food colouring, red, blue, green and yellow. We then dropped a blob of washing up liquid into the middle of the milk.

You can see in the picture what happened.  The colours swirl and mix in the milk. This is because the washing up liquid breaks up the fats in the milk causing the colours to swirl.

This is why washing up liquid is so good and cleaning dirty dishes!

DSC_0669 DSC_0670

Science Week – Kissing Balloons!

We tied two balloons onto a stick. Using a hair-dryer we blew air between the balloons.

We all predicted that the balloons would separate.  However when we tried the experiment, the balloons actually came together!

This is because fast moving air exerts lower pressure than the slower moving air around the balloons, so they are forced together.

We were very surprised by this experiment.

DSC_0622 DSC_0628 DSC_0644 DSC_0645 DSC_0646 DSC_0647 DSC_0648 DSC_0649 DSC_0650 DSC_0651