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100 Word Challenge

These are our stories for this week. We have made great progress with our writing and love to get comments.

Just click on the link, select a story and leave a comment.

This is Amy’s story for Pancake Tuesday.

Shockingly Big Pancake

It was Pancake Tuesday, Amy was super excited because she loved pancakes. On her way home from school she was magically transported to Sugar Rush Land. It was an amazing land, filled with candy canes, sugar plums, toffee popcorn, candy floss and, because it was Pancake Tuesday, it was also filled with pancakes. Such a large variety of pancakes.

Amy walked along tasting everything and oh it was so delicious. When she was shocked to see a HUGE 100ft wide pancake. It was covered in sprinkles, chocolate chips, maple syrup, ice cream and marsh mallows. Amy’s jaw hit the floor in delight.

Special Showcase !

Well done to Evan, he has been awarded a Special Showcase for his story The Mystery of the Mona Lisa. The prompt was …but later that day.  We think he did a great job.

One early morning before the Louvres Museum opened, a group of four vicious crooks were planning to steal the famous Mona Lisa! Two of them went to disable the security, while the rest of them knocked out the guards and stole the painting. They put it in their really fast red getaway van in the delivery yard and drove off.
Nobody noticed but later that day some surprised tourists did. All the roads out of Paris the next day were blocked by police of all types. The bandits had to hide the painting.
It was never to be found again.

Special Showcase

Well done to Alex and to Ryan who have both been awarded a special showcase for their writing in the the 100 word challenge for week 2. The prompt that week was ‘…as I joined the queue..’

Well done to both boys, this is a great achievement! Keep up the great work, there were

You can read their entries here: Alex’s story and Ryan’s Story.

You can read all our stories on our class blog.


Poetry – Cinquains


Unreal cuteness,

Pooping, burping, farting,

the cutest thing in my life,


By Shane.



Funny, smart,

reading, playing, talking,

Moya is my friend.

By Molly.



Burping, goodness,

Making, faking, loving,

the best thing ever in my life,


By  Josh.



Fluffy, furry,

They are the best,

Climbing, flying, eating,

The funniest thing in my life


By Sophie.


Ice Cream.

Ice Cream,

Yummy food,

Making, baking, eating,

It is the best thing in my life!


By Sean.



Cheesy goodness,

Making, baking, eating,

The tastiest thing in my life,



Mars bar!

goodness, redness,,

eating, making, taking,

tastiest thing in my

whole life!


By Ariana.



Gold brick

Money, shiny,

Trading, mining, buying,

Best thing in my life ever,

Gold  Brick!

By Alex.




tasty goodness,

ways of making, baking,

the tastiest thing in my life


By Ryan.



Yummy golden,

Eating, waiting, hiding.

I love my kit-Kat,

Yummy Kit,


By Oliwia.





Dogs like dog food,

Eating, sleeping, drinking.


By Leah.



Amazing sport,

scoring, dribbling, skilling,

Its really the best sport,


By Evan.



Tasty goodness,

wrapping, eating, tasting,

The tastiest thing I ever tasted,


By Amy.




Shorty, funny,

fighting, running, walking,

One of the best cricketers,

good money!

By the smaller Qasim.




Nice, lovely,

Baking, sitting, watching,

I like staying at home!

By Emily.




Friendly, happy,

Loving, caring, sharing,

I love her so much.


By Wonder.





Google Hangout

We enjoyed two Google Hangouts this week. We were discussing our lunch boxes with classes from around the world. We met with classes from Germany, Brazil, Taiwan, Norway, Nepal, Russia, Holland and Japan.

Each class told us about their lunches and then we presented our lunch boxes to them. We told them all about Food Dudes and our healthy lunch box policy.

We learned a lot from them. In Taiwan they are in school from 7am until 4pm. In Russia it was -30 degrees. In Germany they had snow and they have a canteen that serves hot food three days a week.

In Norway if you bring sweets to school, they take them from you and phone your parents.

In Germany their lunches are very similar to ours. You can see some pictures below.

DSC_0836 DSC_0837 DSC_0838 DSC_0839 DSC_0840 DSC_0841 DSC_0842 DSC_0843 DSC_0844 DSC_0863 DSC_0864 DSC_0866