Today Mr. Cloherty’s 5th Class and Ms. Brennock’s 5th class went to the beach. We walked first to the Sailor’s Grave and put a stone on the cairn at the memorial to the Belle Hill.
Then we walked along the coast to the front beach. On the way we saw seals, birds, crabs, dead fish and […]

We put cling film over a bowl and then placed some grains of rice on the cling film.  When we banged loudly near the grains of rice we were able to see the rice move. The sound waves made by the loud noise made the gains ‘jump’.
We also made ‘duck whistles’. We cut a straw […]

We’ve started  learning about sound. We have learned that sound travels in waves. We also learned that sound is a force, like light and heat.
Our first experiment was with tuning forks and some water! We banged the tuning fork sharply on the table to make it vibrate (and sound) and then we popped the vibrating […]

The moon reflected on the lake
Showing it’s depths, it’s darkness, it’s danger
I stood there by myself – a lone ranger
In my head I heard the sounds
The shouts, the screams, the ripples of laughter
One foot first then the other
I plunged into the dark water
Regretting everything

Today as we left school Vergal and Eddie were busy painting the new markings on the school yard.  We are very excited about the new markings. Our student council were involved in the decision about which games would be painted on both the junior and senior yard.
We can’t wait to get out onto the yard […]

Click on the video link to see more pictures.

We mixed borax powder with warm water. When the borax powder was dissolved we then added a blob of glue and some food colouring. We then mixed this with a lollipop stick until it turned gooey!
The slime was rubbery and bouncy!

Grace Evelyn Gifford

June 2, 2015 | Comments Off on Grace Evelyn Gifford

Grace Evelyn Gifford
Even though people differed
Married her husband to be,
In a place that does not give people glee
A little cell,
A place of hell
All night she cried, thinking of a solution
Because she knew tomorrow would be his execution
This journey had not been a junket
Because tomorrow would be execution day
For her Joseph Plunkett
By Rachel B

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