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100 Word Challenge

This week’s prompt is to include these words in our stories;

…so, what lies ahead of…

You can read our stories on our class blog by clicking on the link:

This is Sophie’s story

Once upon a time there were four kids who went on a trip to the jungle. There was a hunter there too, he was mean and wanted to kill the animals!
The children were on a mission to stop him. One night whilst the hunter was sleeping in the forest they tied him to a tree with a long rope.
When he woke he was shocked and surrounded by the animals he had been trying to kill.
He begged for forgiveness so the animals nibbled the ropes & set him free. The hunter was afraid, so what lies ahead of him. The children had won.


Léigh Sa Bhaile – Audio Resource for Parents


It is now possible to access the Léigh sa Bhaile book at home.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select student and parent resources as shown on the picture above.

Step 3: Select Student Resources as shown above:

Step 4 : Select the choices as shown: (Level =primary, class=3rd class, subject=Gaeilge, Series=Léigh sa Bhaile, Title = Léigh sa Bhaile, Resource = Audio).

Step 5: Select the appropriate track number. We are currently on track number 4 (Thursday 7th)

Green School Committee Tour

The Green School Committee went on a tour of the Rediscovery Centre today. It was a beautiful sunny day as we set of!

We got to the centre just before 10 am and we met the Education Officer Roberta. We also met Sarah and Emily.

She explained all the fun activities that we would be doing.

First we played a game where we were otters looking for fish in a polluted river. It was great fun.

Then we had to be birds looking for worms in the garden!

Next we went ‘pond dipping’ looking at all the life forms in the centre’s pond. We also went on a mini-beast hunt on the roof garden.

After lunch we had a tour of the centre and made some bug hotels.

We had a fantastic day and learned a lot about biodiversity.

Click on the link to see more photographs.

3rd Class School Tour

On Tuesday we went on our School Tour. We went to ‘Let’s Go’ in Gormanston.

We were all in school early, at 8.40, but the bus was late arriving, because it broke down on the way to our school!

We eventually all arrived in Gormanston and the fun began.

We did lots of activities including Zorbing, Go Karting, iPad orienteering, climbing and bouncy castles.

We had a great day and arrived home exhausted!