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100 Word Challenge by Noel

100 word pic sofaAs he ran, the cold frosty air separated around him. He was exhausted, he was not running from any real thing, he was running from his own imagination. He could have been running from anything but he was running faster than he had ever run before. But then he stopped. He peered through the misty vines, the forest he was running through was dark ,murky and full of dark shadows. He pulled back the vines and behind it was a stone sofa. Hard and stiff with a small cat above. He sat down. That was the last thing he would ever do!

Letters and pictures from our Pen Pals in Canada

We received letters from our Canadian pen pals this week. They are from École des Saints-Anges,  Saint-Lambert, Québec, Canada. Their fist language is French, but they wrote to us in English. They told us all about the very exciting snow sports they take part in. We have written back to them.   We had done a mystery Skype call with them in January.  It was very great to get letters in the post.                                                                                                                               DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0005


Mystery Skype Call

We had another mystery Skype call today. This time it was a tough one. Eventually we found that the class was in Nassau, Bermuda. We’ve never done a mystery Skype call with a class from Bermuda, and they had never done a call with a class from Europe. It was really interesting talking to them and we learned a lot from them.

Their school is called Lyford Cay International School.  This is their webpage

bermuda pic

Our Trip To The Library

Today we went to the library here is our recount.

We walked to the library at 9:15. And when got there at 9:45.

We talked about fashion and played a name game with a balloon.

We made hand warmers out of socks and put gems on them.

The girl that taught us was called Jenna.

We had fun!

We left at 12:15.

On the way back our teacher went into SuperValu and  got chocolate and jellies :).

Our trip to the Library

Today we went on a trip to the Library here is our recount.  At 9:15 we left the school and walked to the Library. At approximately 9:35 we arrived in the Library. We were told to wait a few minutes. At 9:45 we were told to walk upstairs and take a seat. A few minutes later walked into the room.She told us her name was Jenna. (She was really nice)We played a game were you have to say your name and age and what you would do with a million euro, while bouncing a balloon on your head. Next we had to arrange some cards in the right order of the life cycle of clothes. Then we did a group project of what we would do if we were in a scenario. We learned lots but we still had a great time. We checked the labels of our clothes and put a piece of blue tack on a map of where their from.  Last of all  we made hand warmers out of socks and put colored jewels it was all a lot of fun.

By Alex




Global responsibility

We had an amazing day today, we went to the library. We left at 9:15 and came back at 12:45. When we arrived at the library we had to go upstairs where children are forbidden. Our instructor was a woman and her name was called Jenna. She was really nice. At the start Jenna played a game with us, we used a balloon, and passed it around and  had to bounce it on our head. We had to say our name, our age, and what we would do if we had 1 million euros.  She explained about how clothes were made  and about taking care of the world. It was really interesting and we had lots of fun, and did you know that cotton takes about 20,000 litres of water? We had lot of fun and we even got to make our own HAND WARMERS!!!!!!! It was made out of socks. And thank you Ms Brennock for the amazing time we had.

By Leah M  and Reward A

Special Showcase – Rachel B

Congratulations to Rachel who has been awarded a special showcase for her entry into last week’s 100 word challenge. This is a great achievement. There were over 1,500 entries last week for the 100 word challenge! showcase snipWell done to Josh in St. Colman’s Boys National School in Kanturk in Cork, he was the other winner from Ireland. This is Rachel’s entry.


 As I lifted the box a picture fluttered to the ground.  I looked at it, but there was nothing strange about it. Then I noticed that in the corner of the picture there was a sign that read Firecracker Street. The name was familiar and gave me a chilling feeling down my spine.

 I crept down the empty streets, looking at the picture again. I froze to the spot. There was writing on the back of the picture. It read “WATCH OUT” in block capitals. I gasped, my heart beating like a drum. Suddenly a gloved hand covered my mouth.

But what could I do now? ………

Mystery Skype Call

We had another Mystery Skype Call today! We just managed to find their hometown, Strasburg, Virginia, before they found us! They are a grade 7 class. Their school mascot is a ram and their school colours are purple and white.

They told us that hunting is popular where they live! Their school is called Signal Knob Middle School. This is a link to their school website DSC_0220 DSC_0221 DSC_0222 DSC_0206 DSC_0207 DSC_0208