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Listen to us recite our poem!

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I’m Super

I’m excellent, fabulous, great as can be!
Astoundingly splendid. Yes, seriously!
I’m wickedly wondrous to such a degree,
That I’m out of this world. I can see you agree!
Breathtakingly super, a sure guarantee,
There’s no one as peachy or first class as me!
Phenomenal homework comes most easily,
So why is last week’s marked in red with an ‘E’?

©2005 Gareth Lancaster


Fun facts and stuff to cheer you up!

1. The camels breath is the smelliest in the animal kingdom!
2. The squid has the biggest eyes of everything that lives in the ocean.
3. The blue ringed octopus can kill a human in 15 mins.
4. A poem, Jill’s drill
There once was a girl called Jill ‘
She worked with a power drill,
She hit her head,
Then she was dead,
And her parents had to pay the bill.
5. And if all that didn’t cheer you up here is a fact:
CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! ( well its 310 days away!)

by Sophie, Rachel and Ava