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5th Class Visit to Balbriggan Community College

The 5th class children from St Molaga’s were invited to visit Balbriggan Community College. The children were split into different coloured groups on arrival. They then, with their group leader, visited the art room to make gory cuts out of paint, glue and plaster, the tech room to look at robots, the science lab to make fire and dissect a lambs heart and finally to their new amazing gymnasium to jump the high jump and climb the climbing wall.

The children got a real flavour of what secondary school in Balbriggan Community College will be like if they chose to go there.


The Rugby 6 Nations Competition

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Irish Rugby


We each researched an Irish rugby player using our lap tops. The Rugby six nations competition is on taking place at the moment.

We researched and discovered the height, weight and birthday of our player.

We researched Brian O’Driscoll, Paul O’Connell, Cian Healy, Jamie Heaslip, Johnny Sexton , Sean O Brien and the Kearney brothers, Rob and Paul.

Ronan Costello, a 4th year student on work experience, really helped us a lot.

It was great fun learning about each rugby player.

We presented them to Ms Costello.

The Year of the Horse

blue horse 1 blue horse 2 (2) blue horse 3



The Year of the horse.


Today we painted pictures of the Blue horse by Franz Marc and Eric Carle.

Franz Marc was a World War painter who believed that an animal could be any colour, it was all in your imagination. He was killed in action and his sketch book was found upon him.  Eric Carle took this idea to create a children’s book called,

The Artist who painted the Blue Horse.

We also decided to paint the horse because it is the Chinese year of the horse.

We really enjoyed painting our blue horses.

A visitor from Dublin Zoo

visit fron dublin zoo 1 (1) visit fron dublin zoo 1 (2) visit fron dublin zoo 1 (3)

A visitor from Dublin Zoo.


A fantastic gentleman from Dublin zoo came to visit our school. He brought amazing animal parts such as an elephant’s foot, elephant’s teeth, a dead turtle and a Siberian tiger skin.

He told us amazing facts about elephants. They are so quiet when they walk because their feet spring when they walk. The live as long as six sets of teeth and each set lasts about 10 years.

Male turtles never ever leave the sea and a female turtle only ever leaves the sea to have her eggs and bury them before she returns to the sea. She never sees her baby turtle eggs hatch and probably never meets her babies.

We learned about the good things Dublin zoo does for all animals especially animals that are on the brink of extinction.

It was an amazing day.

Daffodil Planting

Today the 3rd class children planted their spring bulbs thanks to the Parents Association. There was a great variety planted on the school grounds, tall daffodils, tulips and alliums.Our caretaker Michael dug all the holes for us despite the wet weather. Ms Costello explained how to position the bulb for the daffodil to sprout up in the Spring. The children then wrote their own poems back in their classrooms. We are all looking forward to the splash of colour in the spring.


Science- we walked on air!!!

Ms lenaghan and 3rd class walked on air today. We placed blown up balloons in bags, put them under a table which was turned upside down. Then one by one 5 of us stood up on the table which was on top of the balloons. The balloons did not burst the 1st time we did it. This was because the air was trapped in the balloons and the balloons were spread evenly underneath the table. However the 2nd time we did it as the 5th person stood on the table one balloon burst. We all screamed with a fright but laughed afterwards. It was great fun to walk on air.

We were civil engineers for a day.

Today, during engineers week, we became civil engineers for the day. Firstly we constructed a cube using only marshmallows and cocktail sticks. It was not very steady. We then constructed a square based pyramid which was stronger. Ms O’Brien then asked us to constructed the tallest structure that we could but the structure had to stand alone. Sean and Jessica used 3 cocktail sticks into each marshmallow which made their the strongest. It was great fun.

Ms O’Brien Dyes her hair for Cancer

  Shave or dye is a campaign where  people shave their hair off or dye their hair . Today fm are doing this campaign to raise money to fight cancer . Ms O ‘ Brien has dyed her hair purple because her god daughter Chloe has Osteosarcoma ( bone cancer ) . I think cancer is a horrible thing and I hope no-one dies of it .                By Laura Tap

I think that today fm’s shave or dye is a great idea if it is successful it could save millions of lives .Ms O’ Brien(A.K.A  Ms O Punk(My teacher)is dying her hair purple because her goddaughter (Chloe)has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and somebody in my school (ST Molaga’s)has leukemia (blood cancer)by Nicholas Silva-Horvat.

Ms O’ Brien came into school with her hear dye purplish redish for her god daughter her name is Chloe and Abbey. Ms O’ Brien raised 710 euro as yet and shave or dye is every year today fm thought off shave or dye.  Adam Shaw

On Monday the 11th of February teacher walked in with her HAIR PURPLE.And then I remembered teacher was doing this thing called shave or die for today FM we all called her ms.punk.She is doing it for her God-daughter Chloe.and also Abby.I also sponsored ms O’Brien about 35 euro for that shave or dye thing thanks for reading.           by Eric McGuirk


I think it is a very nice thing to do because you raise money for the Irish cancer society . Today fm does it every year .This year is the monk v punks our teacher is a punk . She is doing it because her god daughter has cancer and a girl in the school has it too. by Aine Kelly