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Our Fieldtrip to the seashore by Christopher

     Our Fieldtrip to the Seashore

On Thursday 15th of September the two Sld class’s went on a fieldtrip to the seashore. We were fortunate with the weather. It was cloudy but it did not rain.

Prior to our trip we studied the sea creature living in the rock pool, sea creature living in shell in rock pool, type of seaweeds, type of soil, rock and birds.

 First we looked at the coastline of Balbriggan. We saw the white lighthouse with a red balcony, the  harbour, the 12 eye bridge, St.George’s spire, train station. On our left side we saw the Martello Tower. It was an early warning system to the English if the French planned to attack from the back.

We get our picture taken in front of  the Bath House and the Boat House. The Bath House was used to take a bath because people had no baths then. The Boat House was used for storing boast like the lifeboat and dingys. We discovered we had to cross over a little stream using stepping stones.

 We had work to do. We recorded our findings on our sheet. We had to look for shapes,we drew a map of the beach, we listed for 3 nature sounds , named 3 human made sounds, found 5 different shell, we had to list smells.

Finally we went to the rock pool.We found  lots of Snakelocks Anemones. Them we had our lunch and Ms.Cogan read us a story called The Bell Hill. We came back to the school. It was Religion time.

My favourite part is finding the  Snakelocks Anemones.

Our Fieldtrip to the Seashore by Alex

Our Fieldtrip to the Sea Shore

On Thursday the 15th of September we went to the sea shore .We were fortunate with the weather. It was cloudy but it did not rain.

Prior to the seashore visit we studied sea creatures living in rock pools, rock and sea weed. On our way to the beach we looked at the coast line of Balbriggan. We saw the light  house with a red balcony our 12 eye bridge. ,St George’s Spire ,apartments , a train whizzing by ,the convent  and the red brick chimney.  Teacher said  we can make a wish. We had our picture taken in front of the Bath House and Boat House. Then we came to a  river. We used stepping   stones to get across the river.

 Our first job was to find 5  different  shells , name 3 nature  sounds , name 3 human made  sounds. We had to list the smells, colours and shapes we saw. Then we drew a map of the beach line, see what we found, and record our findings.

We moved to the rock   pools   . I could not find anything but when I was about to give up I found dozens of Snakelocks   Anemones   . They were not getting a lot of water so Tommy and I made a river and guided some water into them .We called back to the beach to have our lunch. I tried skimming   stones. We came back to school just in time for the religion bell .I had to get changed out of my tracksuit  behind the press door because they were saturated.      My favourite part of the day was discovering the bed of snakelock anamones

Liz’s Visit by Bernard Dowler

On Friday  the  second  of   September   Liz  came  to  the  SLD Unit  in  St Molaga’s . Liz is Ms.Hasett’s daughter.  She taught in Japan  for a year .

 First  she  showed us  the flag. It has a red  dot in the  middle  which stands  for   the  sun.  Japan  is called “ the land  of the  rising  sun”.

Next we looked at the map. Japan is a long strip of land made up of many islands..  The climate in the north is very  cold. One year they made a replica of the White House  but   in the south they have tropical beaches. We also looked at the famous cities of Nagasaki  and Hiroshima. They were bombed by the first nuclear bombs called   “Littleboy” and“ Fatman”. The capital city of Japan is called Tokyo. The population of Tokyo is 13 million . They built high rise buldings up to ninety stories high for people to live in .

Then we looked at the castles. The castles in Japan are very different to the ones in Europe. The Shogun lived in the castles. He was a powerful noble man. Other noble men were jealous of the shogun so they hired undercover agents called ninjas to kill him. They used nunchucks , poison darts, grappling hook, ninja sword, ninja star and throwing knives .But the Shogun needed protection. He had an army of well trained warriors called Samuris .The castle’s security system was   squeaky floor boards that sound like a bird chirping and that was a sign to the samuri to come and kill the intruder .

Japanese people go to temples to pray. The most famous Temple is called the Golden Temple .A tori gate is a large wooden gate. The Japanese people believe that if you walk under it your soul is cleansed. The most famous Tory gate is called the Floating Tori Gate.

The most famous sport in Japan is called sumo wrestling. The aim of the game is to knock your opponent down or knock your opponent out of the ring. Before a match salt is thrown to bless the ring. The ref sings  an ancient  song to begin with. The sumo wrestlers slap there sides and stamp there feet to intimidate their opponent.

 There are a lot of japanese companies like Nintendo, Sony and Toyota well known throughout the world. They make cars, games televisions.

If you go to Japan you can stay in a standard hotel or you can stay in the capsule hotel. 

My favourite part of the visit  was when Liz told us about the Samuri.

Liz’s Visit

On Friday the 2nd of September 2011 Liz came in to talk to the S.L.D class about Japan .Liz is Ms. Hassett’s daughter. She taught in Japan for a year.

First she showed us the flag of Japan. The red dot in middle of the flag is the sun. Japan is known as the land of the rising sun.

Then she showed us the map. Japan is a long narrow strip of land made up of islands. We looked at the climate. Up north is so cold that people made a replica of the White House. Down south it is so hot they have tropical beaches. We looked at the famous cities Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They are famous because they got bombed in WII by “Small Boy” and “Fat Man”. We looked at Tokyo .Tokyo is the capital. The population is 13 million. People live in high-rise buildings.

Later we talked about the castles. In the castles lived the Shogun. The Shogun had an army called the Samuri. The Samuri’s job is to protect him. The Samuri trained for many years. Other Noblemen wanted to be the shogun so they hired ninjas to try and kill him. The weapons they used  were throwing knives, grappling hooks, the star, samuri sword and poisoned darts.

Temples are places people go to pray. There is a most famous temple called the Golden Temple. It is surrounded by water to make it look even bigger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

We talked about Tori Gates. Japanese believe that if they walk underneath the Tori gates their soul will be cleansed. If people die their relatives will pay money to build a Tori gate foe them.

We studied about Sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestling is a famous sport in Japan. The sumo wrestlers wore fundoshis. A fundoshi is like a nappy. Fundoshi are made of long strips of cloth.The aim of the game is to knock your opponent onto the floor or out of the ring. At the start they throw salt on the ring to bless it. Then the wrestlers slap their legs and bang their feet on the ground to intimidate their opponent.

We looked at the famous Japanese companies such as  Nintenda, Mario, Toyota, Sony and Hyundai. Mario is a Nintenda game. Toyota and Hyundai are companies that make cars.

My favourlte part of Japan was learning about the Tori gates.

By Sarah kavanagh