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We did a SVP food appeal for the homeless and people who wouldn’t have a Christmas dinner .We were asked to bring food in, at least one item. We had to bring it in for December 16th. As a class we made posters to remind every class about the food appeal. We hung posters around the school. The posters had to have 16th of December on them as that was the final date to bring in the food. On the posters we had lists of items that we could bring in. We sent people from our class around the school to remind everyone one more time. We had to remind them that the food had to have a non-perishable items and a good Best-before date. Our collection was very successful we got hundredss of items, and people from the SVP came to collect all of the food. They were delighted with all we had collected and we were happy to help.

By Leah M. and Sam
Ms Sullivan’s 5th class.




Christmas Art

Christmas art
This Christmas we did lots of art for Christmas. First we made snowflakes and paper chains. Our Teacher split the class and one group made snowflakes and the other made the chains. The snowflakes were WAY harder than the chains. Next Adam put up the Christmas tree for our class when he was done our Teacher called us up to put baubles on the tree. Then every class was asked to make a canvas for the hall. We did two canvas’s one was of Santa going over a town in his sleigh the other was of the North Pole. We also made Christmas cards and we made decorations for the Christmas tree by cutting up old cards. We really enjoyed doing this art..



Science- testing the strength of Materials: paper

In December 2016 we did a science project to test the strength of paper. We had to make a bridge of newspaper and see how many copies it would support. We separated the tables, leaving a gap wider than a copy. Then we placed a sheet of newspaper across the gap, to keep the paper in place we put baskets on each end for support. Then we started putting the copies on but we got around 50. Then we thought about folding the newspaper in half and putting on tape instead of baskets. It made it stronger and we got 77.
By Jude and Alex


Secret Santa

Secret Santa

On the 20th of December everyone in my class (Ms Sullivan’s class) did Secret Santa.SecretSanta is were we all pull a name out of a bag or hat and whoever’s name we get that’s who we had to be nice to and get a present for!. People were either happy with the present they gave to the person they had for secret Santa or the present they had received from the person who had them for secret Santa. A lot of people were surprised when they found out who had who for secret Santa. The first few days leading up to secret Santa we all had to be nice to whoever we had for secret Santa without making it obvious who we had, and if we told anyone in the class who we had for secret Santa we would get pages of writing. Presents were to cost around three euro, in this secret Santa Abbie had Sam, Alexandra had Leah Tegart, Chloe had Leah Murtagh, Ella had Alvin, Grace had Darragh, Hannah had Abbie, Katie had Zofia, Leah Murtagh had Chloe, Leah Tegart had Hannah , Shauna had Katie, Wiltoria had Grace, Zofia had Robert, Alex had Callum, Alvin had Tobi, Callum had Alex, Cathal had Jude, Dario had Eddie, Darragh had Dario, Eddie had Ella, Harrison had Ronan, Jude had Shauna, Robert had Wiltoria, Ronan had Cathal, Ryan had Alexandra, Sam had Ryan and Tobi had Harrison. No one knew who had who as their secret Santa. During December, we were extra nice to the person, some people left little gifts for their person, such as sweets or match attack cards. We only found out who we had on December 20th when we opened our presents. We really enjoyed doing secret Santa, it was very fun

By Harrison  & Eddie
Ms Sullivan’s 5th class



American Candy- the taste test.


On December 20th all of our class got candy from kids in Nevada like Airheads, hot tamales, Jolly Ranchers, Mike and Ike, Nerds, Milk duds, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Butter, Fingers, Skittles, Almond joy, Malted Milk Balls and Ferrero Roche in our class the favourite sweet was airheads and nerds not a lot of people liked hot tamales we sent them lots of crisps like Tayto Walkers etc we also sent them Double Deckers, Dairy Milk, Milky Ways, Jelly like Haribo Etc. The bad thing about the candy was when we sent it to America the school closed for their Christmas Holiday’s so they weren’t able to taste the candy. Some of their candy could be bought in Ireland and some could not. They probably got a half packet of crisps each. Every one wanted to get Jolly Ranchers but there was only five. Most of the class liked Irish candy more than American candy.


Math Games

Math Games were very fun. We did lots of games, and we played a math game on the computer. It was very difficult. You got a problem and you have to answer it. We also got a sheet with two boxes. One was yes and one was no. You tick yes if you got it right and no if you got it wrong. We played another math game. We played Pie in the Sky. It was a fraction game. You pick a fraction and place it on the board. We also played Toss and Think. You roll three dice and add them all up, and then you place a counter on that number. We played Pizza Fractions. It was another fraction game were you pick a fraction and place it on a pizza that matches. Football multiplication was next and it was the best. You roll two die and multiply them. If the answer is next to your counter you may move there. We then played Snakes and ladders. It was just like normal snakes and ladders, except it was a fireman with hoses and ladders in a big building on fire. We enjoyed playing Maths games. By Cathal and Tobi

By Cathal
And Tobi
From Ms Sullivan’s Class.


Sam comes to St Molaga’s!

On Monday the 23rd of January 2017 Ciarán Kilkenny came into our school with the Sam Maguire. The Sam Maguire is named after Sam Maguire who was born in Cork on the 12 of March 1877 and died in 1927 at the age of 49.He was a famous Republican and GAA player.He was one of Michael Collins’s right hand men.He died of TB.They say he died broken hearted + penniless and was buried in Dunmanway. The cup was designed + presented to the GAA in 1928 after his death. It cost £300 (which would be e26,393 now). We all crowded around Ciarán Kilkenny and the Sam Maguire after small break. Ms.Costello went around with a microphone and some people asked him questions like: How did he feel when they drew against Mayo? and Who was the toughest player he played against. A girl from 3rd class asked him to sign her jersey, and he did. Then he said, because Ms Costello was from Mayo, if we all said “Up the Dubs” on the count of 3, we would get a night off homework. So he counted to 3 and we all shouted ” up the Dubs” really loudly, and we have no homework tonight! Hurrah!



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In Ms. Sullivan’s 5th class, we did gymnastics every Wednesday for 4 weeks before Christmas. First thing we did was jumps, the jumps we did were. Jump forward, jump backward, jump left/right, ¼ jump, ½ jump and full turn. The next week we learned tumbles. Now we had to make up a routine with 4 jumps and a tumble. The week after that we learned balances, so now we had to add a balance to the routine we made the previous week. This is our last week doing gymnastics and we did freestyle which is cartwheels, handstands, bridges and walkovers. Our class had a great time doing gymnastics.

By Sophie and Zofia xxxx

War Projects

War Projects
We did projects on WW1 and WW2. Some of them were about the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank, Eva Mozes Kor, D-Day and Concentration Camps. When we were finished we presented them to the class and we answered questions. Everyone enjoyed learning about WW1 and WW2. The people who did the best projects got prizes. The projects that won were on Concentration Camps, WW1 and WW2.

Garda horses

On Friday the 13th of January the Garda Horses came into our school. One was called Donnagh and the other was called Oscar. Donnagh is 14 and Oscar is 8. They were adorable. Donnagh’s coat was a chestnut colour and Oscar had a grey coat. They were adorable! They are Shire types of horses. The horses came because Kevin Dowling won the Christmas Card competition.
We got to rub them and the lady told us facts about them. At the end, we got pictures with them and..
Oscar was POSING !!!!!!!
Wiki, Ella & Leah.


This Is How I Made My Stable:


crib crib2 Step One

You take a cardboard box and form it into a stable. You apply glue on bit by bit and for every bit of glue applied you quickly put a ripper piece of newspaper on it before it dries, but don’t do it at the bottom.

Step Two

After the whole stable is covered, you paint the inside, outside, roof and sides with a dark brown. You cut lots of sticks approximately the size of one side of the roof, then glue them on with super glue (be careful not to stick your fingers)

Step Three

Rip out pages of magazines you don’t need anymore and form them into the characters you want in the stable. I made Mary, Joseph, Jesus, a sheep, a bull and a horse. When you’re happy with the shape ,use sellotape to secure them in place. After you can paint them and dress them.

Step Four

Cut off the bottom of a bottle and paint it a dark colour. Don’t stick animals or people yet. First take some hay and stick it to the bottom inside the stable. Using a hot glue gun stick your characters in. You can also staple fry lights inside it.

By Zofia Plucinska

Goal Visit



Goal !
Goal came into our school to talk to us about what they do which is, they go to different countries that have trouble with natural disasters. The natural disasters they help with are Earthquakes, Wars and tsunami’s.
They also take care of medical diseases. They helped Africa fight Ebola by setting up tents and getting nurses to work in them so it could be an Ebola hospital because, if they got treated in the ordinary hospital and they were lying in a bed beside somebody with a broken leg they would give them Ebola.
They help countries by keeping them educated and healthy. They also try make them not starve because they could get too skinny and that is dangerous , so they measure their arms with a bracelet.
Thank you Goal for helping people around the world and for coming into our school.

By Sophie and Shauna !!!

Arts Week-Visiting Author; Brian Gallagher




Brian is a famous author that wrote many books .He was born in Dublin .He is a full time writer whose play and short stories have been produced in Ireland Britain and Canada .He has worked extensively in radio and television, writing many dramas and documentaries. He wrote a lot of books like Friend or Foe, Taking sides, Stormclouds ,secrets and shadows ,across the divide and his newest book called Arrival. Most of his books are based on Irish history for example Friend or Foe was based on 1916 .He made four young people’s books like Across The Divide, Taking Sides Secrets and Shadows and Stormclouds .He came to our school St.Molaga S.N.S and told us what it’s like to be an author. He said it’s a lonely job and hard work he also told us it takes about 8
months to write a book. He told our class that he spends more than 6 hours a day working on a book. Later he read us a small bit of Arrivals and just as we were about to leave he gave us a bookmark and we got a photo with him.
We enjoyed meeting a real author and our class are now reading his book Friend or Foe.
By Jude and Tobi