Google Hangout for Christmas

We had a Google hangout today with 5 other schools from around Europe and the USA today. The schools were from Russia, Sweden, Italy, Pennsylvania and Germany.

Each class presented about Christmas traditions in their countries.

We learned a lot from the other classes and we told them all about some Irish traditions including The WrenĀ andĀ Nollaig Na mBan. We also taught them how to say Nollaig Shona!

We learned about La Befena from Italy. She is like a good witch that gives out presents and rides on a broom.

We learned about St Lucia in Sweden. She is celebrated on December 13th and girls dress up with candles in their hair! They call Santa Jul Tomten.

We learned that in Russia they celebrate Christmas day on January 7th.

We learned about St Martin and Holy Barbara from the class in Germany, and how he hid in a goose pen as he didn’t want to made a bishop!

Well done to all the presenters from our class – you did a great job!

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