Arts Week-Visiting Author; Brian Gallagher




Brian is a famous author that wrote many books .He was born in Dublin .He is a full time writer whose play and short stories have been produced in Ireland Britain and Canada .He has worked extensively in radio and television, writing many dramas and documentaries. He wrote a lot of books like Friend or Foe, Taking sides, Stormclouds ,secrets and shadows ,across the divide and his newest book called Arrival. Most of his books are based on Irish history for example Friend or Foe was based on 1916 .He made four young people’s books like Across The Divide, Taking Sides Secrets and Shadows and Stormclouds .He came to our school St.Molaga S.N.S and told us what it’s like to be an author. He said it’s a lonely job and hard work he also told us it takes about 8
months to write a book. He told our class that he spends more than 6 hours a day working on a book. Later he read us a small bit of Arrivals and just as we were about to leave he gave us a bookmark and we got a photo with him.
We enjoyed meeting a real author and our class are now reading his book Friend or Foe.
By Jude and Tobi

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