Christmas Holidays – Mr. Gorman’s class

I woke up really early on Christmas morning. My family and I went downstairs to open our presents! I got an i-pod touch, two adidas tracksuits, makeup, one direction annual, one direction book, one direction poster, one direction doll, one direction tee-shirt, and i got a load of vouchers and money . At two o’clock my nana, granddad and uncle came over for Christmas dinner. It was a brilliant day!

By Amy M2  J


On Christmas I went to my nanny’s house. We had a lovely Christmas roast turkey and we played lots of games. At around five o’clock we opened all of our presents!!!! I got loads of nice stuff. On Saint  Stephen’s day we did the same. I had a sleepover in my cousins until Thursday and then she stayed over in mine until Saturday!!!

By Yvonne


My Christmas holidays were lots of fun but the best part of it was when all my family and I went for dinner. After words we went back home and had a party. It was lots of fun.



Over the Christmas holidays I went to visit my relatives. I got lots of different presents off my family. On St Stephens day I went to my Aunties and all my relatives were there. I had a great Christmas holiday.

by Rebecca


On  Christmas  day my cousins came up to our house. I got lot’s of presents from them all. On Stephens day I  went to visit some of my family  and later on that day  my auntie  and uncle came up. I had a great Christmas .

by  Amy m 1


On the last day of school myself and my sister ran home. A few days later our granny came over for Christmas and the new year. On Christmas morning myself and my sister’s ran down stairs to open our present’s. On new year’s eve we went to mass.


On Christmas day my family came down to visit us. We all had our dinner and after we started to open our presents. And on new year’s we had a party.



On Christmas I went to my Nanny’s house for Christmas dinner. I got lots of stuff like clothes and shoes a 3DS and a ONE DIRECTION book and loads more. It was a good day.

By Layla.


On Christmas day I went to my cousins house for a while then I came home and had dinner. I got a new camera, games for my Xbox and Xbox live , money , Cds , DVDs and lots more. I had a really good Christmas.

By Jack

On X-mas morning i got: a new bike, mw3, where’s wally puzzle, paint your own puzzle, lego pirates of the Caribbean the video game.

By Ryan

I woke up really early, because I wanted to see all my presents!

I looked under the Christmas tree and I saw loads and loads of presents. I got, an ipad, perfume, a necklace with my name on it, a big sketching pad, colours, disco balls, rib stick, earrings, laptop bag, ipad bag, sweats, make up, nail kit, clothes, 175euro and a cover for my phone!!!

 By Diana

On Christmas day I woke up to find lots of Christmas presents under the tree. I was so happy I got lots of Christmas presents I got, a pink laptop, a new iPod ,a designer sketch portfolio, bath bomb science, yarn craft, a mug, toothpaste, designing mannequins, a big drawing pad, loads of colours, a perfume, a Liverpool jersey,braclets and a purse.

By Amethyst

This X-mas i got lots of ps3 games like….mw3 and so on.

I had a great Christmas!!

by Simon

On Christmas day I opened my presents and got dressed. When I got dressed we went to my auntie’s house for breakfast and presents. Then went to my granddad’s and got more presents. It was another great Christmas!

By Cian

On my holidays I went to my uncle’s house. Every day I went for a swim in the pool. I played a game of tennis against my cousins. It was a great Xmas holiday.

By Josh

At around 3 o’clock we packed up our stuff and left the house. We arrived at my cousin’s house at 4:30. I knocked at the door and my auntie opened it. I entered the living room and I saw my cousin’s playing on the kinect. In two hour’s we had dinner and after that we played on the kinect for the rest of the day. We stayed for a sleep over because it was really late and the next day we went home.

By Chris


On my Christmas holidays I went Christmas shopping for presents and for Christmas dinner. On Christmas day I ran downstairs and found my presents under the tree. I got a lot of presents. Later that day I had my Christmas dinner.

By Joyce


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Christmas is over. Anyway Christmas was super I got a tv and we had turkey all Christmas. I also a got a lot of XBOX games.



On my Christmas holiday I went to my friends house with my family to celebrate  Russian Christmas. We played games on the computer that I got from them. After 4o’clock we went a sleep. We had lots of fun.

By David



Parents Association Newsletter December 2011


Congratulations to the senior choir for winning first prize in the Drogheda Youth Choral Festival for the 3rd year in a row. Well done everyone and special thanks to Ms.Hegarty for all your hard work.

Congratulations to Ms.O Brien on the birth of her beautiful baby girl Molly.

    THE EIRCOM  JUNIOR SPIDER AWARDS                                                                                                                        

St.Molaga school was shortlisted with 5 other schools in Ireland for the best School Blog.The awards took place in the Helix DCU on Tuesday 13th December.Everyone who went had a great day but sadly the school didn’t win on this occasion but well done on such a great blog.Congratulations to Balbriggan Educate Together National School where Dan’s Blog won.

                    WATER ACTION DAY

In November a Water Action Day was held in the school.Water was explored,its many uses and how it can be conserved.Many parents visited the display in the hall and enjoyed and learned a lot.Well done everyone.

The students raffle is taking place on Wednesday.Tuesday is the last day to buy tickets which are €1 for a strip of 5.Good Luck to all.

                       THE ATHLETICS TEAM

 The Athletics team had their 2nd outing in November in Swords.They really enjoyed participating with the other schools and everyone’s times have improved.Thank you to Ms.McMahon and Ms.Walsh for their hard work with the team.

  Thank you to Eamon Fennel and Michael Dara McAuley,players from the All Ireland winning Dublin team who visited the school in November with the Sam Maguire Cup.Everyone enjoyed this visit.

                     SAINT VINCENT DE PAUL

€760 was raised from the No Uniform day on Friday 25th November.€200 of this was used to buy presents for the St Vincent De Paul Toy Appeal.Super Valu had a donation point.Students from each class along with teachers walked to SuperValu and donated the toys and on the way home went into The Vincent De Paul Shop and donated a cheque for €560.These donations will make Christmas a lot brighter for a lot of people.Well done everyone you should all be very proud of yourselves.


A great night was had by all on Friday.There were 14 tables.The winning team was The Gallagher Family.Christine the wonderful school secretary was part of this team.Well done.The Rooney Family came second and The Sower Family were third.Our Quiz Master was Michael O Regan who did a wonderful job as always.Thank you to Abby O Regan and Emma Worthington for all their help on the night with counting and collecting of results.Well done everyone and thank you all for coming and supporting this fun event.


School Newsletter Christmas 2011


We have had a very busy but enjoyable term
in St. Molaga’s N.S.


We have had a lot to celebrate over the
past term

v  Junior & Senior School Choir

v  Athletics Team

v  Student Newsletter

v  School Website & Blog

v  Water Action Day

v  Green School Committee

v  Chess Club

v  Election/Nomination of new Board of Management

v  Election of  1st Student

v  Birth of Mrs Doorley’s son Patrick and Ms O’Brien’s daughter Molly

v  Parents’ Association Family Table Quiz

v  Pupils working hard and enjoying learning


Thank you to all
the teachers, SNAs, Secretary (Christine), caretakers and cleaners who make all
this possible.


Our school blog which we set up in September is going from strength to strength. Being
shortlisted for the Spider awards was a huge honour. Congratulations to Mr
Falvey and all the teachers and pupils who have worked so hard recording their
classroom work and publishing it on the website. The blog is a great place to
find out what is happening in our school and pupils are getting an opportunity
to share their learning with others all over the world.

Log on to

We would love to hear your comments about
our work.


We welcome our new Board of Management which will have responsibility for the management of
the school for the next four years.

Thank you  to St. Molaga’s Parents’ Association who
continue to support our work here in school by helping out at school
celebrations, working with the Principal and staff on policy development and
review and by fundraising to ensure that our resources are renewed and kept up
to date. They also organise our successful Book rental scheme which reduces
parents’ school book costs.


St. Molaga’s has 470 pupils enrolled at present. We encourage all parents to ensure that their children are in school each day.  If a child is absent, when the child returns
to school s/he should give/send a written note to the class teacher, which
contains the child’s name, the dates of absence and the reason for the absence.
All absences over 20 days must be notified to the NEWB. We currently have a 96% attendance rate which is very good for the winter months-keep up the good work.
All pupils who have a 100% attendance for this term will receive a certificate
of attendance and a treat. Well done to all of you.

We would like to pass on our best wishes to
Gary in fifth class for a speedy recovery following an accident. We are all
thinking of you and hopefully Santa Claus will be extra good to you!

I hope that this Christmas brings peace and happiness
to all.

Happy Christmas to all our
pupils and parents.

 Prieci’gus Ziemsve’tkus un Laimi’gu Jauno Gadu!

Linksmu Kaledu

Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is
Novim Godom

E ku odun, e ku iye’dun!

Naya Saal Mubarak Ho

Feliz Navidad

Sarbatori vesele

Swiat Bozego Narodzenia


Shona daoibh go léir


Making Lighthouses

How to make a lighthouse with light !

step1: Get a cylinder shaped cardboard for the base of the lighthouse Example:a pringle box.

step2: Paint the cylinder white to get rid of any advertisements and also make a stand for your lighthouse to sit on and paint it!

step3: When the white paint is dry you can paint the cylinder any colour you want and add in a door and windows if you want.

step4: Now you have to get some wires,small light bulb,bulb case and batteries.

step5: With the wires cut a hole at the bottom of the cylinder and at the top and put the bulb case on it and stick it down. when you are done with that run wires through the inside of the lighthouse and pull it through the bottom. P.s Remember the top of the box should be at the bottom.

step6: Get the batteries and connect the wire to the batteries and then the light bulb case.

step7: When you are sure it works glue it to the stand you made earlier and get the bottom of a bottle to cut off and sellotape it to the end with the light and just to let you know you just made a light house that works!

By Cian :)


Balbriggan Co. Dublin