School News 17th October 2011

Tonight, Monday, 17th October, the Parents’ Association are holding their Annual General meeting in St. Molaga’s N.S. at 7:30pm. The election of the parents representatives to the Board of Management will take place at this meeting. All parents have been invited to attend.

 On Tuesday, 18th our newly selected Athletics team will travel to their first athletics meeting in Balheary to take part in the Fingal Athletics League.  Ms McMahon and Ms Walsh have been busy selecting and training our new athletes. We would like to wish them all the best for Tuesday.

 On Wednesday, the third classes will plant daffodil bulbs on the school grounds. This is an annual event and in Spring we will be able to enjoy the lovely splash of colour the daffodils and spring flowers bring to our school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Parents’ Association who sponsor our planting each year.

 I would like to remind parents that the Home School Links for Alive-O our religious education programme are available in the Parents Section of the school website. Please take time to read the notes in relation to your child’s class. The links contain poems, prayers and information on the content of the programme in each class.

 Our third classes commenced their visits to Balbriggan Library today. They will all have a chance to visit the library over the next week and to become familiar with the services there.

 We are looking forward to our Arts week next week and will have more details of all the events and activities posted here on our school blog.

Water Pressure

Today the 14/10/11 we discover that water is very strong and has the power to crush a submarine. The deepest part of our world’s ocean is Mariana’s Trench in the Pacific Ocean. It is almost 11,000 metres deep. only three submarines have made it down due to the water pressure.

in our science experiment we punched three holes into an empty 2 litre bottle of water. We then covered the holes with masking tape and filled the bottle with tap water. We pulled off the sticky tape to reveal the 1st hole. No water came out because there was not enough water pressure. Then we revealed the 2nd hole and some water began to trickle out due to water pressure. Next we removed all the sticky tape and the water spurted out faster and further than the water from the other holes. this was because there was more water pressure on the last hole of the bottle.

Our Class

Today we went to mass.We learned some new prayers and every class did

some friendship art. We also sang our songs.

Ben and Leanne from fifth class helped the priest. We

had lots of fun singing.Randy and Nicole were our students of the week and

they got to hold the Heineken cup! This week we learned

all about listening and teamwork.  We have been reading

the Giggler treatment! It is very funny. We also learned

how to choose a book from the library and we

made teamwork posters!

Sound Experiment

We wanted to see if sound travelled better through solids, liquids or gases…… so we using a tuning fork, we banged it and held it in the air and couldn’t hear anything. We then banged it and placed it in a glass of water and it made a tiny splash. Finally, we banged it and held the tuning fork against the table and we could hear the humming noise it made. This proved that sound travelled best through solids.

For the next part of the experiment, we made telephone.

First, we got into pairs and each pair got 2 yogurt cups and a long string and used cocktail sticks tied in the knots so that they wouldn’t slip out of the yogurt cup.

Next, two people stood far apart so that the string was stretched and one person put one yogurt cup to their mouth and spoke and the other person put the yogurt cup to their ear and listened.

We repeated this experiment in lots of different places such as the yard, different and classrooms. We found out that sound goes through solid better than liquid and gas.

They Saved their Bacon

This week we were learning about the story “They Saved Their Bacon”, this was all about two pigs who escaped from a meat factory. They were going to be made into bacon, rashers and pork! The newspapers were chasing the pigs and they went to some interesting places!

Today in St. Molaga’s some pupils reported that they seen 3 little pigs sneaking around the school. Will you be able to guess where they went?

Heineken Cup comes to visit!

The Heineken cup came to visit our class today. Caitlin and Raymond named two Leinster players Johnny Sexton and Brian O’ Driscoll so they got to lift the cup. Mr. O’ Mahony counted to 3 and we all lifted the cup and shouted UP LEINSTER!!

We hope Leinster win the Heineken cup this year again

! Maybe Brian O’ Driscoll might come to visit us!

Balbriggan Co. Dublin