European Projects

In geography we learned about France’s culture, religion, population, cuisine, famous landmarks such as the Eifell Tower and l’Arc de Triomphe as well as France’s lakes rivers and seas. We also learned about some of France’s history such as the Renaissance period, famous artwork such as the Mona Lisa which is in the Louvre in Paris.

After we learned about France, we worked with a partner to do research on our own European project. We used laptops to research information and then we made booklets to present all that we had learned to the class. It was great fun researching information and making our projects.

Here’s what they looked like!



Electrical Circuits

We had great fun investigating electricity and how electrical circuits are formed!

We used insulators and conductors to make working torches and fans. We investigated how conductors can attach positive and negatively charged wires together to create and electrical circuit! The conductors attached wires together and sent electricity to different areas on the circuit. The wires were protected by plastic insulators.

It was so exciting to watch the light-bulbs light up and the fans begin turning when the circuit was complete!


Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year on January 22nd 2017, we made Chinese dragons in art. This year is the year of the rooster. Traditionally, dragons represent Chinese celebrations. We created dragons’ bodies by making intertwining loops with coloured card. Then we added detail to our dragon faces like piercing eyes, sharp teeth, pointy horns and long tongues!

Take a look at some of our work.

By Katie, Aisha and Ester.


Safter Internet Day 2017 #SID2017

We took part in Safer Internet day on Tuesday. We talked about staying safe online. We agreed that we need to be SMART and THINK.









If you are going online:

S – be safe – keep your personal information private.

M – Don’t meet up with anybody that you meet on line.

A – Accepting e-mails can be dangerous. Be careful about spam messages.

R – Not everything you read online is Reliable, be careful.

T – If you see or read something that upsets you – Tell and adult. 

Pip School by David

One day at Pip school on Pip Street,  Ms Gobble left her class alone for two minutes and they went bonkers.  They shouted and laughed a lot.  The noise was SO loud that  even Ms Pain’s class could hear them.  Tom Chickle took out some cooked sausages for the class and Jimmy Johnstone put on rock music.  Some people put their hands in the air like they just didn’t care.  The door swung open and in walked a very cross and angry teacher.  ALRIGHT! she shouted.  I’m thinking extra homework for this class. Sighs filled the room.

Balbriggan Co. Dublin