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Students Vs Teachers Football Matches

Well done to Esther and Evan who both took part in the senior students vs teachers football match today.

The junior match won 6-5 with the students winning with a penalty (unlucky for the teachers!). The senior students vs teacher match also saw the students win 3-2 after a brilliantly competitive game!

Well done to all that took part and to the spectators for all their support!

Teachers Versus Students Football Game

Today we had two games with the teachers versus a team from third and fourth classes and a game against a team from fifth and sixth classes.

The first game ended level 5-5.  It went to penalties, sudden death.  The students won after two penalties each (1-0)

The second game finished 3-2 to the students after getting a last minute goal.

Everybody enjoyed the day.

Below are some photographs.



School Football Blitz 2017

On the 20th of June, the school had a football blitz with the 5th and 6th class teams. The winning team will play against the teachers next week. Here are some photographs taken of the football blitz.

Freezing into place for an action photograph!
Running after the ball
Going for the goal
Another goal?
Who’s going to get the ball?
Look! It’s Football Man!

Near the end of the Football Blitz we took photographs of the teams.