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Arts Week-Visiting Author; Brian Gallagher




Brian is a famous author that wrote many books .He was born in Dublin .He is a full time writer whose play and short stories have been produced in Ireland Britain and Canada .He has worked extensively in radio and television, writing many dramas and documentaries. He wrote a lot of books like Friend or Foe, Taking sides, Stormclouds ,secrets and shadows ,across the divide and his newest book called Arrival. Most of his books are based on Irish history for example Friend or Foe was based on 1916 .He made four young people’s books like Across The Divide, Taking Sides Secrets and Shadows and Stormclouds .He came to our school St.Molaga S.N.S and told us what it’s like to be an author. He said it’s a lonely job and hard work he also told us it takes about 8
months to write a book. He told our class that he spends more than 6 hours a day working on a book. Later he read us a small bit of Arrivals and just as we were about to leave he gave us a bookmark and we got a photo with him.
We enjoyed meeting a real author and our class are now reading his book Friend or Foe.
By Jude and Tobi

Arts Week, weaving with Lisa

On Friday 28th of October we went to Mr.Harrington’s room to be taught how to weave.First we had to spin the wool to make it as thin we could so we could use it on the loom.While we were spinning the wool we got to see some of the things the weaver made.We got to see rugs,baskets,blankets and pieces of silk on paper and she designed some ties from a peacock feather.She gave us all straws with wool attached to it and she gave us some thread to make into bracelets by using the straws to weave with.We went back to the classroom and came back over in fives to use the loom.
When we came back from the mid-term break we got what we made on the loom.We are very proud of what we made and enjoyed learning to weave.















Arts Week and Halloween in Ms Mc Namee’s class

We have had great fun during Arts Week. We bought some lovely books at the book fair and we had DEAR time every day. Aideen told us some great stories during a storyteller session on Thursday and we had lots of fun making music with Maria in a workshop on Friday. We also really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book character for dress up day.

We have also been busy preparing for Halloween. We learned all about the human skeleton and had great fun learning the skeleton dance. We made some fabulous silhouette art and did lots of Halloween puzzles and played some Halloween games. We also learned about staying safe at Halloween. Enjoy the midterm break everyone!






Arts Week & Character Day

We have just come to the end of a very successful Arts Week in St. Molaga’s.img_1054arts-week
On Monday we had a visit from Brian Gallagher, author of a number of books published by O’Brien Press. We have read Stormclouds, Against the Divide and Friend or Foe. We learned that he is currently writing a book set inBalbriggan during 1920 when the town was attacked by the Black & Tans, an event known as the sack of Balbriggan. we are looking forward to the publication of this book next year.
On Tuesday, Ms Ferguson facilitated dance classes and we certainly showed our moves and learned a few new ones.
On Wednesday we had drumming workshops with Neil Dowling and on Thursday , Aideen McBride entertained and scared us a little with her stories. Friday, we had our character day and while dressed as book characters we had music workshops with Maria Sheil and an opportunity to compose music with Peter Moran.fullsizerender-21 fullsizerender-22
The Book Fair was also well attended by pupils and parents and as usual there was a great display of books and games. We will be able to replace and renew four class libraries from the proceeds of the book fair so that our pupils can continue to access new and interesting books in school.
Thank you to Ms Hegarty and all the teachers who helped to organise this wonderful creative learning opportunity for us.
We are looking forward already to next year. we hope that everyone has an enjoyable and safe Halloween break.

Arts Week

We’ve had great fun this week as we celebrated Arts Week. We had the book fair on Monday and Tuesday, we bought some great books.

We had DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) every day this week.

On Tuesday we had dancing in the hall. We learned to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, it was great fun.

On Wednesday we had our Mystery Skype call.

On Thursday we had a story teller come into our class and tell us lots of great stories. She told us stories from around the world and some scary stories for Halloween.

Tomorrow, Friday, we have a music class with Maria where we will compose some music.

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