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100 Word Challenge

This week’s prompt is to include these words in our stories;

…so, what lies ahead of…

You can read our stories on our class blog by clicking on the link: https://msbrennocksclass.100wc.net/

This is Sophie’s story

Once upon a time there were four kids who went on a trip to the jungle. There was a hunter there too, he was mean and wanted to kill the animals!
The children were on a mission to stop him. One night whilst the hunter was sleeping in the forest they tied him to a tree with a long rope.
When he woke he was shocked and surrounded by the animals he had been trying to kill.
He begged for forgiveness so the animals nibbled the ropes & set him free. The hunter was afraid, so what lies ahead of him. The children had won.


Team teaching in English

We have been busy working with our teacher and Ms O’Brien in our English groups. We have completed lots of activities to help us with our phonics, handwriting and vocabulary. We have read lots of examples of narrative writing and written our own stories. We are able to predict, visualise and make connections when we are reading. We played some phonics games today to help us revise what we have learned so far.



Class Debates

We have been learning how do persuasive writing in school. Some of the debates we have had included: Children should not be given homework after school. Happiness is more important than money. Ireland is the best country for tourists to visit.

This week, we wrote debates on the topic: “Should swimming lessons be compulsory in primary schools?”. We worked with a partner to write our debates and then argued for/against the motion.

We really enjoy debates!



Adverbs can be fun!

Today we learned about adverbs – What they are and when to use them. An adverb is a word that describes a verb! That’s why the word VERB is in ADVERB! Usually adverbs end in -ly. For example: kindly, quickly, happily, viciously, hastily. But sometimes is can be words that tell when something happens or where it is. For example: yesterday, now, usually, upstairs, downstairs.

We made a display all about adverbs…. very quickly and intelligently! In our group, we wrote a poem a short story, sentences, lists and the definition of adverbs. We even wrote one adverb for every letter of the alphabet!

Here is our display. We hope you enjoy reading it just as much as we enjoyed making and presenting it!

By: Elle, Mercedes, Lucas, Christian, Jamie and Luke.


Pip School by David

One day at Pip school on Pip Street,  Ms Gobble left her class alone for two minutes and they went bonkers.  They shouted and laughed a lot.  The noise was SO loud that  even Ms Pain’s class could hear them.  Tom Chickle took out some cooked sausages for the class and Jimmy Johnstone put on rock music.  Some people put their hands in the air like they just didn’t care.  The door swung open and in walked a very cross and angry teacher.  ALRIGHT! she shouted.  I’m thinking extra homework for this class. Sighs filled the room.

The story of St Molaga

Once a upon a time lived a man named St Molaga. He was a holy man. He lived in Ireland. He was chased out of Ireland by druids. He came back to Ireland and healed sick people. He was a famous beekeeper. He built a church in Bremore and a monastery in Co. Cork.

By Ashley, Ellen and Niamh.

A man named Molaga had been hunted out of Ireland by the Druids. He went to Scotland to find refuge and later to Wales where the Welsh patron saint lived – Saint David. He stayed with Saint David for a while and then decided to return to Ireland to do missionary work. Saint David gave Saint Molaga a bell when he was leaving Wales. Saint Molaga brought this bell back to Ireland with him. Saint Molaga came to Dublin. He healed the sick and a chief gave him some land. He was a beekeeper. He built a church in Bremore. He set up a monastery in Cork.

By Cian, Hannah and Jodie.

Special Showcase for Hayden!


Hayden has been awarded a Special Showcase for his story.

New Year’s Eve

It was New Year’s Eve, we were leaving 2016 behind us and we were looking forward to the future. I was in London visiting my Uncle and cousins. We went into London town that evening to celebrate New years Eve. It was almost midnight, the streets were lined with people, it was so so busy. All of a sudden the crowd went near silent they all looked in the direction of Big Ben the largest clock in England and the count down began. We heard the loud Chimes of the clock. When it got 12am everyone cheered to my surprise I heard a huge explosion, I looked in front and behind, which way was the noise coming  from?, then I looked up and saw the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen.

Limericks – Mr. Gorman’s 3rd class

There once was a girl called Jill,

Who went down the hill,

She got a big smack,

Then said quack,

Then she had a pill.

By Mia


There once was a girl called Sue,

Who had nothing at all to do,

She didn’t feel well,

Then she fell,

After all that she had to go to the loo.

By Rachel


There once was a boy called Fin,

He fell in a cold bin,

He found a sack,

And it was black,

He wanted to get out but he fell on a pin.

By Oliver


Once there was a boy called Jack,

And he was so good at hacks,

He found a well

Then he fell,

And his mam gave him a whack.

By Adam


There once was a fat little cat,

Who wanted to be called Pat,

But he was called Bob,

And had a good job,

To catch every single rat.

By Conor.


There once was a lonely goat,

Who had a really BIG boat,

He sailed on the sea,

And drank some tea,

But it turned out his boat couldn’t float.

By Cara.


There once was a boy named Jake,

Who got bitten by a big snake,

He went to bed,

Then hurt his head,

Then he saw a nice lake.

By Ewan.


There once was a girl called Bell,

Who had horrible nasty smell,

She fell on a log,

And turned into a frog,

And that`s all I could tell.

By Natalia


There once was a boy called Jack,

Who had sweets in a pack,

He got really fat,

He looked like a cat,

And he never turned back.

by Robert


There once was a girl called Jill

She had a very big bill,

She sat on a tree,

And hurt her kne,e

Poor little old Jill and the bill.

by Caitlin


There once was a boy called Bill,

He told his mother he was ill,

His mother laughed,

Bill said stop being daft,

So his mother stopped and gave him a pill.

by Holly


There once was a boy called Phil,

Who had to pay the bill,

All the time,

And fell into slime,

And he had a friend called Jill.

By Craig


Once there was a boy called Bill,

Who always had a pet called Jill,

It was a dog,

Acting like a hog,

It always had to take a pill

by Sam


Once there was a dog called Bob,

Who had a full time job,

To scratch the fleas,

Off his knees,

His favourite food was corn on the cob.

by Noah, Ryan and Luke














By Aidan


There once was a pup,

Who fell into muck,

He had no time,

And fell into lime,

So then he had no luck.

By Julia


There was a young girl called Jill ,

And she lived On a hill ,

And she got a smack ,

After she had a big mac ,

Finally  she went back to the hill .

By Jessica


There once was a girl called Jill,

Who had a very big pill,

She stubbed her toe,

And said ho ho,

And then she went up the hill.

By Hannah


There once was a girl called Jill,

She had to pay a really big bill,

She fell into a sack,

And then she got a big mac,

And then she finAlly found the till.

By Lexie


There once was a boy named Jack,

Who always said the word quack,

He had no nose,

But still dId a pose,

And then he made friends with a boy named Mac.

By Jas, Calum and Leon






Fantastic Writing!


Well done to Julia, her writing has been included in this week’s Night Times (on the Night Zookeeper). This is a great achievement as her work was selected from hundreds of entries! Her story is about new Christmas Traditions.

No Phones ‘Till Christmas!

My new tradition is that everyone should put their phones away on the 12th of December and not take them out until the 26th. I think this would be a great tradition because Christmas is the time for getting together, chatting, having fun and celebrating-not for being stuck to your phone all the time. Christmas is a great excuse to go visiting your family and friends so this tradition allows you to interact and actually have more fun! It will make you feel much better playing games with your buds than it will playing angrybirds on your laptop. It is also any other mechanical devices such as computer, iPad, phone, consoles etc. In the olden days (about thirty years ago) people usually weren’t allowed to get a proper phone until they were eleven. My sister is seventeen and she didn’t get her first phone untill she was twelve. As well as all that I would just like to say… MERRY CHRISTMAS!