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3rd Class Spain Projects

We have been learning about Spain in Geography over the past few weeks and have been working on Spain Projects with our partners. We have drawn and coloured beautiful pictures of Spanish Flags, Flamenco Dancers, Matadors and much more!

We have used the facts that we have collected and learned about Spain to complete a project full of interesting information about this wonderful country! Here is a picture of our Spanish Wall and the pictures below show some of the children with their projects

¡Adiós Amigos!

3rd Class Spanish Wall

3rd Class Spain Projects




Our China Project

This week we have been working on our China projects ! we would like to share some facts with you….
The Great Wall of China can be seen from space.
The currency they use is… Renminbi.
The tallest mountain in the world Mount Everest is in China.
China has a population of 1.3 billon , it is a big country!!
Tea and rice come from China.
Pandas live in China and they eat bamboo.
The chinese flag has five yellow stars on it.
2013 is the year of the snake.
China is in Asia
Red is a lucky colourn in China.
The Chinese believe that red is a lucky colour.
We made chinese lanterns and are painting cherry blossom pictures today – we have learned loads!


Building Bridges by Daniella

First we started with looking at pictures and we saw The Golden gate bridge, Brooklyn bridge The arches Balbriggan. We  discussed  bridges around Balbriggan like the one when your going to Drogheda. Then we made our own little bridges. Mr. Brown gave out dictionaries  and 2 paper sheets and then we began too make our bridges. The paper bridge wasn’t strong it only held 1g, the walled bridge was strong but not strong enough it only held 1g and 5g,5g.The corrugated bridge was the strongest for me.