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Keep calm and fight like a Viking !

Our topic over the last few weeks in History has been the Vikings. We really enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about who they were, where they came from,  how they lived and what they are know for.

Vikings were seafarers, who spoke the Old Norse language. They raided and traded across wide areas of northern and central Europe, as well as European Russia, during the late 8th to late 11th centuries.

Here are our projects we completed today!



















My Great Grandad

Jake wrote this piece to remember his Great Grandad, John Donnelly, who came from Balrothery. Jake also very kindly brought in his Great Grandad’s medals, including a  World War I medal.  The medals were in a lovely box, engraved with a date of December 1914. John had also scratched his initials and his soldier number onto the box.  We are very grateful to Jake’s family for bringing the medals into our class. We remember him and all those who fought in Word War I.

It was as July 1914. My Great Grandad John Donnelly left his family and went to fight for his country.  He was in the British Navy. He was only 17 when he joined. 250,000 young soldiers served in the British army  during WW1. They had to learn how to use the guns and weapons and be ready for battle when they needed to be.  Some young boys lied about their age because they were too young to join.  We must remember all these young boys who were killed in those wars.  I always remember my great grandad and how lucky he was to come home,when others didn’t.

Remember by Sophie (100 Word Challenge)


I said goodbye to family. “Don’t worry this war won’t last 6 months.” I said, as I left. My mother hugged me, her tear stained face pressed against mine.

I sat in the army bus filled to the brim with young men like me. Some were crying and others singing “Its a long way to Tipperary.” I knew when we reached English soil it truely would be long way from Tipperary.

When we reached England, I stepped out the stuffy boat we were in, and breathed in the fresh air. “Remember,” I thought, ” only 6 months”.

We set off to Flander’s field.

Live like an Egyptian…

We completed our history projects on the Egyptians this week. We worked in groups to explore and identify how Egyptians lived long ago, together with their values and landmarks  left behind on the landscape today.

The group topics were:

  • About Egypt (maps, population, rivers etc)
  • Egyptian clothes
  • Farming
  • R.Nile and Tutankhamun
  • Egyptian towns and cities and Hieroglyphic writingIMG_1747[1] IMG_1748[1] IMG_1749[1] IMG_1750[1] IMG_1751[1]

Here are our final pieces of work.

Bremore Castle. Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

Today we discussed a rather important historical landmark on our doorstep, known as Bremore Castle. After we found out interesting information about the Castle, we took a short walk within the school grounds to see it for ourselves! Following this lesson, we realised how lucky we are to have such a historic landmark beside our school and also in our home town of Balbriggan!

IMG_1743[1] IMG_1744[1] IMG_1745[1] IMG_1746[1]


We began to learn about the  Egyptians before Halloween. This will be our second History Project and we are all very excited. The first thing we did was a concept map to see what we knew about Egypt already.

We then discussed what we knew and began to look at some short video clips, images of Egyptian landmarks and their way of life including their homes, clothes, food they eat, farming and Egyptian writing.

We have been put into groups for this project and given a topic to research. Over the next few weeks we will learn all about Egyptians and report to the rest of the class about our topic. Watch this space!

Below are some Egyptian art pieces.


How school has changed over time.

In our first History project of 3rd Class, we learned about Education and Schools long ago. We had an opportunity to explore and analyse various resources which St. Molaga’s has kept for teaching this interesting topic. Examples of material that we got to see and discuss in class were:

  • roll books from past pupils in St. Molaga’s Senior School
  • Copy books from past pupils of St. Molaga’s Senior chool
  • ink and slates like the ones children used to write on in school and
  • newspapers with  articles about St. Molaga’s Senior School

Mercedes made a model of an old school from Co. Cork out of clay for our project. She even made desks and chairs inside the school!. She did a fantastic job and we really enjoyed listening to how she made it. We found this project very interesting and most of us were able to talk to our families at home to learn more.IMG_1686[1] IMG_1685[1] IMG_1687[1] IMG_1688[1] IMG_1689[1] IMG_1690[1] IMG_1691[1] IMG_1692[1] IMG_1693[1]

Diarmuid’s text message to Fionn, after he ran away with his girlfriend Gráinne.

See ya later sucker#SWAG       by Nikita

Hey , ‘ hun ‘ , I’m sorry but I love someone else , Dear Diarmuid’s taken the spotlight , Y.O.L.O.              Deal with it .    by Shannon

How is your wife O what you don’t have one how does that feel             By Dylan

I’m stealing your girlfriend LOSER #YOLO         By Megan Continue reading Diarmuid’s text message to Fionn, after he ran away with his girlfriend Gráinne.

France 1914



Dear Mum,

I can’t believe I’m here three months now.  I really can’t wait to see you and the rest of the family.  How is the family now that I think of it? How was your birthday meal?  Was the good good?  The food over here is ok, but it’s that or nothing.

Write back soon,

Love your son,