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Diarmuid’s text message to Fionn, after he ran away with his girlfriend Gráinne.

See ya later sucker#SWAG       by Nikita

Hey , ‘ hun ‘ , I’m sorry but I love someone else , Dear Diarmuid’s taken the spotlight , Y.O.L.O.              Deal with it .    by Shannon

How is your wife O what you don’t have one how does that feel             By Dylan

I’m stealing your girlfriend LOSER #YOLO         By Megan Continue reading

France 1914



Dear Mum,

I can’t believe I’m here three months now.  I really can’t wait to see you and the rest of the family.  How is the family now that I think of it? How was your birthday meal?  Was the good good?  The food over here is ok, but it’s that or nothing.

Write back soon,

Love your son,



World War I


R. Aisne

3rd 12×3 Trench

Dear Jemma,

I hope you all are well.  I’m doing bad.  The Germans are advancing and we’re running out of supplies.  My best friends Pat Recan and Tom Shadow died.  

My squad are dying of sickness.  When it turns dark we will advance as that’s what our captain said.  I hope there’s no mines  or machine guns.  If there are Deadeye will get on the gun and give us support fire.

Thanks fo rthe apple pie, it was delicious.


John Wardog

France 1914



Dear Christine,

I feel so cold and I walk in poo.  I see people getting killed everyday it’s terrible.  I wish I was with you and the children righ now.

I might die soon so this might be my last not to you . I’ll write as much as I can, tell the children I love them.



Letter from France



Dear  parents,

It’s me Tom, your son.  I miss you a lot and I wish I could spend more time with you.  I it’s chaos here men are being killed, grenades being thrown, everyone is really scared, but they’re not showing it.

I’m not going to show it either.  My best friend Tim was shot in the leg and he died.  I’m all alon, but we have to keep fighting.

Missing you lots,


Tom Tree

Letter Home 1916



Dear Maria,

I miss you all how are you and the children?  I know it has been while.  All my friends have died it is men and about seven people left.  We all had to retreat but 143 comrades died.  We have to find a way out of here, wait, aarrgh! sorry, I have to go we are under attack.

Lots of love

Steven Crean

Letter home from France, 1914

Dear Maggie

  I miss you and the kids so much.  How’s everything going?  Where I am all I see is bodies all I smell is death.

  Don`t scream but I sleep with rats every night.  I still have the picture of you, me and the kids at the beach in                               my pocket.

                                                                  Hope to see you soon.


Chris Maloo


Letter Home

Dear Margaret,


Today John and I went out on to no mans land.

I got cut on my leg from barbed wire but I’m fine.

Kids and Margaret there is some bad news , Joe got

shot in the chest. When he got shot it put a hole through

his lung so he died.  I’m sorry. I told him to get rid of the

rotting corpses so I feel like it is my fault and it is haunting me.

Tell the family I love them. I hope Mary is fine.

Is she getting better from her dislocated shoulder?

Is her sling offyet?

Love you lads and lassies.


Sean O’Conor

Letter home By Hannah



Dear Mary

How are you?   I miss you so much.  I am fine right now but

I just can’t get the vision of my brother getting shot out of my head.

I hope you have been getting the pay checks.

I miss you badly. Say hello to everyone from me.

I hope you are handling the shop Ok. Tell Katie and Molly that

I miss them.  I hope to get a reply.


Love Scot Appletart

Letter Home By Aaron

Dear family                                      France

I hope you are well. Life in the trenches is hard.

The mud is up to our knees when it rains.

When we are under a hail of bullets I think of my family.

When we want to go toilet we are afraid that we will be gassed.

Every hour all I hear are grenades and machine gun fire.

I hope to see you soon.