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St Molaga’s School Choirs will be joined by award-winning Chamber Choir ANIMA from Dublin on Sunday 8th March.
Together the choirs will perform a concert of choral music in Ss Peter and Paul’s Church Balbriggan at 7pm. The programme will have something for everyone with sacred and secular songs from around the world. This is a concert NOT to be missed!! All monies raised on the night will go towards upgrading St Molaga’s playgrounds. Tickets are €5 for adults and €3 for children.




Choir News for this year

St Molaga’s Junior Choir is made up of children from 3rd and 4th classes. Their teachers are Ruth Gray and Patricia Hegarty. This year they sang at Christmas concerts in school, in the church and also in Gormanstown Wood Nursing Home. They sang at our Confirmation ceremonies in March and at our Seachtain na Gaeilge concerts. At Balbriggan Summerfest they wowed the audience with ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘Siyahamba’ – a freedom song from South Africa. On the 5th June they enjoyed and party and sing song with the school choirs from Balbriggan Educate Together. Next week they will perform for the 2nd class children in Ss Peter and Paul’s School when they visit St Molaga’s.

St Molaga’s Senior Choir is made up of children from 5th and 6th classes. Their teachers are Mairead Kiely and Jennifer Ferguson. This year they were prize-winners at the Fingal Choral Festival in October and at the Drogheda Youth Choral Festival in November. They sang in the school, the church and in Millfield Shopping Centre at Christmastime. In March they sang at Confirmation ceremonies, Seachtain na Gaeilge concerts and also at the Feis Ceoil in the RDS, where they were placed 2nd in their competition. They were filmed by RTE and appeared in the TV show ‘Feis Ceoil by Numbers.’ At Balbriggan Summerfest they performed their greatest hits from this year: ‘Bessie the Black Cat’, ‘The Salley Gardens’ and ‘Macavity the Mystery Cat’. On the 5th June they enjoyed and party and sing song with the school choirs from Balbriggan Educate Together. We will soon say goodbye to our dedicated singers from 6th class. We will miss them next year and hope they join choirs or musical groups in their new secondary schools.

Music In The Classroom

Music In The Classroom

When we got onto the bus our teacher told us to put our

belt on.  The Helix was in the DCU school. When we got

in the place we  sang songs. The man there  was very nice.

The music was very posh and lovely. Suddenly a man

named  Jack 123  but called him self Peter came and

started fighting with the other man and the conductor

told them to go and let the girls dance. We made fun

of Jake 123 when he was singing . I  had fun dancing and

partying and making fun of Jack 123 . At the end we

looked at a magic trick and the orchestra played music as

we went out the door.




One day we went to the  Helix.  It was great fun .  We went on a double decker bus.

My partner was my  friend Simisola.  When we went on our way we had  great fun.  When we went inside the stadium it was very big.  I really liked the roof with lots lights on top of the roof .  Suddenly it started, a man came out and it was like a show. Then the orchestra started to play the music it was amazing.  At next six girls were dancing along with the orchestra,  the girls were very talented. Then we went back in school and ate our lunch and then it was home time.


             BY TINA


Music in the Classroom

One day me and my class went to the Helix.  We had so much fun. We went on a double bus.  My partner was Kerri. All the four classes went. When we went in side the stadium it was very big. I was so excited to go.  There were two boys and they were being bold. Next there were six girls and they were so talented. The band were playing.  Then more girls came out with two heads and more people came out.  The voice of Ireland was up stairs. I fell on my chair. Then it was home time.


By Lauren