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Our Compositions

This morning we listened to “First you make your fingers click”. In the music you only use your hands and feet to make the music. We then worked in groups and made our own compositions. We are now composers.  Click and have a listen !


Autumn Autumn!

We have been working really hard from day one in fourth class!

We have learned the poem ‘Autumn Fires’

In the other gardens
And all up the vale,
From the autumn bonfires
See the smoke trail!

Pleasant summer over
And all the summer flowers,
The red fire blazes,
The grey smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!
Something bright in all!
Flowers in the summer,
Fires in the fall!

By: John Louis Stevenson


we also learned a song called Autumn Autumn

Here are its lyrics:

Autumn, Autumn

Animals in Hibernation

Red, yellow, orange, brown

Leaves fall down, down

This is the video we made mixing both of them together. One half the class recites the poem while the others hum the tune. We all did the song in canon!  Click on the Autumn link to hear the song.  You will probably have to wear earphones as the sound is quite low.



We also made some paper trees and used paint to create nice bark-like textures!

WIN_20150924_141502 (2)



Choir highlights for 2014/2015

NURSING HOMES, December 2014.
We took a bus to get to the nursing homes. We all had to have a partner. My partner was Stan, a person from my class, my friend actually. We got there and a woman came to greet us at the front doors. She was very nice and brought us to where we were going to sing. All the people there were really lovely. They all enjoyed our carols. My favourite song was probably ‘Winter Wonderland’ – and we sang a lot of wonderful songs. Afterwards we all came back and it was almost home time….. so we packed up and went home!
Aidan, 4th class.

Pitch Perfect, March 2015.
In order to raise funds to get a new school yard, the St. Molaga’s junior and senior choirs had a concert in SS. Peter and Paul’s church Balbriggan along with Anima, an adult choir who came from Dublin to sing with us. Each choir sang songs separately and I got to play guitar alongside the St. Molaga’s junior choir for two of their songs. Then all three choirs went up on stage and sang three songs together. The next day anyone who sang got a night off homework and a packet of jellies kindly donated by Anima. One of the 6th classes wrote in to News2Day who came in and filmed us singing. The parish priest, Father Eugene sent a donation towards our new yard. Over the mid-term break we were able to get our new tarmac laid down.
Kevin , 4th class.

My trip to Balbriggan Educate Together, June 2015.
I was at Balbriggan Educate Together with the school choir and it was awesome. We sang several songs and we had a treat afterwards. I had Tayto crisps and 7 up as my treat.
Dawid, 4th class

Our Trip to Educate Together
Our choir went to sing for the new school Educate Together. We go every year. This year I went in Ms Costello’s car with my brother and Shauna. When we got there I thought their school was huge. It was a very fancy school. They had three choirs; the junior choir, the middle choir and the senior choir. The first song they sang was called ‘Counting Stars’ . I thought they were really good. Their senior choir sang with no words but with actions. When it was getting close to the end they sang with words. I thought that was ok. I saw a few people I know. There was one class who sang and a boy was rapping – I thought they were brilliant. My favourite song was ‘Counting Stars’.
When the singalong was finished we all got crisps and drinks. We got to socialise, talk and have fun. We had a brilliant time. Can’t wait for them to come to us next year!

Reuben, 4th class.


St Molaga’s School Choirs will be joined by award-winning Chamber Choir ANIMA from Dublin on Sunday 8th March.
Together the choirs will perform a concert of choral music in Ss Peter and Paul’s Church Balbriggan at 7pm. The programme will have something for everyone with sacred and secular songs from around the world. This is a concert NOT to be missed!! All monies raised on the night will go towards upgrading St Molaga’s playgrounds. Tickets are €5 for adults and €3 for children.