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5th Class Visit to Balbriggan Community College

The 5th class children from St Molaga’s were invited to visit Balbriggan Community College. The children were split into different coloured groups on arrival. They then, with their group leader, visited the art room to make gory cuts out of paint, glue and plaster, the tech room to look at robots, the science lab to make fire and dissect a lambs heart and finally to their new amazing gymnasium to jump the high jump and climb the climbing wall.

The children got a real flavour of what secondary school in Balbriggan Community College will be like if they chose to go there.



http://https://animoto.com/play/jaHyXnwgjeZtBGIqS0IkrwGymnastics 23-1-17

In Ms. Sullivan’s 5th class, we did gymnastics every Wednesday for 4 weeks before Christmas. First thing we did was jumps, the jumps we did were. Jump forward, jump backward, jump left/right, ¼ jump, ½ jump and full turn. The next week we learned tumbles. Now we had to make up a routine with 4 jumps and a tumble. The week after that we learned balances, so now we had to add a balance to the routine we made the previous week. This is our last week doing gymnastics and we did freestyle which is cartwheels, handstands, bridges and walkovers. Our class had a great time doing gymnastics.

By Sophie and Zofia xxxx

Kid’s Marathon


Over the past few weeks, all of the sixth classes have worked extremely hard to prepare for the Dublin Kid’s Marathon for the first time. We have worked hard since September, by running increasing numbers of laps around our local all weather pitch. We persevered for eight weeks to prepare for the event.

A group of people gathered at the National Sports Campus to run at the original event. Their aim was to run the last mile of the Dublin Kid’s Marathon.

While some people attended, some were unable to attend and therefore Ms Walsh kindly organised our own event in our school. Ms McGinley’s, Mr Brown’s, Ms Gray’s, Ms McMahon’s and Ms Reilly’s c;asses all ran, regardless of their ability. Everybody that ran got a medal! It was a fantastic event.

A BIG THANKS to Ms Walsh and all the other teachers that were involved in the 8 weeks of training.

Colm, Daniel, Kate, Kevin and Mary from Ms McGinley’s class. Continue reading Kid’s Marathon