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Electrical Circuits

We had great fun investigating electricity and how electrical circuits are formed!

We used insulators and conductors to make working torches and fans. We investigated how conductors can attach positive and negatively charged wires together to create and electrical circuit! The conductors attached wires together and sent electricity to different areas on the circuit. The wires were protected by plastic insulators.

It was so exciting to watch the light-bulbs light up and the fans begin turning when the circuit was complete!


Science- testing the strength of Materials: paper

In December 2016 we did a science project to test the strength of paper. We had to make a bridge of newspaper and see how many copies it would support. We separated the tables, leaving a gap wider than a copy. Then we placed a sheet of newspaper across the gap, to keep the paper in place we put baskets on each end for support. Then we started putting the copies on but we got around 50. Then we thought about folding the newspaper in half and putting on tape instead of baskets. It made it stronger and we got 77.
By Jude and Alex


Experimenting with materials

We learned about different kinds of materials and their properties. We carried out an experiment to test some materials. We tested a tennis ball, a sponge ball, a ball made from plasticine and a ball made from rubber to see which one would bounce the highest. We wrote out the experiment and carried it out three times to make sure that it was a fair test. We discovered that the tennis ball was the bounciest ball.

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Science Week in Third Class

We have been having great fun taking part in different activities during Science Week. We talked about what a scientist does. We learned about the work of some famous scientists, including Marie Curie, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking. We created our own potions and wrote about them. We learned all about sound and completed different experiments to investigate it further. We made ear trumpets, panpipes, speakers, ear defenders and even tried to make rice dance! We worked in groups to complete the experiments and write about what we did.


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Science Week Experiments

We’ve been enjoying science week this week. We’ve done lots of experiments. 

We put an egg into vinegar and we’ve been watching what happens. The vinegar erodes the egg shell.

We put ‘Mentos’ sweets into Coke to see what happens – it exploded!

We put raisins into Seven Up to see what would happen. The gas in the Seven Up makes the raisins rise and fall.

We put warm water on ‘Skittles’ sweets to create a rainbow.

We recorded all our experiments in our copies.

We loved doing our experiments because we could eat and drink most of them when we were finished! Click here to see our video.

I’m a Scientist Get Me Out Of Here

We are taking part in Science Week this week. We have been learning all about the work of 5 scientists on http://imascientist.ie/ .

There are four zones and we are taking part in the ‘Light Zone’.

We will be voting once this week for our favourite scientist, and every day next week. Today we voted to keep Dervil Cody  in the competition. She took part in a ‘Live Chat’ with us today and we really enjoyed it. She works creating holograms that can tell if air is polluted.

The winning scientist will win €500.

We were all able to log-in and ask Dervil questions about her work. She answered all our questions and we learned at lot.

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