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National Gallery & Natural History Museum Trip April 2017

Everyone in 5th Class was lucky enough to visit the National Gallery on Clare St. and the Natural History Museum on Merrion Square. The tour in the Gallery was terrific, especially considering how busy the Gallery was.

We had a terrific time in the Natural History Museum and saw lots of amazing Irish and international, especially the Hoopoe bird that was found here in Balbriggan in  1903

Our Guide Sarah was  terrific!

Kate was fantastic too!


The sculpture Gallery was cool,Hercules was on legendary demigod!!!! But Teacher struggles taking pictures in mixed light settings.

The Ladies

The Gentlemen

The Gang

and introducing Mr. Picasso

Science Week Experiments

We’ve been enjoying science week this week. We’ve done lots of experiments. 

We put an egg into vinegar and we’ve been watching what happens. The vinegar erodes the egg shell.

We put ‘Mentos’ sweets into Coke to see what happens – it exploded!

We put raisins into Seven Up to see what would happen. The gas in the Seven Up makes the raisins rise and fall.

We put warm water on ‘Skittles’ sweets to create a rainbow.

We recorded all our experiments in our copies.

We loved doing our experiments because we could eat and drink most of them when we were finished! Click here to see our video.

North County Outreach

This is our St. Molaga’s sweet collection for North County Outreach. It was collected on the 7th and the 8th November. In Geography we learned about homelessness and how it has increased through out the years.
Ms Sullivan’s fifth class decided to contact North County Outreach to see if we could donate some of our Halloween candy. The next day we all made posters to ask the pupils of St. Molaga’s if they could donate at least one thing from their Halloween bag. Pupils from Ms Sullivan’s 5th class went around the school with notes and posters sharing our idea. In the next few days we collected five big boxes of sweets and treats. On Tuesday, 8th our teach
er drove the collection over to North County Outreach. They were thankful for our donations and we were happy to help with the organisation.hallowwen-treats2

By Zofia & Chloe


Our First Mystery Skype

We had our first Mystery Skype call today. We had to find the other school, using our maps and Google Earth, before they found us.

We were only allowed to ask questions that had Yes/No answers. We all had special jobs to do. We worked together to find out where they were. We guessed where they were, before they guessed where we are!

They are in Marlton, in New Jersey in The USA. They are in Ms. Boehm’s 2nd Grade class, in Beeler Elemenary School. We had great fun chatting with them after the Skype call. They didn’t know that Halloween originated in Ireland!

dsc_2328 dsc_2329 dsc_2330 dsc_2331 dsc_2332 dsc_2333 dsc_2334 dsc_2335 dsc_2336 dsc_2337 dsc_2338 dsc_2339 dsc_2340 dsc_2341

Goal Jersey Day

We held a Goal Jersey Day on the 16th September, the Friday before the All Ireland of Dublin v Mayo. We all enjoyed dressing in our favourite jerseys and each pupil was asked to donate to GOAL. We collected €720 and today,Louise from the Goal organisation, visited our school.all-ireland

In the morning she facilitated two Drama workshops with 6th classes which were great fun and made us think about the work of Goal and life in a developing country. In the afternoon she spoke to 5th & 6th class about the work undertaken by GOAL in countries worldwide. We learned a lot about the work of GOAL and how we helped contribute to it through our donation. We will continue to learn about global citizenship, climate change, migration, the refugee crisis, conflict and natural disasters in our SPHE work in class.


Daffodil Planting

Third classes planted daffodils in September. This is an annual event as each year all our new entrants to St. Molaga’s plant a spring bulb. As a result, each springtime our school grounds are alive with colour. This year our daffodil bulbs were generously sponsored by Woodies in Airside.  A big thank you to the manager in Woodies, Airside for your generous donation.img_1016


Up Close With Sea Turtles

We took part in a Skype Classroom lesson today with Jennifer Nolan, from the Oceanic Preservation Society.

We were learning about Sea Turtles and Healthy Oceans.

It was great fun and we learned a lot about how to protect our seas and turtles (all turtles are endangered).

We got to ask Jennifer lots of questions and she showed us lots of great photographs that her colleague took.

Click on the link to see some of the photographs.