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The Rugby Blitz

The Rugby Blitz happened on 10/2/2016. Ms.Leonard’s and Ms.Gray’s Fifth Classes competed against each other. The classes utilized their amazing rugby skills that they acquired from recent rugby activity organized by our wonderful rugby trainers.

The teamwork of both teams was outstanding in all of the matches. The teams were very competitive and sportsmanlike. The matches were exciting, especially when the better players made daring maneuvers for their teams.

Some players had extraordinary skills compared to others, but everybody made good efforts in their teams. During the matches some accidents happened but no-one was hurt thankfully.

However, all of the players had some great fun while playing.

That's My Ball!Aggresive PlayBe Careful! Catch!Defensive PlayOops! Pass the Ball Running with the Ball Rush PlaySprinting for the Ball Starting Move Ta-Da! Tag! You're it! Team Talk

Dublin City Marathon

marathonWell done to the pupils from Mr Cloherty’ s sixth class and members of our athletics group who took part in the run today.  The pupils ran the last mile of the marathon after training and running in school over the past 6 weeks. They all had the great experience of running to the Finish line and received t shirts, marathon medals and a goodie bag. Perhaps they will run the full marathon sometime in the future!