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Action Day – 6th Green Flag

To celebrate the raising of our 6th Green Schools Flag we held an Action Day in the school on Friday 1st June.

Each class displayed the work they had done to help achieve the flag. The theme was Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste. The projects, art work and games on display were varied and all were very interesting.

Well done also to the Green School Committee for all their hard work over the last two years!

Work on our 7th flag will begin in September!

Click on the link to see some photographs!

Pointilism –

We learned about the artist Georges Seurat in art this week. He used a technique called pointilism, painting using dots in stead of brush strokes. We tried to paint his most famous picture, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, using only dots of paint.

It’s very time consuming!

Plastic Straws

We have been learning about the Global Goals for Sustainable Develpment. These are a set of 17 goals agreed by the United Nations (UN).

These goals aim to to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. We are taking part in the Our World Irish Aid Awards. This competiton aims to raise awareness of the goals. 

We took part in a Skype lesson to learn more about the global goals. We learned about a town in Scotland where they successfully banned the use of plastic straws.

We  also took part in a Skype lesson about the damage that is being done to the Coral Reefs by pollution.

Inspired by these lessons, we have decided to try and end the use of plastic straws. We have written to over 30 businesses in Balbriggan to ask them to stop selling or serving plastic straws.

We also wrote to Fingal County Council and Balbriggan Tidy Towns.

You can support us by not using single use plastic straws! You can see some pictures by clicking here.