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Table 4

Hi its Table 4 from our classroom on a Friday. We do lots of art and bring in board-games. One of our classroom windows smashed yesterday but it will get fixed. Dublin won the All Ireland against Kerry 1 – 12 to 1-11 , and there’s banners all over the school. Ireland won a rugby match against Australia. Today we had a spelling test and a tables test. See you next week!

Table 3

We are back to tell you about Dublin’s big game last Sunday. We are very happy to say that Dublin won – Well done to the boys in blue. We have been decorating the corridor for Dublin. Last Saturday Ireland beat Australia in the Rugby World Cup – Well done Ireland. It was a great sporting weekend. Bye from table 3.

Table 1

We’re back! Dublin won the All Ireland ‘World Cup’ against Kerry! We have PE every Wednesday. We watched the weather DVD. Our teacher gave us a night off homework. Some of us are joining the choir. Mr. O’Mahony coomes in everyday for maths – he is good fun! Chat soon from Table 1.

Table 2

Hey everyone from table two!! This week our corridors are decorated with the Dublin colours.We all watched the Dublin match on Sunday. In our class we work as a team too! Sheilla , Rachel , Calum , Rukky, Nicole I and Monicah got into the choir – Well done guys! We brought in board games today. We are all having a good time in our school. Talk to you soon.

Our First Week in St. Molaga’s S.N.S.

Welcome to our class blog. Our teacher’s name is Ms. Daly. We really enjoyed our first week in St. Molaga’s. So far we have had great fun and worked very hard. We did history and made timelines and we did ‘Buddy Reading’ with 6th class. We learned a new poem – ‘Mary had a Little Pet’ , and a new song ‘Splish Splash Splosh’. We now get to run on the yard and we played football on Wednesday on the new all-weather pitch. In P.E. we learned a new game called ‘Rivers and Bridges’. Today is Friday and we are allowed a treat. Later on we are going to play board games. We all really like our new school and we are looking forward to next week. Thanks for reading our blog – talk to u soon!