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Gemma came in today to show us items and clothing from the Lakota tribe, which is in North America.

These are some of the things we learned.

The Lakota have a dance stick that they move up and down to lead the dance. The dance is like a prayer.

Boys wear a  head-dress called a roach for ceremonial reasons.

Girls wear beads and braid their hair. The three parts of the braid symbolise body, mind and spirit.

The white buffalo calf is a symbol of hope.

Girls wear dance shawls for the pow wow.

Their houses now are wooden and small. In summer they live in tipis usually made out of canvas. Sometimes they are made out of buffalo skin.

They use sweet grass for their prayers. They light it and the smoke that goes up is their prayers going up to God.

Dreamcatchers were made by the Oneida . You put them on your window or over your bed and they catch your nightmares.

When a boy was twelve, he was isolated on a mountain. When he came back, he had to take care of the children, cook his own food, make his own bed, and look after himself for a  year. He wasn’t allowed to talk to the women during this year. At the end of the year, the women would decide if they could call him a man or not.

The Lakota have a medicine pouch. They keep medicine in it but they also keep grey wolf skin and things that are very important to them. It’s like a memory box and it’s private.

The Lakota believe that there is good medicine and bad medicine and that everyone is medicine. If you’re good medicine you’re kind and helpful and  nice. If you’re bad medicine, you’re mean, cruel and selfish.

Women wear feathers in their hair. If you’re married, you wear them on the right. If you’re not married, you wear them on the left. You shouldn’t touch a woman’s feathers.

Warriors would wear a choker around their neck made out of beads and deer bones. If they were hit by a bullet, the bullet would ricochet off the deer bones. They would also have a breast plate on their chest made out of the same things. Women’s breast plates were long and thin and the men’s would be shorter and thicker.

Thank you Gemma!

Maths can actually be fun!

Today, Miss O’Regan taught us how to play a card game. We called it Blackjack Decimal Maths.

We drew a table in our copy with headings for hundreds, tens, units, tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We took out all the kings, queens, jokers, jacks and tens from the pack and then we had to pick a card. An ace counted as one. We had to write the number of the card in the section we thought would give us the biggest number. Once you wrote the number in, you couldn’t move it around. The person who got the biggest number at the table got one point. If you made the highest number possible, you got two points.

It was really fun! We recommend it!

Turas Scoile!

Chuaigh Rang a Cúig ar thuras scoile. Chuaigh muid go dtí Ardgillan. Bhí muid ar bís. Tháinig an bus ar a leathuair tar éis a naoi. Bhí muid ag caint agus ag canadh ar an mbus. Tar éis tamaill, shroich an bus Ardgillan. Bhuail muid múinteoirí. Bhí muid ag dreapadh suas balla. Bhí muid ag boghdóireacht agus ag millín péinte. Bhí muid ag sleamhnú ar an bhféar. Bhí muid ag siúl ar rópaí. Bhí muid ag imirt cluichí foirne. D’ith muid an lón ar a dó dhéag a chlog. Chuaigh muid abhaile ar a leathuair tar éis a dó. Bhí an-spórt againn.

Music with Miss Lora


This morning, we had a concert led by Miss Lora. There was a fifth class (us!), a fourth class (Ms McNicholas) and a third class (Mr Gorman/Ms McNamee). We all sang three songs each.

After we warmed up, we all sang “Hello to all the Children of the World.”

Third class sang “A Sailor Went to Sea”, “How Much is that Doggy in the Window?” and “Sing a Song”.

Fourth class sang “Catch a Falling Star”, “Do Your Ears Hang Low” and “Smile.”

Fifth class sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, “What a Wonderful World”, and “Walking on Sunshine.”

At the end  we all sang “Happy.”

We had a great time working with Miss Lora and we think that all the parents and Ms Walsh’s third class enjoyed the concert!



Music with Miss Lora

Miss Lora teaches us music every Friday. Every week, we sing songs and sometimes we learn new ones. At the moment, we are learning “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

This week, we sang “Doggy Doggy, Where’s Jerome” and passed around a small stuffed puppy. When the song got to “I took Jerome”, the person who had Jerome had to sing solo. Someone in the middle had their eyes closed and had to guess who sang it.

This week, we also played percussion instruments. We did this to practise keeping the pulse of the music steady.

We have great fun every week. Thank you, Miss Lora!

IMG_1499 IMG_1500 IMG_1501


A Visit from the Scéalaí


At ten o’clock, we went over to Ms Daly’s classroom and met a storyteller. She told great stories. One was called “An Gadaí” (The Thief) and the other was called “Bríd na Amhráin” (Bríd of the Songs). Those stories were written by Patrick Pearse.

Tháinig an scéalaí go dtí an scoil ar a deich a chlog inniu. D’inis sí scéalta dúinn. Scríobh Pádraig Mac Piarais na scéalta. Bhí na scéalta an suimiúil. Bhí an scéalta go hiontach.DSCF0677

The Rugby Blitz

The Rugby Blitz happened on 10/2/2016. Ms.Leonard’s and Ms.Gray’s Fifth Classes competed against each other. The classes utilized their amazing rugby skills that they acquired from recent rugby activity organized by our wonderful rugby trainers.

The teamwork of both teams was outstanding in all of the matches. The teams were very competitive and sportsmanlike. The matches were exciting, especially when the better players made daring maneuvers for their teams.

Some players had extraordinary skills compared to others, but everybody made good efforts in their teams. During the matches some accidents happened but no-one was hurt thankfully.

However, all of the players had some great fun while playing.

That's My Ball!Aggresive PlayBe Careful! Catch!Defensive PlayOops! Pass the Ball Running with the Ball Rush PlaySprinting for the Ball Starting Move Ta-Da! Tag! You're it! Team Talk

The Christmas Alphabet

A is for angel on top of the Christmas tree.

B is for baubles on the Christmas tree.

C is for children that play together each day.

D is for donkey that came to the stable.

E is for the elves up in the North Pole.

F is for family; family is fun.

G is for Gabriel, the angel that came down to Mary.

H is for holly that you hang up on the wall.

I is for indoor with your family.

J is for “Jingle Bells” that families sing.

K is for kings for the Three Kings.

L is for lights which we hang around the house.

M is for magic; Santa is magic!

N is for Nazareth where Jesus grew up.

O is for ornaments that we hang on the Christmas tree.

P is for Prancer, the name of Santa’s reindeer.

Q is for queues that are in shops everywhere.

R is for Rudolph that guides Santa’s sleigh.

S is for Santa, good old Santa!

T is for tree, our Christmas tree.

U is for unwrapping presents .

V is for Vixen, one of the reindeer.

W is for wisdom which Jesus has lots of.

X is for X-Mas, short for Christmas.

Y is for the Yule log we eat for dessert.

Z is for z z z z z as I snore through the night waiting for Santa!