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Active Week in my 3rd class

Active Week in St Molaga’s

On Monday, we did Dancing with Ms Ferguson
We did The Cha cha slide, Saturday night shake off and The Macarena.
Later on Monday I’m doing Basketball with Kelvin.
On Tuesday I’m doing the Obstacle Course.
On Wednesday I’m watching people doing the Gymnastics/ DANCE / SKILLS.

Michael. Third Class.

Children of the World

Third classes are a frenzy of wings, sunhats, drums, stars and candy canes this week as all the children and teachers sing their hearts out and prepare for next week’s performances of “Children of the World”.
Looking forward to seeing lots of parents and grandparents at our shows on
Tuesday (Ms Geraghty/Ms Brennock/Ms Kiely) and on Wednesday (Ms Carmody/Ms Sullivan/Ms Kiely).

New Books

Santa has arrived early to Fourth Classes. Following our very successful Book Fair before Halloween, we received lots of new shiny books this week. Each 4th class has added this selection to their existing class libraries. Happy Reading!
Thanks to all parents who supported the book fair and our school libraries. Ms Hegarty

Congratulations Senior Choir

Congratulations to the boys and girls of Senior Choir who won the Under 13’s competition at the Drogheda Youth Choral Competition on Friday 24th November. They sang ‘Ching a Ring Chaw’ and ‘Somewhere in my Memory’, taking home the trophy for the second year in a row.
That afternoon, they shared their music with the residents and staff at Sunhill Nursing Home in Termonfechin. The residents were delighted with their singing and even joined in with ‘The Foggy Dew’.
The choir are now looking forward to their carol singing in the Department of Children and Youth Affairs next Tuesday and at Millfield on Wednesday 20th December. The junior choir are also busy practising and hope to bring their Christmas tunes to local nursing homes in the coming weeks.

Speech and Language Information for Parents..

Next Wednesday 25th MAY, in Balbriggan library, there is a FREE information session for parents on Speech and Language Difficulties in young children (aged 5 – 12)
The talk is from 7pm to 8pm. To book your FREE place, parents can contact the library directly on 8704401.

Topics covered:
What is Speech and Language Therapy?
Typical development in young children.
Red Flags – Causes for Concern.
How to make a referral.


Choir Success at Feis Ceoil 2016

feis ceoilSt Molaga’s school choir took FIRST PRIZE at the Feis Ceoil in the RDS on Tuesday 8th March. The choir won the competition for Unison Junior choirs and gave fantastic performance of ‘The Tiger’ and ‘Pure Imagination’ from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The adjudicator Catherine Ennis (daughter of Seamus Ennis) praised the choir for their enthusiastic singing, impressive breath control, in tune singing and warm tone. Their score was 87/100 which was very high indeed. Teachers Jennifer Ferguson and Patricia Hegarty were very proud of their talented and hard-working singers. Everyone was delighted that all the hard work paid off. They received a beautiful silver trophy which will take pride of place in the school trophy cabinet for one year. The choir were accompanied on the piano by Noreen Gavin from Skerries.

Senior Choir News

The Drogheda Choir Competition
Yesterday 18/11/15 I went with the choir to the Barbican Theatre in Drogheda. I was with the senior choir. We were competing in 2 competitions. We left the school at 10.00am. We got there at around 10.30. We had to go to the dressing rooms to practise our songs. We practised for 15mins. We were 3rd up for singing. We sang Jim along Josie and Rule the World. We sang really well but unfortunately we didn’t win. We thought we came 2nd place. We sang in a secondary school competition just for the fun. We sang Wade in the Water and Say Something. We were really good but obviously we didn’t win. When we were done we went to the old folks home to sing some songs. We had a fun day.
Reuben, 5th class.

Choir highlights for 2014/2015

NURSING HOMES, December 2014.
We took a bus to get to the nursing homes. We all had to have a partner. My partner was Stan, a person from my class, my friend actually. We got there and a woman came to greet us at the front doors. She was very nice and brought us to where we were going to sing. All the people there were really lovely. They all enjoyed our carols. My favourite song was probably ‘Winter Wonderland’ – and we sang a lot of wonderful songs. Afterwards we all came back and it was almost home time….. so we packed up and went home!
Aidan, 4th class.

Pitch Perfect, March 2015.
In order to raise funds to get a new school yard, the St. Molaga’s junior and senior choirs had a concert in SS. Peter and Paul’s church Balbriggan along with Anima, an adult choir who came from Dublin to sing with us. Each choir sang songs separately and I got to play guitar alongside the St. Molaga’s junior choir for two of their songs. Then all three choirs went up on stage and sang three songs together. The next day anyone who sang got a night off homework and a packet of jellies kindly donated by Anima. One of the 6th classes wrote in to News2Day who came in and filmed us singing. The parish priest, Father Eugene sent a donation towards our new yard. Over the mid-term break we were able to get our new tarmac laid down.
Kevin , 4th class.

My trip to Balbriggan Educate Together, June 2015.
I was at Balbriggan Educate Together with the school choir and it was awesome. We sang several songs and we had a treat afterwards. I had Tayto crisps and 7 up as my treat.
Dawid, 4th class

Our Trip to Educate Together
Our choir went to sing for the new school Educate Together. We go every year. This year I went in Ms Costello’s car with my brother and Shauna. When we got there I thought their school was huge. It was a very fancy school. They had three choirs; the junior choir, the middle choir and the senior choir. The first song they sang was called ‘Counting Stars’ . I thought they were really good. Their senior choir sang with no words but with actions. When it was getting close to the end they sang with words. I thought that was ok. I saw a few people I know. There was one class who sang and a boy was rapping – I thought they were brilliant. My favourite song was ‘Counting Stars’.
When the singalong was finished we all got crisps and drinks. We got to socialise, talk and have fun. We had a brilliant time. Can’t wait for them to come to us next year!

Reuben, 4th class.

Baking with 5th and 6th class girls.

Last Thursday my two friends Sandra and Lauren and I made muffins with Ms. Hegarty. Nicole, Brenda and Ciara from sixth class helped us too. We made muffins in the staff room after big yard. We made the muffins because we had looked at the recipe.
We cleaned the table and the counter. We got all the ingredients we needed to make the choc chip banana muffins. Before we got started we preheated the oven to 210 degrees Celsius.
We took a bowl and put in all our dry ingredients. We sieved the flour into the bowl and added sugar and chocolate chips. We mixed it all up.
We melted margarine in a microwave-safe jug and we added vanilla essence, three eggs and milk to the jug. We mashed bananas in a bowl and added them to the jug as well.
After that:
We added our wet ingredients to our dry ingredients and stirred. We greased the flat tray and put our mixture in. We put our cases into the muffin tray. We spooned our mixture into the cases. Ms. Hegarty put them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes
At the end:
Ms Hegarty removed the muffins from the oven. We all took home 2 muffins .  TINA BO$$



St Molaga’s School Choirs will be joined by award-winning Chamber Choir ANIMA from Dublin on Sunday 8th March.
Together the choirs will perform a concert of choral music in Ss Peter and Paul’s Church Balbriggan at 7pm. The programme will have something for everyone with sacred and secular songs from around the world. This is a concert NOT to be missed!! All monies raised on the night will go towards upgrading St Molaga’s playgrounds. Tickets are €5 for adults and €3 for children.




Choir News for this year

St Molaga’s Junior Choir is made up of children from 3rd and 4th classes. Their teachers are Ruth Gray and Patricia Hegarty. This year they sang at Christmas concerts in school, in the church and also in Gormanstown Wood Nursing Home. They sang at our Confirmation ceremonies in March and at our Seachtain na Gaeilge concerts. At Balbriggan Summerfest they wowed the audience with ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘Siyahamba’ – a freedom song from South Africa. On the 5th June they enjoyed and party and sing song with the school choirs from Balbriggan Educate Together. Next week they will perform for the 2nd class children in Ss Peter and Paul’s School when they visit St Molaga’s.

St Molaga’s Senior Choir is made up of children from 5th and 6th classes. Their teachers are Mairead Kiely and Jennifer Ferguson. This year they were prize-winners at the Fingal Choral Festival in October and at the Drogheda Youth Choral Festival in November. They sang in the school, the church and in Millfield Shopping Centre at Christmastime. In March they sang at Confirmation ceremonies, Seachtain na Gaeilge concerts and also at the Feis Ceoil in the RDS, where they were placed 2nd in their competition. They were filmed by RTE and appeared in the TV show ‘Feis Ceoil by Numbers.’ At Balbriggan Summerfest they performed their greatest hits from this year: ‘Bessie the Black Cat’, ‘The Salley Gardens’ and ‘Macavity the Mystery Cat’. On the 5th June they enjoyed and party and sing song with the school choirs from Balbriggan Educate Together. We will soon say goodbye to our dedicated singers from 6th class. We will miss them next year and hope they join choirs or musical groups in their new secondary schools.



Last month Ms Hegarty’s class read CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and we watched both of the films. I personally think 2 is better. Why, I don’t know maybe because number 1 is quiet boring. The writer of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is the one and only Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl is a famous writer but he is mostly known for writing kids books such as CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, FANTASTIC MR FOX and my favourite THE B.F.G. Now let’s get back to the films I think I like number 2 best because it has the funny squirrels and the way Veruca Salt is a lot more mean. Also in number 2 it has the one and only Johnny Dept. The reason I like Johnny Dept is Willy Wonka is
because he is so funny.

Mona Lisa

Leonardo de Vinci was born on the 5th of April 1452. He died on the 2nd of May 1519.
He was born in Vinci which is near Florence. He came up with ideas for the helicopter and calculator. His most famous paintings are the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
We have made Mona Lisa’s and decorated them in lots of different ways.We used a collage, fabric, pastels, water colour pencils and high lighters.
It was fun making the Mona Lisas .We haven’t made pictures of The Last Supper and decorated them yet…but maybe another day!

By Adam

Check Out Our Mona Lisa's

Choir News


Hello my name is Yonas and I will tell you about the choir competition.
Today we were practising in my class for the choir competition.
At ten o’clock we went to the bus on the way to Drogheda Youth Choral Festival. When we got there we waited till it was our turn.
We sang two songs. They were called ‘Pure Imagination’ and ‘El Condor Pasa.’ We won the competition with two songs.We got 92 for Pure Imagination and 90 for El Condor Pasa. The average was 91 and that was our score. When we came back to school we shouted, “We won!” and told the principal Ms Costello.And my class got a homework pass because the class choir sang in front of our class. Yonas