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The 2018 St. Molaga’s Junior boys team

Congratulations to the 2018 St. Molaga’s Junior boys team. There were an amazing team who had a great year winning every match in the league and knockout phases to reach the final of the Fingal league.  Although narrowly beaten in the final they never gave up. Hopefully they’ll all be back next year fighting to get a place on what promises to be a great senior team.

It has been a pleasure to work with this team alongside Ms. Long. I’d like to thank Ms. Costello and all the other teachers and parents who have supported and helped out with the various boys and girls Gaelic teams.

Mr. Gorman 

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Still Running!

Even though it’s cold outside (even colder than our prefab) we still go out for a run twice a day almost every day. On Monday mornings we have P.E. but every other morning we go at approximately 10:10 and every afternoon at 2:15.  If it’s really cold or raining we wear our coats. If it’s lashing rain we stay inside and do a ‘bizzy’ break. That’s only  happened twice so far.

We have the choice to run a full lap or a half lap and we can go at whatever pace we like.  Mr. Gorman only runs a half lap but most of the class run a full lap.  Anyone who has been in every day and ran a full lap will have run approximately 50 km by Christmas.

The amazing thing is that it takes less than 5 minutes from the time we leave our desks until we’re back at work again. We know because we’ve timed it.

Yesterday it took us 4 minutes and 34 seconds from the time we lined up until we were all back in our desks at work.
This afternoon the astro was locked so we ran around the yard.

Here are some comments from our class. 

Laps clear my mind and after running I feel calm. Juwaria

Laps let me express my feelings and clear my mind but finally it is fun for me and the class. Senan

Sometimes when the astro is closed we do them around the yard but there still a lot more fun than doing work in class. Ellen

I like laps and I always beat Mr.Gorman. Mark

I like doing laps because it clears my mind and it is great fun to do laps. Sean

I like to do laps because it wakes me up and it’s really fun. Sam

I love doing laps because they are fun. Amy

I love laps because they help me get ready for the next subject. Caitlin.

I love laps because they keep me active. Tadhg

I like laps because you get a break from work. Daniel

I love laps. I am glad that we do laps. Hannah.

I love doing laps two times a day. Rhys.

Laps are so fun and they make you happy. Jack.

Laps are and cool but they are very tiring. Donal

I like the laps because it helps me get fit. Ava

I love laps because it gives me fresh air and helps me get fit. Cillian

I like laps because they’re fun to do. Sophia

I like laps because its fun. Niamh.

I love laps because its nice to get outside. Max

I like laps because I beat teacher all the time and it’s nice to have some fresh air. Austeja

I love laps because we get to go on the big astro and it gives you fresh air. Jake

Laps are for life because we get fresh air and it helps us to get fit and it’s great fun. Bartosz

Even when I don’t feel like going out I still do, because it give’s me and all the class energy and it helps us to concentrate.  Mr. Gorman


Running laps

We are a healthy and  active class. At least once once a day we go out to the All weather pitch (“the big astro”) for a run. The children choose whether to run a full lap which is approximately 440 metres or a half lap. In September the class ran a total of 489 laps.

1st (but it’s not a race!).
Full lap
Half lap

Can you Balance?

In order to balance when you are standing your centre of gravity should be over your feet. When you are standing and bend forwards your centre of gravity starts to move forward too. Normally, you’d compensate by sticking your bum out behind you.

In this experiment you stand with your back and heels against a wall/door. Drop a coin on the floor in front of you and try to pick it up without falling over.

With the wall/door there, this is impossible, so you fall over.

Limericks – Mr. Gorman’s 3rd class

There once was a girl called Jill,

Who went down the hill,

She got a big smack,

Then said quack,

Then she had a pill.

By Mia


There once was a girl called Sue,

Who had nothing at all to do,

She didn’t feel well,

Then she fell,

After all that she had to go to the loo.

By Rachel


There once was a boy called Fin,

He fell in a cold bin,

He found a sack,

And it was black,

He wanted to get out but he fell on a pin.

By Oliver


Once there was a boy called Jack,

And he was so good at hacks,

He found a well

Then he fell,

And his mam gave him a whack.

By Adam


There once was a fat little cat,

Who wanted to be called Pat,

But he was called Bob,

And had a good job,

To catch every single rat.

By Conor.


There once was a lonely goat,

Who had a really BIG boat,

He sailed on the sea,

And drank some tea,

But it turned out his boat couldn’t float.

By Cara.


There once was a boy named Jake,

Who got bitten by a big snake,

He went to bed,

Then hurt his head,

Then he saw a nice lake.

By Ewan.


There once was a girl called Bell,

Who had horrible nasty smell,

She fell on a log,

And turned into a frog,

And that`s all I could tell.

By Natalia


There once was a boy called Jack,

Who had sweets in a pack,

He got really fat,

He looked like a cat,

And he never turned back.

by Robert


There once was a girl called Jill

She had a very big bill,

She sat on a tree,

And hurt her kne,e

Poor little old Jill and the bill.

by Caitlin


There once was a boy called Bill,

He told his mother he was ill,

His mother laughed,

Bill said stop being daft,

So his mother stopped and gave him a pill.

by Holly


There once was a boy called Phil,

Who had to pay the bill,

All the time,

And fell into slime,

And he had a friend called Jill.

By Craig


Once there was a boy called Bill,

Who always had a pet called Jill,

It was a dog,

Acting like a hog,

It always had to take a pill

by Sam


Once there was a dog called Bob,

Who had a full time job,

To scratch the fleas,

Off his knees,

His favourite food was corn on the cob.

by Noah, Ryan and Luke














By Aidan


There once was a pup,

Who fell into muck,

He had no time,

And fell into lime,

So then he had no luck.

By Julia


There was a young girl called Jill ,

And she lived On a hill ,

And she got a smack ,

After she had a big mac ,

Finally  she went back to the hill .

By Jessica


There once was a girl called Jill,

Who had a very big pill,

She stubbed her toe,

And said ho ho,

And then she went up the hill.

By Hannah


There once was a girl called Jill,

She had to pay a really big bill,

She fell into a sack,

And then she got a big mac,

And then she finAlly found the till.

By Lexie


There once was a boy named Jack,

Who always said the word quack,

He had no nose,

But still dId a pose,

And then he made friends with a boy named Mac.

By Jas, Calum and Leon