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Limericks – Mr. Gorman’s 3rd class

There once was a girl called Jill,

Who went down the hill,

She got a big smack,

Then said quack,

Then she had a pill.

By Mia


There once was a girl called Sue,

Who had nothing at all to do,

She didn’t feel well,

Then she fell,

After all that she had to go to the loo.

By Rachel


There once was a boy called Fin,

He fell in a cold bin,

He found a sack,

And it was black,

He wanted to get out but he fell on a pin.

By Oliver


Once there was a boy called Jack,

And he was so good at hacks,

He found a well

Then he fell,

And his mam gave him a whack.

By Adam


There once was a fat little cat,

Who wanted to be called Pat,

But he was called Bob,

And had a good job,

To catch every single rat.

By Conor.


There once was a lonely goat,

Who had a really BIG boat,

He sailed on the sea,

And drank some tea,

But it turned out his boat couldn’t float.

By Cara.


There once was a boy named Jake,

Who got bitten by a big snake,

He went to bed,

Then hurt his head,

Then he saw a nice lake.

By Ewan.


There once was a girl called Bell,

Who had horrible nasty smell,

She fell on a log,

And turned into a frog,

And that`s all I could tell.

By Natalia


There once was a boy called Jack,

Who had sweets in a pack,

He got really fat,

He looked like a cat,

And he never turned back.

by Robert


There once was a girl called Jill

She had a very big bill,

She sat on a tree,

And hurt her kne,e

Poor little old Jill and the bill.

by Caitlin


There once was a boy called Bill,

He told his mother he was ill,

His mother laughed,

Bill said stop being daft,

So his mother stopped and gave him a pill.

by Holly


There once was a boy called Phil,

Who had to pay the bill,

All the time,

And fell into slime,

And he had a friend called Jill.

By Craig


Once there was a boy called Bill,

Who always had a pet called Jill,

It was a dog,

Acting like a hog,

It always had to take a pill

by Sam


Once there was a dog called Bob,

Who had a full time job,

To scratch the fleas,

Off his knees,

His favourite food was corn on the cob.

by Noah, Ryan and Luke














By Aidan


There once was a pup,

Who fell into muck,

He had no time,

And fell into lime,

So then he had no luck.

By Julia


There was a young girl called Jill ,

And she lived On a hill ,

And she got a smack ,

After she had a big mac ,

Finally  she went back to the hill .

By Jessica


There once was a girl called Jill,

Who had a very big pill,

She stubbed her toe,

And said ho ho,

And then she went up the hill.

By Hannah


There once was a girl called Jill,

She had to pay a really big bill,

She fell into a sack,

And then she got a big mac,

And then she finAlly found the till.

By Lexie


There once was a boy named Jack,

Who always said the word quack,

He had no nose,

But still dId a pose,

And then he made friends with a boy named Mac.

By Jas, Calum and Leon






Our Easter Holidays

I was in the parade with my football team. I got a lot of Easter eggs from the Easter bunny .I had the best Easter ever .     Aaron

I was in the parade with my football team. Then I got an Easter egg. Then I went to my cousins house. I had a great Easter.   Kevin

I spent   the   day in my  cousins house.    And i got a new baby  cousin   and came  home. I had a great Easter.  Lucy

On my holidays, I went to my neighbours house. When I got there, my neighbour shared lots and lots of chocolate.  Angel.

I walked in the St Patricks day parade for Glebe North. I went to the GPO and Collins Barracks. I got lots of Easter eggs. Adam D.

My Easter was awesome! My mom bought me a whole WATER COLOR SET! Its compete with finliners, water colours and water colour paper. And on Easter Sunday morning my mom hid 10 yummy crème eggs. I had great fun! Rita

At  Easter I got loads of Easter eggs and a big chocolate bunny. My Mammy bought me a big box of malteasers and every Saturday I went to my Grannys. I went to a pub and it was very nice. #so nice! AdamS

I was in the St. Patrick’s day parade with my football club. I also went to Kilmainham gaol. I also played fifa all day. I also ate all of my easter eggs.       Robert

I went to a fun fair, aquarium and Ellie-may’s. I got a Lint Easter egg. By Bethan

I was in the St. Patrick’s day parade with my beaver group. I went to Limerick to visit my cousins. Bethan came over to my house. I had the best Easter ever!!!  Ellie-May

On st Patricks day i marched with O’Dwyers gaa club. When we arrived at the club house we played a little match. It was really fun. Then the next day i went out and played with my friends and then stayed up really late. Then on that Friday in went to my nanas for a sleepover with my cousins and it was really fun. On Easter Sunday i went down stairs and there was an easter egg hunt on then after that i had a bit of my Easter eggs they were nice.  It was hard because for lent i gave up chocolate, sweets, crisps, biscuits, fizzy drinks and juice. Then for the rest of the holidays i went outside to play with my friends.   Callum J

In March I got a youtube  chanel  I can’t remember the name but my youtube  name is survival dimond. I went to the parade . I liked it a lot. # I waited so long for it. I went to sleepover at my friends aka cousins house. By Krzysztof

My Easter  was great. I went to Amber Springs  Hotel In Wexford it was really fun.I went swimming and went to the kids club it was brilliant.And I got millionssssss of easter eggs.I went to Donegal and went to a restauraunt called red pepper and had lots and lots and lots of fun.OH I forgot to tell you the best part of all parts so we watched the movie Paddington and goosebumps, malifecent, inside out, molly moon and the incredible book of hypnosis. By Jamie

My Easter Holidays .I got to walk my dog all day on my skates with my mum. I got a new game called SNIPER ELITE. I  ate all my chocolate. Killian.

My Easter holidays was super mega awesome I tried a doghnut for the first time .I went to a massive parade in town. It was so cool.  JACK

My Easter Holidays was EPIC I went to my dads house for Easter last week I got four Easter eggs I only ate one I went to Play Zone two days ago to have fun before school I had the best Easter ever. JORDAN.

I went to the GPO and an Army base.I went to my nannys house for Easter I had so much fun.I got so much  Easter eggs. Abigail

My Easter was great I got 14 Easter eggs .I had fun I went to my nannys and had fun. I got sick a few times but I was ok. My little costing turned 1 and I went to his party.    Callum T


My Easter  holidays were great I went on my skateboard with my friend Aaron. The next day I went on my bike and called for my friends. I called for Aaron so we could go on my bike but he was not allowed because it was starting to rain and it would be to slippy. The next day my Dad ran over my wheel and popped it!!!!!!!!!#Ryan


My Easter holidays was a very fun I went to Dingal to see Fungy and we stayed in a five star hotel and we got breakfast in bed and dinner at night. And then after three days we came home and we waited for Easter Sunday to come and then the day finally came and when I woke up I found seven Easter eggs beside the fire place and then I went of for dinner in a place called the harvest came home and went to the cinema and then I went to bed I really enjoyed my Easter holidays.  Ellie

I completed a challenge and won a big  yummy basket with lots and lots of chocolate inside it . So I made a party with my cousins. I had lots and lots of fun at st. Patricks parade with all my friends and after the parade we had  yummy food to eat and I got addicted so much LOL!!!!!! By Naomi

I went Bowling with my Mam, Dad, brother, and sister. I   nearly won but then my Dad beat me by one point . Then we all went to a café called Relish . I had a lovely Easter and got loads of Easter eggs.       By Ruth

On my Easter Holliday I altar served on the Saturday night at 9pm till 10.30pm before Easter Sunday. On Easter morning I had to wait till 9am to get up and get Easter eggs. I went to play a hurling match but I pulled a muscle in my leg before the match but I played on # and that is how I got my man of the match trophy# Seán

On my Easter Hollidays I went to Derravaragh in Mullingar with my cousin Fin for 3 nights. When I got home it was Easter I  got a Oreo Easter egg and loads more. Last Saturday I played  a Soccer match and won 9-2.  Adam M

This Easter I went to Tayto park, I went on the  roller coaster with my big sister, I went on the zip line and the eagle sky. I went to see my nanny and granny in the country .  I got 6 Easter eggs .    Ana

For Easter I got loads off eggs. On Sunday I went to my nanas for dinner. And we went to look for a new car. On Monday my mammy got the ca.r When I got home it was in the driveway.   Shane