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We have been learning about money. Ms FergusonĀ  has given us a a task to find presents suitable for children . We must find out how much we need to spend on each child! Callum and Jamie found a present for a three year old for E 379.99- We think this is a little over budget!


The Blackbirds nest


We learnt about a nest in school yesterday. There was a cracked egg inside.We learned about the life cycle of birds.Ms Ferguson showed us pictures of birds and when they grow up. There was blackstuff in the nest that looked like shells. We reckoned it was a blackbird by the eggs. The bird was very clever by using mud to stick it together and used leaves as bedcover.Their eggs are a light aqua colour.The sticks were tucked in very well . It shows that blackbirds are very clever . ButĀ  sometimes they are very cruel to their speicies .The male bird doesn’t help build the nest at all ,the female does all the work.Sometimes the dad kicks the baby birds out of their nest . It can also take ages to crack open the egg. We watched a video where a egg hatched at x30 the speed. They also have a tooth to crack open the egg.It was great fun !!!! and NEVER go near or disturb a nest!!!!!!!Thank you BY Lucy Andrews

Hayley’s snake come to visit!

On Friday, Hayley’s Dad came in to visit our class and he brought their two pet snakes! It was brilliant, Hayley’s Dad told us lots of facts about the two snakes. Destiny is a Dumeril Boa and Cody is a corn snake. All week we have been learning about unusual pets and these were certainly unusual!

Thanks a lot to Hayley’s Dad for bringing them in, we had a brilliant afternoon…although Ms Ferguson looked very scared!snake 1 snake 2 snake 3 snake 4 snake 5 snake 6 snake 7