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Poetry from Ms Mc Mahons 5th Class

The Sun

The sun is like a ball of fire
Frozen in the sky

The sun is like yellow paint
Spilt by a passer by

The sun is like a glowing ball
Whizzing out of sight

The sun is like a lightbulb
That God turns off at night

Shauna and Brenda ( 5th Class Ms Mc Mahon)

The Stars

Stars are like diamonds
So precious to hold

Stars are like sparkling
Specks of something gold

Stars are like little people
dancing around the night sky

Stars are like immortal dreams
They will never die

By Sophie (5th Class Ms Mc Mahon )

The Stars

Stars are like glittering sparkles
That light up the midnight sky

Children stand outside and watch
The shining stars fly by

Stars are like lights
shining above the earth

Stars are like bright sparks
burning in the cosy hearth

By Eneasa, Caitlin, Carla, Kate, Mark and Chinedu(Ms. Mc Mahon 5th Class)

The Sun

The Sun is like bright
Colours burning in the sky

The Sun is like a giant
Firing Flame floating by

The Sun is like a cluster
Of stars drifting through the air

The Sun is like a glowing
Globe that twinkles through the ‘speir’

By Amber Saoirse and Raymond ( 5th Class Ms Mc Mahon)

The Stars

The stars are like little angels
Dancing in the sky

Around the planet of earth
While they sing a lullaby

The stars are like shining diamonds
That guide us on our way

To the heavenly angel
That makes us play and pray


The Sun

The sun is like a volcano
That keeps the world alive

The sun is like a radiator
That always flies by

The sun is like a diamond
That follows the sky

By Keith Denis and Luigi

The Stars

The stars are shining brightly
Like diamonds in the sky

The stars are like children playing
While the sun is passing by

The stars are like droplets
Falling from the sky

The stars are like glitter
That has been put there in the sky

Victoria, Aaron and Ronan ( Ms Mc Mahons 5th Class )

The Stars

The stars are like stairs that climb
Gently up to the moon

The stars are like light bulbs
That will be turning off soon

Ellie, Avril, Dearden, Jake and Joshua ( Ms Mc Mahons 5th Class )

Engineering Lego Workshop






On Weds 27th February we went to the library to an engineering workshop. This week is Engineering Week. Ross Maguire spoke about engineering all around us. He put us into groups of 5 and gave us a task of making ‘Lego’ car launchers. There were two parts to build. One was the car and the other was the launcher. We followed the instructions and built our launchers. It was fun to do. These are our photos.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Today we learnt about Fairtrade.  We learnt about how it helps ‘Third World Countries’.

Fairtrade is when farmers get a fair amount of money for the produce they farm.

Examples of food that can be purchased under the Fairtrade Mark are; bananas, sugar

coffee beans, cocoa, nut,s tea and chocolate.

6th Class -Our Class Projects


Our class were given a project brief to plan a trip to a country of our choice. We worked in groups and had to book flights, choose restaurants and accommodation, plan an itinerary and find transport. We had to plan a trip of six days duration on a budget of 800 euro per person ( excluding flights ! ). This project was fun, we really enjoyed it and it made us feel really like adults!!!

We took a cruise from New York to Miami !
New York New York - so good they named it twice !
We had a ball in Hawaii
We thought Horse Riding in Sweden was really cool and we had lots of money left over !!


We went to see Ground Zero when we were in New York