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Visit from Peter Gunning- Author of Reaching the Heights

Last Wednesday, Peter Gunning visited the school to speak to the 6th class students. Peter is the author of the novel Reaching the Heights, a novel which all of the 6th classes have enjoyed reading this year. Peter Gunning spoke to the children about the writing process, the inspiration for his characters and his thoughts about Reaching the Heights and the other novels he has written (including Stanley!).

Peter also read an extract from the book and used a wonderful Cork accent to add to his dramatic reading! The children asked some very insightful questions and really enjoyed the visit. Thanks to Ms. Murphy for contact Peter to organise the talk.


RNLI Visit

On Monday 25th of May, two volunteers from the RNLI station in Howth came to talk to the 5th classes about water safety.

Two people from the RNLI came to our school. RNLI stands for Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The RNLI save people if they are having trouble at sea. They showed us some videos of people being saved. There was a competition of who can dress in their gear the fastest. They also taught us to be safe at sea. We learnt a lot and it was fun!
By Laura

2 women came and told us about the RNLI they told us about their work. They work for free, they are volunteers. They told us about some flags the white and black flags are for surfers the red and yellow flags are for people to stay between and the red flag is danger. They told us about the boats the big one is called All Weather one and the small one is called The Inshore Lifeboat. We have to be safe around water because it can be very dangerous when you’re alone and always have to wear a hat, get an umbrella and wear suncream slip, slap, slop be safe.

By Timmy


The RNLI women were called Irene and Bev. They told us the flags on the beach where people can swim and where people can’t. Irene and Bev showed us the boats they use .One was the all-weather boat which is very big and there was another boat that was very small. They said they have 8 minutes before they go out on the boat to rescue someone. We had a race who could get changed first in 8 minutes. At the end we got a RNLI book and a wrist band.

By Josh

Race to get dressed!