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Getting to Grips with Shapes

Ms. Mullen’s fourth class have been learning about 3D shapes in Maths. They identified numerous shapes in their environment, played shape identification and describing games, and investigated various prisms and pyramids. At the end of the week, they put their knowledge to good use in constructing 3D shapes from nets, and using blue tac and toothpicks. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Action Stations!

Science in action!
Fourth Class have been learning about the respiration system over the last fortnight. Working in pairs, they investigated breathing rate and how it may be affected by relaxation and exercise. First, they measured their partner’s resting breathing rate. Then, they measured their breathing rate after a few minutes of meditation.
Finally, they measured each other’s breathing rate after running for several minutes. The results were quite surprising! Here are some photos of our scientists in action!
Green Schools Scooter Training
The fourth class pupils all enjoyed their Green Schools Scooter Training, which took place in school last Thursday. The weather was beautiful so we ended the day with a game of soccer on the astro pitch.

Debate Meet

The children in Ms Mullen’s fourth class spent weeks learning about persuasive writing in March. They practiced their skills in oral and written debates in class. The highlight was a debate meet with Balrothery N.S, which took place on the afternoon of Wed. 21st March.

The standard from both schools was very high and the audience was treated to two fantastic and lively debates. Here is a picture of all members of the debate teams from both schools. Well done everyone!

Our Busy First Term

Our class were very busy during the first term of school this year. In September and October, Ms. Hegarty came into our class and taught lessons on samba drumming. We learned various call and response tunes and we tried them out with all sorts of instruments. We finished it all off with a Samba Drumming workshop during Arts week. Here are some pictures of us practicing…

Our class did a lot of work on procedural writing during October and November. We put that knowledge to good use in our lessons on conceptual art. Each pupil wrote detailed instructions on how to create their artwork. Then a different pupil in the class had to follow the steps and try to create it. This was a lot more difficult than it seems! Sometimes the art turned out just as the artist wanted it to. Sometimes it looked a bit different, but it all looked beautiful! Below are pictures of some of our artworks and the artists who created them.
Of course, procedural writing also came in very handy when we made pizza and soda bread! Yummy!
In December, we learned all about the Neolithic (Stone Age) people, the Winter Solstice, and Newgrange. We even went on a class trip to Newgrange. The Visitor Centre was very interesting, but the highlight was going into the 5,000 year old structure itself just one week before the Winter Solstice and our Christmas holidays.
We worked really hard during the first term and, after our Christmas break, we’re ready to begin again! Bring it on!