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Active Week

Hop, skip, jump and play… Let’s be active every day!!

Basketball, football, rounders, obstacle courses, orienteering, tennis, dodgeball, racing and even………. SKIING !! Yes you read that right, we even tried “grass skiing” in school during active week. It is a lot harder than it looks; trying to work with a friend to move our sleds in sync with one another to get from one area of the grass to the next. Some of us came up with great strategies to move in sync… There was a lot of “1,2,3 LEFT….. 1,2,3 RIGHT” to be heard amongst us all in the sunshine during active week 🙂

We really enjoyed all the activities and playing against our friends from the other 3rd classes as well. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. No excuses to not be out and getting our 60 minutes daily exercise in!!

Have a look at what we have been up to over the last week in school.


Creating Calendars – Maths Fun

This week we have been learning all about the importance of knowing dates, months, seasons and time. We have been studying timetables, diaries and TV schedules.

Today, we worked with a friend to make our own June 2018 calendars and wrote special occasions into the correct dates. We wrote in Active Week, School Tour, Cispheile, Astro, Soccer Blitz, Molaga’s Got Talent…. It’s no wonder June is our favourite month of the year! 🙂 We then came up with questions of our own based on our calendars and quizzed our peers in our class. It was great fun!

School Tour

9am and off we went on the bus to Gormanston for our end of the year school tour. We had a great day taking part in lots of activities. We did rock climbing, ipad orienteering, went on bouncy castles, wrecking ball castles and Xorbing. Ms Geraghty and Ms Long even gave the Xorbing a go!

The sun was out all day and we were absolutely exhausted after a fantastic day out. It was a great start to a sunny weekend!

Active Transitions!

We work hard we dance hard! We love to show off our dance moves in between some of our lessons in school. Sometimes, we work so well that we to shake our body parts to refuel us during the day. It really helps us get energized for the next lesson and it’s great fun too. We dance to Irish songs and popular songs. We also say poems we have learned with actions we made up too. Who said learning was all about sitting still?!


Fanstastic Gymnastics!


Tumbles, bends, turns and twists… You name it, we can do it! We have been practising some of our best gymnastic moves this month! We have practised sequences and lots of balancing over the last 4 weeks and we get more and more confident each week. Have a look at some of the stations we worked on! It was great fun! You never know… Some day you might see us at the Olympics!

Christmas Play

Well done to everyone who took part in our “Children of the World” Christmas play today. The children had been practicing singing and performing songs for weeks and learned their lines excellently! What a brilliant play, you should all be very proud of yourselves! Thanks to all the parents for coming to see us perform. Almost set for the Christmas break!

Happy Halloween!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all the spooky souls in Ms Geraghty’s 3rd class! If anybody has any left over sweets after Halloween, we will be collecting donations on Monday and Tuesday for charity. Remember to have a safe and happy midterm, we will see you all on Monday, November 6th.

GAA Blitz

All four 3rd classes have been partaking in GAA lessons with Larissa each week this term. Today, some children had the opportunity to represent their school in a local GAA blitz!

Well done to all who took part!  St. Molaga’s 3rd class students played brilliantly against 3rd class children from local schools.

It was great to see such good sportsmanship from all! Maith sibh!

If any parents are interested in sending their children for additional GAA coaching, O’Dwyers GAA club are always looking for new members!

Here are some pictures of our day!


Arts Week – Art Exhibition

All the classes in St. Molaga’s SNS worked extremely hard on making artwork based on different artists. Our work was displayed altogether in our very own art “museum” – our school hall! Today, we had the chance to look at and discuss some of the brilliant artwork created by all the classes from 3rd to 6th.

Ms Geraghty’s class studied the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky – a Russian abstract artist from the 20th century. We hope everyone enjoyed the day and liked our abstract art!

We really enjoyed looking at everyone’s artwork. St. Molaga’s has a lot of very talented artists!!

Our School’s History – Stations!

Old roll books, copies from the 1960s, old photographs, primary school certificates, tape recorders and powder paint…. These are just some of the artefacts we had the opportunity to examine during our history stations!

We read about a boy called John who attended our school in the 1960s who dreamed of becoming a pilot, we wonder did his dreams come true! We also learned the history of our school and all about St. Molaga – The Man of the Bees!

Have a look at historians at work!    

Library Visit

A great day was had by all today as we ventured down to Balbriggan library. We had the opportunity to hunt for books using the dewey decimal system and discover lots of fiction and non-fiction books. We learned that up to TWELVE books at a time can be taken out for free at the library for 3 weeks. We learned how to become members of the library and got forms to sign up. Some children who are already members of Balbriggan library even got the chance to pick some new books to take home today! We can’t wait to get home to read!


Up the Dubs!!

Today was jersey day in aid of GOAL charity. We wore our jerseys in to school to support the Dublin Vs Mayo team. Here are some of our Dublin supporters in their jerseys! Go raibh maith agaibh, we raised a lot of money for the charity and we all had fun!

Best of luck to the Dublin team this weekend in the All Ireland Final!


Probability and Chance

How likely are you to win the Lotto? Although we would LOVE to say it is a definite chance, we all know that it is very unlikely. Possible – but unlikely!!

This week we were learning about the probability of certain outcomes. For example: What is the chance of rolling an odd/even number on a dice? That’s right, there is an equal chance!

We played lots of probability games like spinning a spinner and landing on different animals, flipping coins, choosing different coloured marbles out of a mystery bag. It was great fun!

Have a look at some of our photos!