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Pat Browne Rugby Cup

6th Class boys and girls took part in the qualifying round of the Pat Browne cup (a tag rugby competition) in Balbriggan Rugby Club on Friday 4th May 2018. They played matches against other schools in the area. The team, captained by Shannon, put on a number of excellent performances to book the school a place in the final which will take place some evening in the next few weeks – date to be decided. All participants were awarded medals at the end of the day and St Molaga’s team were jubilant to get to the finals and to be given the chance to keep the Pat Browne Cup in our trophy cabinet for the coming year! Congratulations in particular to Charlie on his first time to wear the St Molaga’s jersey and represent his school in a sporting event! Well done to all the children for their excellent sportsmanship in congratulating all participating teams, and especially St. Georges who gave us a real run for our money in the final match! We are looking forward to the final in the coming weeks.

Check out these short video clips of the action on the day:



Sporting Success and Fun

We have had great sporting success and fun in St Molaga’s school this term, from our terrific junior boys’ success in Parnell Park last week to enjoyable and successful outings such as the recent 5th/6th class Football blitz, yesterday’s most enjoyable 3rd/4th class Hurling blitz and of course the great success of  our 5th/6th class rugby team beating other schools in the area to win the Pat Browne perpetual trophy for Rugby earlier this term. Great credit is also due to our senior boys gaelic team and the girls gaelic team who played so well and showed such wonderful team spirit in their league matches as well as the Athletics team who distinguished themselves by their excellent performances  in Santry.

Comhghairdeas libh go léir!

Many classes have participated in Sports with external trainers this year; in GAA, thanks to Barry who does wonderful work year on year with the children in our school, in soccer, which was a great hit with the 6th and the 4th classes, and in rugby, where Paul did a great job with all class levels as well as having an inter-class blitz with the 4th classes. Cycling was a most beneficial and enjoyable addition to the P.E timetable for 6th class earlier in the year and the Sports Conditioning programme was of huge benefit to our third classes this term also. Many thanks to all the trainers who have shared their expertise with our class teachers this year.


Sports days have of course started too, with 4th classes having a great day last week. 5th and 6th classes are raring to go tomorrow and 3rd classesare looking forward to their day (hopefully in the sun!) next week.

Many children have been involved this week in a most enjoyable in-school soccer blitz organised by Ms Walsh. Children from 3rd and 4th classes played against each other and likewise, children from 5th and 6th classes. to declare a winning team at each level. There will be great excitement tomorrow when the winning 5th/6th class team plays a team of teachers as part of the 5th/6th class sports day!

Please God we will have some good weather this summer and children from St Molaga’s will be outside as much as possible playing sports with friends from school and the wider community and practicing all the skills they have been working on this year!

Bainigí taitneamh as!

3rd/4th class hurling team at their blitz in O’Dwyers.


5th/6th class rugby team with the Pat Browne perpetual trophy
5th/6th class rugby team with the Pat Browne perpetual trophy


Captain of the 5th/6th rugby team being presented with the trophy.
Captain of the 5th/6th rugby team being presented with the trophy.

Seachtain na Gaeilge Events and Winners

IMG_0390 (1)We

We have had a great Seachtain na Gaeilge in St Molaga’s! Over the last couple of weeks we have done many activities in class such as Irish dancing, listening to traditional Irish music and taking part in different activities though Irish such as quizzes. Some classes have been on a visit to the Gaelscoil and had an amazing day and other classes will be hosting visiting classes from the Gaelscoil next week and after Easter to participate in activities together through Irish.

The above photo shows the winners of our writing competition (Comórtas Scríbhneoireachta Sheachtain na Gaeilge). Their terrific poems and stories will be on display in the hall over the next few weeks. Well done to all children who participated and Comhghairdeas Mór to all our buaiteoirí!

Ms de Faoite


Ms de Faoite’s 3rd class end of year accounts

Alex and Cian’s 3rd class story

Last week we went to the beach. We found lot of rocks and shells. It was a lovely sunny day. We went back to school. We put the shells on our table.

We went swimming in Gormanstown . Ikechukwu lost his boxers!

We are going to the bog in a few days.  Next week is the last week of school.    “

St Molaga’s is the best!



1 Month left!!




There is only a week and a half left in school and we are all happy about that. We did loads of stuff and like Gaelic andRugbyand Hurling and Swimming we even went to the beach.

When we went to the beach and teacher gave us a sheet to do and it had questions like what do you smell? It was still cool even though we mostly did work.


We also learned more than we did at the start of September like more Irish and maths. We needed to know lots of stuff for our Drumcondra tests in English and Maths. Teacher said we all did very well in our tests!


It has been lots of fun with Ms de Faoite and all of the people that have helped us with our reading, writing and maths. We are also very sad that we will be leaving L but will be going to a new class with a new teacher and that is a good thingJ
We will also be going on our school tour on 26th of June. We do not know all the information about it but we know that it is going to be epicJ!!!! W are going to a bog it is called the causey experience. It is near Kells and we are going with three other third classes we might even be going in a double decker bus!

It will be so much fun! We would love to go! We don’t know what we are going to see but it sounds interesting! We are sure we are going to have fun! It is so fun we still have some more weeks but I don’t think they can get more exiting we are so bored waiting for all these think that are happening. We are also    having our sports day some time next week .We love it here!


Well that sums up our highlights for this year 3RD class,

Love Atseosi&WhitneyJ!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                             BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!!

This is Serena and Tara. We are now nearly finished 3rd class. We did our Drumcondra tests last week and our teacher said that we did really well. She gave us a week off homework as a reward!! It was great because it was really sunny weather and we played outside. I went on my friend’s trampoline (Serena) and Tara played outside. We can’t wait in till our summer holidays and school tour. We are going to the Causey Farm as our school tour, there’s bog in the Causey Farm!!! Tara and I are excited about sports day. Our sports day was supposed to be today but we might be having our sports day next week!!!YIPPEE!!!!! . We are so sad that we are leaving Miss de Faoite. She is the most best and nicest teacher in the whole wide world. We are also enjoying the lovely sun. BYE BYE third class.



3rd class is nearly over


We went to the beach and Curt found a crab leg. A ball got run over in front of the school.

We found  dead crab on the beach. Then someone  threw it in to the water We are going on a school tour. We are meeting our new teacher

an Wednesday the 17 of June.we hope it is Mr.Brown

we are veeeeeeeeeeery excited. We are going into 4th classs. We feel very grown up. We learned how to multiply and divide! We love st.molagas. We are really excited about 4th class.

by Travis and Curt.



                         end of 3rd class   LLL


Unfortunately we have to leave and go into 4TH class! We did lots of exciting things during this school term such as swimming lessons where we learned how to float on our back. We also did rugby and Gaelic and hurling. Last week we went to the beach and we collected lots of shells and crab legs and seaweed and stones. Our teacher says we are going to the Causey Farm. I can’t wait to jump into the bog and get stuck in it. Our teacher said we might meet our new teacher this week on Wednesday. I’ve had a nice time in 3RD class. I can’t wait to go into 4TH class. My teacher told us about St.Molaga’s  25TH anniversary and we should all draw something to put into the mosaic. There’s an artist coming in to make to the mosaic for our school. I’ve been in lots of things since the start of 3RD class like the choir, the school newspaper and that’s about it! Oh, by the way that was Kimberley talkingJ.

Hi it’s Sheila and I’m going to do Swimming lessons for my summer holiday’s and my cousin’s from England are coming overJ . Hi Kimberley here again. For my summer holidays I’m going to Trabolgan for my birthday with my friends Natasha and Chantal. It’s going to be so much funJ.

That’s all we have for now by and peace out!!!J J J J J J J J J

By Sheila and Kimberley.



Third class was a good year for us.  We learnt lots of new things like multiplication and division in Maths. We learnt a lot of Irish. We liked having the computers as we didn’t have that in 2nd class. We like our new principal and Ms de Faoite.

We went to the beach on a trip a few weeks ago and we collected shells. At the beach Travis dug a hole near the sea and found lots of water in the end of it.

Next week we are going on our school tour to the Causey Experience up in County Meath and we will be doing our sports day next week. We are looking forward to our school tour!

We can’t wait to meet our new teacher on Wednesday!



Jenna and Zoe’s fun year in 3rd class


We have  had a great year in 3rd class. We went to the library at the start of October and we got books. We learnt loads of maths and Irish.


We went to the beach last week and collected shells and crabs and Alex B found egg case of a whelk. Ikechukwu found a limpet and it’s alive!

On the 26th of June we are going on our school tour to the bog (Causey Experience near Kells in Co. Meath) and we are very excited.

We have done gaelic, rugby and hurling this year. Every month we go on the pitch and play football.

We went swimming at the start of this year. We had a great time at swimming and learnt a lot of stuff there. Zoe was in the 1st group and Jenna was in the 2nd group.

We did paired reading with 6th class Ms. Brennock s and we read a few books.

We are getting a new teacher on Wednesday. Zoe wants Mr. Brown and Jenna wants Ms Brennock.                                                                                                            Zoe’s sister Shauna is coming to St.molaga and she  will be in 3rd class and she is getting Ms. Daly.



3rd class is nearly over

We did lots of work and the teacher is so proud of us! We have no homework for a week. We are going on a school tour and we went to the library too. We have the best teacher ever! We did a test and Shannon (the transition year student who came to help this year) gave us sweets. We did P.E and Gaelic football and hurling. We did a lot of math and math’s challenge 3 and we did history.  We made our egg cups from clay at Easter time and we painted it and made water cress seeds grow in it.

We have a week and a half left in school. We went to the beach. We had so much fun. We did English and we did Am don Leamh and we did a Maths test and a English test.  It was so hard! We watched a video of the Irish legends and we had SO MUCH FUN!! Next year we are going  to 4th class. We did art and we did Father’s day cards.

Next week we are doing sport day and our school tour…

Bye for now,

Kira and Adedayo



Lakshik and Paul’s school account

        We played hurling in the hall and rugby and football outside. We went to the beach. It was a sunny day. We found lots of shells.

We did lots of homework in the past eight months. Last week we had a week off homework because we did great in our Drumcondra tests! It was fun getting no homework for a week. We are going to have are sports day next week. We are going to meet our new teacher tomorrow

We have 8 more days till we are off school and on our summer holidays. When we have finished this story teacher is going to put it in our school blog.

We are going to the causey farm next month. You jump into muck in the causey farm! Ireland are out of  the European Championships! We  are so excited to meet our new teacher!


Liz and Lee:

Last week we did art. I give st.Molagas 100/100 and St. Peter and Paul’s 30/100. Teacher is so nice. Her name is Ms. de Faoite. We don’t know all of the teachers yet. In this school you are allowed to bring in sweets on Friday and you can bring in chocolate spread anytime. I love this school because we can play football and we can run. I love this school and I think it should rock on. I love the school and I also love the crest, the track suits and the teachers. We do paired reading and I love my teacher the best. We both have sisters in this school my teacher can be very nice actually she is nice everytime. Both of our sisters are in 6th class but they are not in the same class. One of our sisters is in Ms. Leonard’s and the other sister is in Ms. Brenock’s class. The names of our sisters are Karen and the other is Natalie. We think this school is the best school we have ever been to. It’s a cool school and we love everything about it, except the pages of writing.  Do you like this school? Well we do.   Bye bye!


SEAN and HOLLY’s best year in 3rd class

We have 1 month left in 3rd class. We are happy to be going into 4th class. Next week we are going to the Causey on school tour.

We love being in 3rd class but we need to move on and go into 4th now. Our teacher said we’re going to meet our new teacher and we hope it’s Mr Brown.

We are going to be able to go to SuperValu after school when we are in 4th class and buy drinks such as slush puppies and icecream. We can walk our friends home ater school. We can do lots of Maths such as long division now.

We went to the beach a few weeks ago and found very interesting shells. Holly thinks Bun go Barr is the hardest book in class. We have many years to go! All we have to say now is we love St Molaga’s!




By Sean and Holly


Our year in 3rd class

Ms. de Faoite is the coolest teacher in the world.

Last week she gave us the week of homework coooooooool.

We hope you get her next year.

She let us listen to the giggler treatment, adults beware!

We went to the beach and we collected lots of different shells.

Ike found a shell with a fish living in side and we lost him in the class room (cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry ) I think?

We had rugby, hurling and football.

We hope you have someone like Ms de Faoite next year.

We are going on our school tour in June and we will be going to the Causey Experience! We are going to be destroyed yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading our blog!!

By Shannon and Shauna.







At the start of the year we did loads of work. Then we started doing swimming in Gormanston. It was really fun. After swimming we got sweets. Ikechukwu saw spit in the swimming pool.


After swimming we did Gaelic with Barry. We also did some hurling. We did lots of rugby games with Rob. AfterRugbywas over we did other P.E such as gymnastics where we did jumping and balancing.

At break we sometimes play football and lots of people play “Build up” too.

We have to go to different classes if teacher’s out of school and we get loads of books to work on.

Ikechukwu and I have lots of friends.

There are loads of popular people in our class.

2 weeks ago we learned about world war 2 .Adolf Hitler made Jews go to concentration camps.

We are going on are school tour to the Causey Experience. There’s a slide where you go into mud. CAN’T WAIT!

Next week,we have are Sports Day. We are doing the potato and spoon race, sack race and the three legged race.

BYE BYE. Josh and Ikechukwu




Mathletics, Library and Daffodils!

We have had a great week this week. We had a trip to the Balbriggan library where we borrowed some books and teacher got an audio cd of a story by Jacqueline Wilson for us to listen to next week. We also planted daffodil bulbs and we are going to plant acorns and conkers next week that hopefully will sprout in the spring! The most exciting thing of all was getting registered for Mathletics on Tuesday. We did activities on Mathletics for homework every night this week and managed to earn 86,000 points for our class. We worked our way up into 7th place and then today into 4th place in Ireland of all the Mathletics schools!!! Jenna, Alex B and Lakshik got up into the top 30 students in Ireland at 1st, 2nd and 19th place! Our teacher said we were just brilliant and let us watch a dvd this evening as a reward for all our hard work. We are very proud of ourselves. Our student of the week this week is…. Jenna! Well done to her!

Cool School

We like running and we can play football. We watch  matches in our new school.  We also do art.  We can go  home  by  ourselves  or  with our friends  and  sometimes   we  go  to the shops  and  buy  chocolate  bars  and  crisps on our way home.   I think we get easy homework.

Holly K and Seán

We experimented with floating and sinking

Today we had to estimate whether different things would float or sink. We brought basins to our desk to test them out. First we had to write down our estimates and then we tested them out. We found out that floating and sinking had nothing to do with how light or heavy something was, or how big or small it was, but it had to do with what material the things were made of. Pencils and lollipop sticks and apples floated, and also plastic things like pen tops and lids of pritt stick,  but metal things and rubbers sank and paper only floated until it got very wet and then it sank. Here are some pictures of our experiments:

3rd class

Fun in school


Our teacher is very nice. Cian has a spongebob pen and Zoe has a hello kitty pen. We are back in school for two weeks. We are having fun for the last two weeks. We are in 3rd class. Our teacher is very nice and very good to us today. My sister is a tom-boy. Last year my dog had pups.

Cian and Zoe

This school rocks

We  have  been  in  school  for  two  weeks. We have a lovely teacher called Ms de Faoite .This school rocks! Love this school. We love playing football in the field. We have great fun together. When we have lunch we love talking   to   each  other  because   it  is   the  best    time  to  talk  to   be with each  other. Last Friday we did buildings  for art. It was very fun. Me and Tara are friends and we’re doing this blog together. It is fun using laptops   and   doing  other  things   in   the   class   room. We  like  the  way  the  school   runs   smooth  because  is  amazing. In this school we are allowed to run, but not wildly! Or else we could  hurt someone. St. Molagas is the best school ever. WOOHOO!!!. It is fun in St.Molagas. In   3rd class  it  is   so  much  fun  when  you are doing   work  and  art  .When we came to see st.molagas we had coke and chrips. I  didn’t  know  that   we  do  more Irish. Our work is harder then i thought   it  would be!

Serena and Tara


This school is so cool

We love our new school because we get to use computers. We get to bring in sweets on  Fridays .We love our new teacher because on her birthday she gives us a night off homework. We miss our old teacher Ms. Moffatt and our old school but in this school we are happy. The principal is very nice. When the dubs won she gave us a night off homework .We also like paired reading with sixth classes. I can’t wait until we start swimming. My cousin told me all about it. We love our new school because we get to play football. I nearly know all the teachers .The one thing I like about this school is that all my friends are in this school also. Our teacher  is very nice and very pretty. I want to live in this school because it is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so lovely and cool . I wish I can be a teacher in this school. We have three break’s in this school in our old school we only had two.  St. Molaga’s is the best school in the world. I wish I can be in this school forever and ever and ever. All the teachers here are extremely nice especially Ms de Faoite. This school is so cool I just can’t stop talking about it. We also have a football and basketball field.                                                                     ByKimberleyand Sheila. 

Ps: We hope you liked our page.

We love this school

We have been back in school for two weeks. We are so happy to be in St.Molaga’s. We love our new Teacher Ms. De Faoite.  We auditioned for the choir on Friday. I can’t believe  we are in St.Molaga’s yippee. We love to run in the yard and in are old School we were not allowed. This School is the best on Friday we are allowed eat a treat. We like to bring in our toys like Nintendos, PSP and top trumps. I sit beside my bestfriend Shauna and I am shauna’s best friend too. My name is Shannon. All the boys in my class like to play on the football pictch. All of us have been working hard. I miss all the teachers in St. Peter’s and Paul’s j.n.s.  We all miss Ms. Treanor. She died in 2010. I know who I miss the most –  miss.moffett.  We are all having fun writing our blog . I love this school. My three brothers went to this school and they loved it . I hope you love this school as much as I do .

I love this school sooooooo! Much and I hope you do too. I hope you have a very nice year.

  We hope you liked our blog    Shannon and Shauna

Hip hip hurrah for St Molaga’s

We have been back to school for two weeks now. We are very happy to be in St. Molagas. Last week we got to play football on the football pitch. It was great fun! This school is better than St. Peter and Paul’s  because we can  run  and play video games. Things that are different are: new friends and new teachers. This is a school of our dreams. Ms. de Faoite is our teacher. WE LOVE ST.MOLOGAS. HIP HIP HORRAY HIP HIP HORRAY!

Julia and Aurel

Happy to be in St Molaga’s

 We have been back to school for two weeks. We are happy to be in St Molaga’s in 3rd class . We like St Molaga’s because we can play football. We can have sweets in on Friday. I give St Peter and Paul 2/10. Our teacher is Ms De Faoite. She is nice. We like this school because we can make new friends. YIPPEE HIP HIP HORRAY. This is the school of our dreams. This school I give 10/10. We are very happy to be in this school.                

 From Josh and Ikechukwu.