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Team teaching in English

We have been busy working with our teacher and Ms O’Brien in our English groups. We have completed lots of activities to help us with our phonics, handwriting and vocabulary. We have read lots of examples of narrative writing and written our own stories. We are able to predict, visualise and make connections when we are reading. We played some phonics games today to help us revise what we have learned so far.



The story of St Molaga

Once a upon a time lived a man named St Molaga. He was a holy man. He lived in Ireland. He was chased out of Ireland by druids. He came back to Ireland and healed sick people. He was a famous beekeeper. He built a church in Bremore and a monastery in Co. Cork.

By Ashley, Ellen and Niamh.

A man named Molaga had been hunted out of Ireland by the Druids. He went to Scotland to find refuge and later to Wales where the Welsh patron saint lived – Saint David. He stayed with Saint David for a while and then decided to return to Ireland to do missionary work. Saint David gave Saint Molaga a bell when he was leaving Wales. Saint Molaga brought this bell back to Ireland with him. Saint Molaga came to Dublin. He healed the sick and a chief gave him some land. He was a beekeeper. He built a church in Bremore. He set up a monastery in Cork.

By Cian, Hannah and Jodie.

All about shapes

We have been learning all about 2-D and 3-D shapes. We learned the names and properties of different types of shapes and looked for examples of them in our classroom and at home. We used lollipop sticks, matchsticks and plasticine to make different shapes and shape puzzles. We also had great fun making pictures using tangrams and shape art.

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Experimenting with materials

We learned about different kinds of materials and their properties. We carried out an experiment to test some materials. We tested a tennis ball, a sponge ball, a ball made from plasticine and a ball made from rubber to see which one would bounce the highest. We wrote out the experiment and carried it out three times to make sure that it was a fair test. We discovered that the tennis ball was the bounciest ball.

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