Circus Projects – Fantastic Work

We have been working on our Circus Projects for the last two weeks.

We started presenting our projects today.  They are fantastic.

As part of our projects we had to complete a variety of tasks. Some were easy and some were hard. They included some of these:

  • made circus themed cakes, cookies and buns
  • built models of the circus
  • worked out the cost of keeping animals
  • made clothes for a teddy
  • compared the zoo to the circus
  • looked at the history of the circus
  • interviewed members of the circus
  • designed posters¬†for the circus
  • created jingles
  • designed surveys
  • created modes of transport
  • compared the acts in the circus
  • investigated the most popular musical instruments in the circus
  • devised advertisements for circus acts
  • painted our faces
  • and lots more.

Many thanks to all the mammies for their help with the projects.

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