Special Showcase for Julia

Well done to Julia. She won a special showcase for her lovely story about her friend Mia.  Julia’s story is a lovely way to remember Mia. We miss her every day.  

Best Friends Forever

There was a girl called Mia . She had a rare condition that meant that she could not run or jump. Mia had good friends that are called Julia , Julia and Mia B. They all were best friends forever and respected each other.
Mia said “I’m sick of the rare condition, so that’s why I’m always last in races “.
Then Julia said “you’re always number one for us and you’re best at maths, science and Irish even though you worry about it “.
And that was nice, to not let her down and one day she won first place in maths, Irish and science.
From that day Mia loved her friends .

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