Cool School

We like running and we can play football. We watch  matches in our new school.  We also do art.  We can go  home  by  ourselves  or  with our friends  and  sometimes   we  go  to the shops  and  buy  chocolate  bars  and  crisps on our way home.   I think we get easy homework.

Holly K and Seán

Table 4

Hi its Table 4 from our classroom on a Friday. We do lots of art and bring in board-games. One of our classroom windows smashed yesterday but it will get fixed. Dublin won the All Ireland against Kerry 1 – 12 to 1-11 , and there’s banners all over the school. Ireland won a rugby match against Australia. Today we had a spelling test and a tables test. See you next week!

Table 3

We are back to tell you about Dublin’s big game last Sunday. We are very happy to say that Dublin won – Well done to the boys in blue. We have been decorating the corridor for Dublin. Last Saturday Ireland beat Australia in the Rugby World Cup – Well done Ireland. It was a great sporting weekend. Bye from table 3.

Table 1

We’re back! Dublin won the All Ireland ‘World Cup’ against Kerry! We have PE every Wednesday. We watched the weather DVD. Our teacher gave us a night off homework. Some of us are joining the choir. Mr. O’Mahony coomes in everyday for maths – he is good fun! Chat soon from Table 1.

Table 2

Hey everyone from table two!! This week our corridors are decorated with the Dublin colours.We all watched the Dublin match on Sunday. In our class we work as a team too! Sheilla , Rachel , Calum , Rukky, Nicole I and Monicah got into the choir – Well done guys! We brought in board games today. We are all having a good time in our school. Talk to you soon.

The Season Man by Amy

There was something unusual. Sophie didn’t know what, but there was definitely something.  Sophie was in her cramped room with her cat Sludge.  Her father was downstairs cooking the breakfast, her Mother feeding her baby sister Maggie.

All the lillies and tulips were tall and bright but Sophie felt a chill.  Every window in the house was shut and covered in a curtain or blind and nobody had been outside.

It was only 7.30 am when Sophie got up with an effort and a groan.  Another ‘no-attention’ day, everyone always fussing over Maggie, never over her or Sludge, Sophie thought.  When she eventually reached the end of the stairs with a sigh she opened the sitting room door and walked in.  She turned on the t.v. but couldn’t see it so she pulled the blind.

‘Arrggh’ Sophie shouted.

‘What’s going on?’ Sophie’s father said.  But Sophie didn’t reply because what she had seen was shocking.  It was a strange man standing at the window half of him dressed for winter the other half for summer………

The Strange Figure

I felt cold and lonely when I was sitting in the corner of the yard , looking at all the other children playing . I stuck my head into my folded arms and a slight tear dripped down my face . Then the light that was shinning on me seemed to turn to a shadow . I looked up and saw a weird shaped figure . I wiped the tears away and stood up. I saw the face of the person then it spoke to me and then it said , hello!!!



Jamie couldnt sleep! His window was open and he could hear the dark wind pushing his curtains up so  that the bottom of them would touch my ceiling. Jamie pushed himself under his heavy red Manchester United covers, with his brain full of thoughts. That no matter how hard he tried he couldnt get them out of his brain! He felt a tear drip down his face. Then he heard the downstairs door open….

By Dominika Lewand0wska :):)

Balbriggan Co. Dublin