Our Leaf Hunt 6/10/2011

Today we went on a leaf hunt around our school grounds. We discovered 11 different types of trees on our school grounds. We found a holly tree, an alder tree, an oak tree, a mountain ash tree, a hawthorn tree, an elder tree, a hazel tree, a rown tree, a sycamore tree, a beech tree and a birch tree. It was extremely windy while we were investigating the tree and then it started to lash rain so we came back into class. Finn used an isosceles triangle to measure the height of a young oak tree. Finn held the triangle to the same height of his eye and walked backwards until the top corner was inline with the tree. Then Finn took steps into the trunk of the tree. Finn had taken 14 steps. He then added his own height to the 14 steps. Finn is 1.38 metres tall. So 14 steps plus Finn’s height equals 15.38 m which is the height of the oak tree. We estimated the height to be 10 metres. We all had great fun on our  leaf hunt. ūüôā

Miss Nolans Class!

Hi! This is Miss Nolan’s class, we love St Molagas and we love our teacher ! We have lots of fun here, we did a fantastic science experiment, we have buried rubbish in a hole in the ground and we can’t wait to see if it decomposes in a months time. We get treats every friday. Last year we were in a junior school we are now in a senior school. We are learning a recycling song called “3 is the magic number” but we LOVE the banana song! We love playing football on the all weather pitch!

Mo laenthanta Saoire

Nuair a bh√≠ m√© ar mo laenthanta saoire chuaigh m√© go dt√≠ an Sp√°inn. ¬†Bh√≠ s√≠ go h√°lainn. ¬†Ar dt√ļs thiomain√≠omar go dt√≠ an aerport. ¬†Chuamar tr√≠d an aerport. ¬†Chuala m√© fearr , d√ļirt s√© ‘t√° eitlean 1172 Aer Lingus r√©idh. ¬†Chuamar go dt√≠ an ruidbhleach agus i c√ļpla n√≥im√©ad bh√≠omar sa sp√©ir. ¬†Tar √©is tamaill shroicheamar an aerfort sa Sp√°inn. ¬†Bh√≠ an l√° an gghiranhmar. ¬†Bh√≠ an ghrian ag scoilte an cloch. ¬†Rith me do dt√≠ an linn sn√°mha agus l√©im m√© isteach. ¬†Tar √©is c√ļpla la bh√≠omar ar an eitlean ar√≠s. ¬†Is maith liom mo leanthanta saoire. ¬†Bh√≠ siad go h√°lainn.

By Lucy


Chaith mé toitín.  Thit an toitín ar an talamh agus chonaic mé spréacha.  Bhí mo theach ag dó.  Chuir mé fios ar an mbríogháid doiteáin, agus rith mé amach as an teach.  Tar éis tamaill shroic an bhriogáid dóiteáin an teach.  Chuir fear doiteáin dréimire ar an teach agus chuaigh sé thuas an dréimire.  Thosaigh sé ag stealladh uisce ar an tine.  Thug mo mhamaí ide beal dom.  Na caith tabac.

By Jamie.

Scéal Brónach

Chuaigh m√© go dt√≠ an ionad siopad√≥ireachta. ¬†Bh√≠ ocras an domhain orm. ¬†Chonaic m√© √ļll, iasc, feoil, caire√°d agus cab√°iste. ¬†Cheannaigh m√© feoil agus caire√°d. ¬†Chuala me madra ag tafann. ¬†Go tobann thit m√© ar an talamh. ¬†D’ith an madra an feoil agus an iasc. ¬†Bh√≠ br√≥n an domhain orm. ¬†Chuaigh m√© abhaile!


B y Sean

Ag siopadóireacht!

Chuaigh m√© agus mo chara ag siopad√≥ireacht. ¬†Chuaigh m√© agus mo chara do dt√≠ an sta√≠siun traenach. Cheannaigh m√© tic√©ad fillte go Baile Atha Cliath. ¬†Shroic an traein Sr√°id U√≠ Chonnaill. ¬†Chuaigh m√© agus mo chara go dt√≠ an ionad siopad√≥ireacht. ¬†Cheannaigh m√© dl√ļthdhiosca Justin Beiber! ¬†Chuaigh me go dt√≠ an siopa eada√≠ agus cheannaigh m√© eada√≠! D’√ļs√°id m√© mo ch√°rta creidmheasa. ¬†Chuaigh m√© agus mo chara go dt√≠ an bialann. ¬†Bh√≠ s√© go h√°lainn! Bhain m√© sult as an l√°!!

Mo Scéal


Chuaigh m√© go dt√≠ an st√°isi√ļn traenach. Cheannaigh m√© ticead fillte.¬† Chuaigh m√© ar an traen. ¬†Shroic m√© na siopa√≠. ¬†Chuaigh m√© go dt√≠ an siopa milse√°in. ¬†Cheannaigh m√© milse√°in. ¬†Chuaigh m√© go dt√≠ an staisi√ļin traenach . ¬†Go tobann thit m√© ar an talamh. ¬†Bhris m√© mo l√°mh. Chuaigh me go dt√≠ an ospid√©al. ¬†Bh√≠ br√≥n orm.


By Aine

Our Visit to the Castle

On Tuesday we visited Bremore Castle and learned about the Barnwall family. They lived in Bremore about 500 years ago. We saw the kitchen which had a very big fireplace. There was a murder hole over the front door. We climbed lots of spiral stairs. In the great hall we saw the oriel window and Martin told us that there will be a lovely fireplace there when the castle is finished. We went up on the roof and saw our school, the sea and lots of houses. We had a great time.

Balbriggan Co. Dublin