School News 24th October 2011

We are celebrating our annual Arts’ Week in St. Molaga’s N.S. This week is an opportunity for all pupils, staff and parents to focus on reading and literacy development. They also get an opportunity to meet authors listen to and make music and take part in different creative activities.

Throughout the week there will a huge variety of workshops, demonstrations, dance classes, weaving and art workshops as well as visits from local musicians, authors and artists.

 Third classes will have a visit and interactive talk from the Seal Sanctuary. The Armagh Rhymers will also perform for third and fourth classes. Fourth classes will have a drama workshop with a visiting local actor and dance classes with Ms Ferguson. Fifth classes will continue with their boxing fitness classes and will enjoy a workshop with a visiting weaver. I am looking forward to seeing their creations.

 The sixth classes will be busy with a visiting author and will have a chance to compose their own music on Thursday and Friday. Our S.L.D. classes will have a workshop with a visiting feltmaker and will get the opportunity to felt themselves.  The Book Fair will be open to pupils on Monday and Tuesday and parents are welcome to attend on Wednesday morning. This is a great opportunity to purchase early Christmas presents as a book is a great gift.  To encourage pupils reading they will be allowed 15 minutes D.E.A.R. time each day where everyone in the school, will Drop Everything And Read. The teachers are looking forward to that.  The week will end with the ever popular Book Character Dress Up Day on Friday 28th. This day is a very entertaining day for all as pupils and teachers join in the fun. This year the school staff will dress up as fairy-tale characters so watch out! You may meet Red Riding Hood or a wolf or one of the three pigs on your visit to the school. We are asking all pupils to contribute at least €3 towards the cost of the activities for Arts’ Week.  

Last year we participated in the Balbriggan Public Realm Project and our projects are currently on exhibition in the Millfield Shopping Centre in Balbriggan.Ms de Faoite’s class participated in the Mathletics during Maths Week. They achieved a place in the top 10 schools in Ireland on Friday 21st October. They were 4th overall and three pupils had impressive scores; Jenna Nolan was 1st, Alexandra Beasley 2nd and Lakshik Boolaky came 19th. Well done to you.





Mathletics, Library and Daffodils!

We have had a great week this week. We had a trip to the Balbriggan library where we borrowed some books and teacher got an audio cd of a story by Jacqueline Wilson for us to listen to next week. We also planted daffodil bulbs and we are going to plant acorns and conkers next week that hopefully will sprout in the spring! The most exciting thing of all was getting registered for Mathletics on Tuesday. We did activities on Mathletics for homework every night this week and managed to earn 86,000 points for our class. We worked our way up into 7th place and then today into 4th place in Ireland of all the Mathletics schools!!! Jenna, Alex B and Lakshik got up into the top 30 students in Ireland at 1st, 2nd and 19th place! Our teacher said we were just brilliant and let us watch a dvd this evening as a reward for all our hard work. We are very proud of ourselves. Our student of the week this week is…. Jenna! Well done to her!

6th Class -Our Class Projects


Our class were given a project brief to plan a trip to a country of our choice. We worked in groups and had to book flights, choose restaurants and accommodation, plan an itinerary and find transport. We had to plan a trip of six days duration on a budget of 800 euro per person ( excluding flights ! ). This project was fun, we really enjoyed it and it made us feel really like adults!!!

We took a cruise from New York to Miami !
New York New York - so good they named it twice !
We had a ball in Hawaii
We thought Horse Riding in Sweden was really cool and we had lots of money left over !!


We went to see Ground Zero when we were in New York




School News 17th October 2011

Tonight, Monday, 17th October, the Parents’ Association are holding their Annual General meeting in St. Molaga’s N.S. at 7:30pm. The election of the parents representatives to the Board of Management will take place at this meeting. All parents have been invited to attend.

 On Tuesday, 18th our newly selected Athletics team will travel to their first athletics meeting in Balheary to take part in the Fingal Athletics League.  Ms McMahon and Ms Walsh have been busy selecting and training our new athletes. We would like to wish them all the best for Tuesday.

 On Wednesday, the third classes will plant daffodil bulbs on the school grounds. This is an annual event and in Spring we will be able to enjoy the lovely splash of colour the daffodils and spring flowers bring to our school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Parents’ Association who sponsor our planting each year.

 I would like to remind parents that the Home School Links for Alive-O our religious education programme are available in the Parents Section of the school website. Please take time to read the notes in relation to your child’s class. The links contain poems, prayers and information on the content of the programme in each class.

 Our third classes commenced their visits to Balbriggan Library today. They will all have a chance to visit the library over the next week and to become familiar with the services there.

 We are looking forward to our Arts week next week and will have more details of all the events and activities posted here on our school blog.

Water Pressure

Today the 14/10/11 we discover that water is very strong and has the power to crush a submarine. The deepest part of our world’s ocean is Mariana’s Trench in the Pacific Ocean. It is almost 11,000 metres deep. only three submarines have made it down due to the water pressure.

in our science experiment we punched three holes into an empty 2 litre bottle of water. We then covered the holes with masking tape and filled the bottle with tap water. We pulled off the sticky tape to reveal the 1st hole. No water came out because there was not enough water pressure. Then we revealed the 2nd hole and some water began to trickle out due to water pressure. Next we removed all the sticky tape and the water spurted out faster and further than the water from the other holes. this was because there was more water pressure on the last hole of the bottle.

Balbriggan Co. Dublin