Water Conservation Quiz

Congratulations to Jordan  (Ms. Leonards class) and Josh  (Mr. Gorman’s class) who got the best scores in the water quiz. Check out all the answers below.

Water Conservation Quiz

How much water do we use around the house?


1. Using a washing machine

45 litres

2. Using a dish washer

20 litres

3. Brushing your teeth with the tap on

6 litres

4..Brushing your teeth with the tap off

1 litres

5. Taking a shower

35-45 litres

6. Taking a power shower

80-125 litres

7. Having a bath

80 litres

8. Flushing a toilet

6-9 litres

Irish people use about 150 litres each of water per day.

What percentage of that water is used for each of the following activities?

1. Washing clothes


2. Showering and bathing


3. Flushing toilet


4. Washing dishes


5. Drinking water


6. Cooking


7. Other (car, gardening etc)


Source: Irish Times 5/11/11

Congratulations to Sean (Ms. Brennocks class) who was the first person to correctly guess the capacity of the large water container. The exact answer was 18.9 litres

Finally thanks to Karl, Fiyin, Rebecca, Simon, Josh and Yvonne who were in charge of the quiz and didn’t eat all the chocolate!!!

Board Game Day!

For Art’s Week, most of the class brought in a game. Zoe brought in Downfall, Killian brought in Scrabble Trickster, Niamh brought in normal Scrabble. Daisy brought in Headbandz, Ryan brought in Monopoly City and Lara brought in normal Monopoly. Jacob also brought in Don’t Laugh. Finally Ellie and Josh brought in Chess. We all played after big break and then we packed up when the bell went. We had a great day!

By Connor McAleer and Niamh Russell

our school blog

In spring our class will be going swiming it will be really fun the swiming place that we are going to is Gormanstown. Today is water day and everyone is wearing blue, teacher sends people to go to the hall to make boats.The choir won the Compation in Drogheda and they got a night off homework. We are learing to conserve water because last year we spent 8,000 euro on water. This week we were learing 2s and 4s and we were learing about the stone age.we leared new song called first you click your fingers. We are doing gaelic with Barry.We might get the water flag.When we were at the hall we thought Miss Mc Niclos was the best.

Maths Capacity

Yesterday in Maths we did Capacity. We had to guess how much water could fit in the different size bottles and shapes. There was a 2litre, 1litre, 1litre 500ml, 1litre 50ml and 500ml bottle. It was hard to guess the right amount because the small ones held more than we thought!!!

By Caitlin Sweeney

Water Wheel

  • How to Make a Water Wheel!!
  • First you cut a two litre bottle in half. Then you put two little holes in the top of the bottle on each side. Get the hanger and untwist the top. Then bend the hanger until it is straight. Cut the hanger in half. Throw away the hook, now get your cork and make four slits around it, get a few plastic strips and put them through the slits. Now slide the cork onto the hanger. Put the hanger through the holes at the top of the bottle. When you’ve done that, get a jug of water and pour it onto the cork. Now you have your very own water wheel!!!
  • By Lara Marry

Choir News


Hello my name is Yonas and I will tell you about the choir competition.
Today we were practising in my class for the choir competition.
At ten o’clock we went to the bus on the way to Drogheda Youth Choral Festival. When we got there we waited till it was our turn.
We sang two songs. They were called ‘Pure Imagination’ and ‘El Condor Pasa.’ We won the competition with two songs.We got 92 for Pure Imagination and 90 for El Condor Pasa. The average was 91 and that was our score. When we came back to school we shouted, “We won!” and told the principal Ms Costello.And my class got a homework pass because the class choir sang in front of our class. Yonas

Balbriggan Co. Dublin