Water Pressure

Today the 14/10/11 we discover that water is very strong and has the power to crush a submarine. The deepest part of our world’s ocean is Mariana’s Trench in the Pacific Ocean. It is almost 11,000 metres deep. only three submarines have made it down due to the water pressure.

in our science experiment we punched three holes into an empty 2 litre bottle of water. We then covered the holes with masking tape and filled the bottle with tap water. We pulled off the sticky tape to reveal the 1st hole. No water came out because there was not enough water pressure. Then we revealed the 2nd hole and some water began to trickle out due to water pressure. Next we removed all the sticky tape and the water spurted out faster and further than the water from the other holes. this was because there was more water pressure on the last hole of the bottle.

Our Class

Today we went to mass.We learned some new prayers and every class did

some friendship art. We also sang our songs.

Ben and Leanne from fifth class helped the priest. We

had lots of fun singing.Randy and Nicole were our students of the week and

they got to hold the Heineken cup! This week we learned

all about listening and teamwork.  We have been reading

the Giggler treatment! It is very funny. We also learned

how to choose a book from the library and we

made teamwork posters!

Sound Experiment

We wanted to see if sound travelled better through solids, liquids or gases…… so we using a tuning fork, we banged it and held it in the air and couldn’t hear anything. We then banged it and placed it in a glass of water and it made a tiny splash. Finally, we banged it and held the tuning fork against the table and we could hear the humming noise it made. This proved that sound travelled best through solids.

For the next part of the experiment, we made telephone.

First, we got into pairs and each pair got 2 yogurt cups and a long string and used cocktail sticks tied in the knots so that they wouldn’t slip out of the yogurt cup.

Next, two people stood far apart so that the string was stretched and one person put one yogurt cup to their mouth and spoke and the other person put the yogurt cup to their ear and listened.

We repeated this experiment in lots of different places such as the yard, different and classrooms. We found out that sound goes through solid better than liquid and gas.

They Saved their Bacon

This week we were learning about the story “They Saved Their Bacon”, this was all about two pigs who escaped from a meat factory. They were going to be made into bacon, rashers and pork! The newspapers were chasing the pigs and they went to some interesting places!

Today in St. Molaga’s some pupils reported that they seen 3 little pigs sneaking around the school. Will you be able to guess where they went?

Heineken Cup comes to visit!

The Heineken cup came to visit our class today. Caitlin and Raymond named two Leinster players Johnny Sexton and Brian O’ Driscoll so they got to lift the cup. Mr. O’ Mahony counted to 3 and we all lifted the cup and shouted UP LEINSTER!!

We hope Leinster win the Heineken cup this year again

! Maybe Brian O’ Driscoll might come to visit us!

Heineken Cup Visit

Today the 11th of October teh Heineken Cup came to our school. Rob our rugby coach along with a lady named Pauline from the leinster branch brought the cup in. Mr o’Mahony and the leinster coaches visited all the class in the main building  with the cup. All the classes from the prefabs came to the hall where Mr O’Mahony introduced the cup and asked us lots of  questions anout leinster rugby. He asked us to name some of the players on the leinster team, Johnny Sexton and Brian O Driscoll were named. It was very exciting seeing the Heineken Cup. Some of us got to hold it, it was really heavy. Mr Brown and Ms O’Brien got their pictures taken holding the cup. They are big Leinster Rugby Fans.

Thank you Mr O’Mahony for organising the visit of the cup. It was great fun.

Mr.Gorman’s 6th Class 2011!!!!!!!!!

Sixth class is hard so far. Everyday we do maths, english and irish. We love doing .P.E. art, drama and science. We find are homwork hard but we have the same homwork every day.Its worth doing our homework because at the end of the month we have no homework if we do it all properly.We get stamps every big break and at home time if we dont get on the WARNING. If we  get on a warning we get off it at break. We do rugby on a thursday and laptops every second week. The Heineken cup came into our class. We got to hold the Heinken cup. We love St.Molaga’s it’s the BOMB!!!!!!!                  

by Yvonne and Abbie

6th class is great

My name is John i think that 6th class is brill when i was in 5th i was told that 6th is really hard and stressing but it isnt the highlight for me so far was holding the heineken cup.Mr Gorman is sound.

My name is Asmaa.I think that 6th class is so easy.Our teacher is so kind.We do Rugby every Thursday andArt every Friday.We try to work hard at school so we could give ourselves a good future.

John and Asmaa

What’s it like in 6th class

We have been in 6th class for around 6 weeks. We really enjoy it but every week it get’s harder and harder. But it gets alot more fun aswell. We were the first class to play on the astro pitch, we really enjoyed it. When we enter the class we start doing maths for around an hour. At the start of school we did alot of multiplication but today we moved onto angles . Then after maths we do irish. After irish we do english. When the religon bell ring we usually take out our religon readers and sometimes we take out our conformation book. After big break we might do something like science( if it’s a good day) and maybe a bit of geography and history. On a Tuesday we have p.e and we all love it. On Mondays,Wednesday and Friday we have football. On Thursday we have rugby with Rob. And last but not least we have computers every second Tuesday. So far 6th class rocks and it will even get better.

By Cian & Chris:)


Balbriggan Co. Dublin