Bug Hotel

Today (Tuesday) all the fifth classes went outside to build a bug hotel! Michael from Sonairte came to help us.  We built it with recycled materials, we used twigs, wood, plastic, grass, pipes, blocks, cardboard, glass, straws and rocks!!

We hope it will attract lots of wildlife into our school garden.  We are developing a biodiverse garden!  We found lots of bugs already and a spider’s nest!! Amy and Lucy found them!!

We are looking for names for our Bug Hotel, some suggestions so far are, Bugly Hills, Buggen Court Hotel, The Bug Stone Hotel, The Bug Inn, Crawleys Cave and the Planken Woods!! You can Tweet your suggestions to us at StMolaga5  or leave a  comment here!

We have added some photographs above!

Balbriggan Public Realm Project

After lunch on Thursday (23rd June) we walked up to the Bracken Court Hotel to view our project.  Our project was about Balbriggan.  We identified changes that we would like to see happening in Balbriggan.

For our project, we went along Drogheda Street and at 5 minute intervals we took a photograph.  We worked in groups of 4 and each group filled in a sheet of questions. The questions we answered were:

(1) What can you see?

(2) What do you notice in this space?

(3) Are there people around? What are they doing? Where are they going?

(4) What changes would you like to see in this space?

When we got to the project display there were other projects there too.  There were lots of ideas for skate parks!! There were models of the Martello tower, and a model of how another school would like to see Balbriggan in the future.  We got sweets and a drink and after we filled in a comment book we then walked back to school.  We really enjoyed the  project! Oh! and  Sean got hit by a bike on the way back!! (Thankfully he is ok!!)

Our School Tour

On Monday all the 5th classes went to Xtreme for their school tour. It is an adventure centre in Courtlough. When we arrived we were split into groups.  We all had to wear harnesses.  Each group had a leader.  Then the fun began!!  Mr. Brown and Ms. Brennock (with Kerrie-Ann in the middle) went on the log swing. Chloe was the only person in our class to make it to the top of the outside climbing wall and Lauren made it to the top of the indoor climbing wall.  Rosie did the aerial trekking twice!  (Teacher was too scared!!) Colette went on the zip wire. Sean nearly fell off the log swing!! Liam got three bullseyes in archery. Some people didn’t get to do all the activities but we all agree it was the best school tour ever!!


Seasonal influenza 2010-2011

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to remind parents about our school policy regarding procedures and preventative measures in relation to Seasonal Influenza/Swine flu.
St. Molaga’s N.S. is operating according to the guidelines issued by the Department of Education as advised by the H.S.E. We are committed to preventing the spread of the virus. We ask that you support our efforts by ensuring your children adhere to good hygiene practices at home.
Parents must be aware of the symptoms of Influenza. These include:
· Sudden onset of high temperature
Two of the following symptoms also:
· Cough/sore throat/Runny nose
· Limb/joint pain
· Headache
· Vomiting/diarrhoea

If your child shows symptoms of the illness they should not attend school and if your child develops flu they should remain at home for 7 days from the onset of the illness. Please inform the school if your child develops flu so that we will be able to respond appropriately.

If a child becomes ill in school we will contact you immediately so that they can return home.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Pauline Costello, Principal

Balbriggan Co. Dublin