Happy to be in St Molaga’s

 We have been back to school for two weeks. We are happy to be in St Molaga’s in 3rd class . We like St Molaga’s because we can play football. We can have sweets in on Friday. I give St Peter and Paul 2/10. Our teacher is Ms De Faoite. She is nice. We like this school because we can make new friends. YIPPEE HIP HIP HORRAY. This is the school of our dreams. This school I give 10/10. We are very happy to be in this school.                

 From Josh and Ikechukwu.

Just back at school

We are just back at school. We are so happy to be out of St. Peters and Pauls j.n.s.  St.Molaga’s a very good school. We can bring chocolate in on Fridays. We are back in school for two weeks . Me and Alex  had to write the blog down again because it only saved a little bit of the blog. We were so annoyed we were praying to God to bring it back but it didn ‘t  work. We were devastated. Our teacher said that was all that was  saved.  We crossed our fingers but still it didn’t  get saved.  For Christmas I am getting a MP3 player.

HOlly and Alex

Our experience of our new school

Back to school – Yippee!!

We have been back  in  school for two weeks now.  We  are very happy to be in St.Moglas. It is better  than  St.Peter and Pauls. We like this school because  you are allowed sweets and chocolate  on Friday.  We  really like   this   school   because   we  are  aloud  run  on  yard. We like our  teacher she is very nice to us. Yesterday we had auditions  for the school choir. We are having  the time of our  life. are favourite  teacher is Ms. De Faoite and  Mr. Brown. We also like this school because you are also  allowed  bring  psp  ds’s and football  is allowed  in this school. 

Conor and Tomás                             

Balbriggan Co. Dublin