Sixth class is really fun so far, Mr. Gorman is the BEST !! maths is hard , we do a lot of it (we need lots of practice for our entrance exams!) We LOVE art, science, P.E and music. on Friday we did drama it was soooo funny , we fell off our chairs laughing !! .Every Thursday we have rugby,and every second Tuesday we have computers( we love blogging!!) Our class is already excited about our confirmation and graduation .We are already thinking of songs. We love sixth class so much .xx 🙂 🙂 🙂 THANKS FOR READING …

     by AMY  and REBECCA  X0X 🙂

Mr.Gormans 6th class ROCKS!!

Mr Gormans class is lots of fun but the work is very hard. We do lots of Maths and Irish but it will all pay of .Wednesdays and Fridays we are on the grass and on Thursday we have rugby.Rugby is lots of fun .Every second Tuesday we have laptops and Today we did the same . Every Tuesday we have P.E and we all love it .       


Our first 6 weeks of sixth class

Sixth class has been challenging but the good thing is that we always learn new and intresting things.Subjects that the class love are ( P.E ,Art ,Science ,Drama.A lot of new people have joined the school which is great because we are becoming a bigger community.The school got a knew astro turf pitch and a couple of benches.The time goes by quickly durings the week days.Sixth class has been great so far .

by Amethyst and Aimee


6th class is realy cool  our names are adam and josh   we do lots of things in 6th class we have p.e we do art and the hineken cup came in to us today                                                               by  adam and josh

Mr.Gorman’s class

Every morning we get four sums , and we correct our homework.We get lots of homework. 

 We get every day two stamps,when we get half of stamp sheet we get no sentences, but when we get all sheet with stamp’s we get homework pass.We get PE every Tuesday and some time’s in Friday,and we get rugby every Thursday.

by Karl and David

St. Molaga’s N.S. News Blog


We are back at school now over 5 weeks and are busy working and learning in all our classes. Our school blog is very active and keeps us all up to date as to the activities taking place in our classes. The pupils are really enjoying posting their work and comments and I am sure that everyone who logs on to our blog enjoys reading about all the good work as much as I do. Well done to everyone.

This week we have a number of important events taking place in St. Molaga’s N.S. On Tuesday, 11th members of the Leinster Rugby Squad will visit the school with the Heineken Cup. Watch out for the photos of this visit.

On Wednesday, we will hold a Memorial Service for Seamus Brown, our friend and colleague who passed away last year. We will dedicate a garden bench to the memory of Seamus, who worked as caretaker in St. Molaga’s N.S. for a long number of years. May he rest in peace.

On Thursday, Fr. Aloysius will celebrate a school mass for 4th and 6th class pupils and on Friday we will have mass for 3rd and 5th classes. The theme for our mass this year is Friendship: Working and Playing Together. The pupils are busy preparing for these celebrations through revision of prayers and completing art work to decorate the hall.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents and pupils to observe the rules of the road when dropping children at the school gates. Pupils must wait for the lollipop lady before crossing the road in the morning and evening. Parents/guardians are asked not to obstruct the gate or stop on or near the school crossing area.

We have completed our recruitment process for new teachers this week and I am delighted to welcome our new teachers to St. Molaga’s N.S. Mr Mark Brown has been appointed as a permanent teacher, Ms Jackie Walsh has been appointed to fifth class for this school year and Ms Niamh Walsh joins us as a part-time resource/learning Support teacher. We look forward to working with these new members of staff and to their contribution to our school.

CSI Balbriggan

In science this week we looked at our fingerprints.
We scribbled really hard on a piece of paper with our pencils. Then we rubbed our finger on the pencil scribble. When our finger was really black, we cut a piece of sellotape big enough to fit our fingerprint and we put the sellotape on our fingertip. We pressed it down hard then peeled it off. Then we put it on another blank sheet of paper.
This let us see our fingerprints clearly and with a magnifying glass we were able to work out what kind of designs our fingerprints had.

Balbriggan Co. Dublin