Our First Week in St. Molaga’s S.N.S.

Welcome to our class blog. Our teacher’s name is Ms. Daly. We really enjoyed our first week in St. Molaga’s. So far we have had great fun and worked very hard. We did history and made timelines and we did ‘Buddy Reading’ with 6th class. We learned a new poem – ‘Mary had a Little Pet’ , and a new song ‘Splish Splash Splosh’. We now get to run on the yard and we played football on Wednesday on the new all-weather pitch. In P.E. we learned a new game called ‘Rivers and Bridges’. Today is Friday and we are allowed a treat. Later on we are going to play board games. We all really like our new school and we are looking forward to next week. Thanks for reading our blog – talk to u soon!

Back To School!


We came back to school on Thursday, but our IWB was not working until today!! We are now in sixth class and so will be preparing for our confirmation next year!! We have a new girl (Shauna) in our class. She thinks we are the best class ever – we think she is right!!!

We had a great summer. Some of the places we went to include, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poland, Turkey, Wexford, Waterford, Sligo, Tipperary, England, Clare, Cork, Kerry, Greece and USA. 

Lauren won a dance competition and got a trophy and Shauna won at golf and got a medal!!!

We have our Dublin flags up in our class!! Up the Dubs!!

Bug Hotel

Today (Tuesday) all the fifth classes went outside to build a bug hotel! Michael from Sonairte came to help us.  We built it with recycled materials, we used twigs, wood, plastic, grass, pipes, blocks, cardboard, glass, straws and rocks!!

We hope it will attract lots of wildlife into our school garden.  We are developing a biodiverse garden!  We found lots of bugs already and a spider’s nest!! Amy and Lucy found them!!

We are looking for names for our Bug Hotel, some suggestions so far are, Bugly Hills, Buggen Court Hotel, The Bug Stone Hotel, The Bug Inn, Crawleys Cave and the Planken Woods!! You can Tweet your suggestions to us at StMolaga5  or leave a  comment here!

We have added some photographs above!

Balbriggan Co. Dublin