Skype Call with @Sharks4Kids

We connected today via Skype with an organisation called Sharks4kids. They gave us a lesson all about sharks.  We learned lots about and saw some great pictures. We learned how they monitor and tag sharks and how they are working to protect sharks.

There are sharks in every ocean in the world, even around the Irish coast.

Every year sharks kill about 5 people, but people kill millions of sharks. You can learn more at their website

They are based in Bimini (a tiny Island) near Bermuda, where sharks are protected.


100 word challenge #week 6

…suddenly I was able to see again…

check out for more information

Welcome to our very special prompt this week when we team up with Sight Savers which is an organisation helping people who have cataracts.

Cataract Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, is the number one cause of blindness in the world. Most of us think of it as something that just affects older people, but in a lot of developing countries it’s a huge problem for children too, and if it’s not caught in time sight loss can be permanent. It’s not difficult to treat – surgery takes about 20 minutes and costs just £30 for an adult and £50 for a child (they need a general anaesthetic). But millions are needlessly living with sight loss; they might not know treatment is available, healthcare services sometimes are not available or people can’t afford to get to hospitals, let alone pay for an operation. A life without sight Blindness in a developing country can be devastating; you’re often isolated and excluded, unable to get an education or work to support your family so you’re completely reliant on those around you. It’s hardly surprising then that people often tell us it feels like a miracle when they get their sight back.

The prompt this week is:  …suddenly I was able to see again…

Think about what that would mean . Use it as part of a story where it makes all the difference.

Mystery Skype Call

We had great fun today doing our first Mystery Skype Call. We had to try and guess where the other class were located.  We were only allowed to ask yes/no questions.  Each class had to take turns to ask questions.  We guessed correctly that they are in Prague, in the Czech Republic.  (Click on the picture or on the link below to see more pictures).DSC_0057

We then got a chance to ask each questions. It was very interesting and we learned a lot.

We sang the St Molaga’s Song for them and they sang a Czech song for us.

We really enjoyed it! Thank you to Ms. Jacko and her class. We hope to talk with them again soon.

Writing Limericks

Our class wrote this limerick together

The Magician

There once was a magician called Sam

Who really liked toast and jam

His mam gave him honey

He didn’t think it was funny

So he turned her into a lamb


Then we worked in pairs to write our own limericks. The photos and the limericks are below.





Hayley and Evan.

My mam is called Pam.

She is allergic to ham.

She eats nuts.

And never gets cuts.

And she loves jam.


Ethan & Diarmuid

There once was a boy  named Joe

Who had a big fat toe

His girlfriend Jill

Had to pay a bill

Then she said no 


Davina & Ciaran

There  once  was  a girl  called Mary.

Who  was  a magic fairy.

She lost her wings.

Turned into  wedding rings.

And that was the end of Mary.


Hayley and Evan.

My mam is called Pam.

She is allergic to ham.

She eats nuts.

And never gets cuts.

And she loves jam.


By Charlie and David

There once was a boy called Sam

Who was really addicted to ham

Dad came  in and gave a shout

And then poor Sam got a clout

Then he  got  addicted  to  jam



Callum and Travis

There once was a man named Sam

He really only liked ham

His friend gave him a bun

So he started to run

Then that was the end of Sam



 Lena & Amelia S

There once was a magic girl  called Sandy.

Who really,  really loved candy.

Her mum gave her healthy food.

She thought it was rude.

So she turned her mum into candy.


Josh & Jake

There was a boy called Josh

Who was very very posh

His best friend Jake

Had a pet snake

o my gosh the snake squashed Josh.


Sophie & Eoin

There once was a girl named sophie

She had a white jacket that was cosy

It got too small

She had a nasty fall

And that was the end of Sophie.


Samuel & Glen

There once was a boy called Glen

who could turn himself into a hen

he went to the shower

he lost his power

and told his brother Ben


Katie and Mirabella

There once was a girl called Holly .

Who really liked her lollies.

She bought a jelly

and put it in her belly .

And  never ate lollies again.


Erin and Amelia C.

there once was a girl named Mary

who was very very hairy

she got a hair cut

she didn’t like it but

now her mam calls her hairy fairy.







100 Word Challenge

This week’s prompt is :

…as I looked around…

This is Rachel’s story:

Stage Fright

By Rachel B

I stood on the side of the stage doing some voice warm ups. I was so nervous I could feel my hands and legs shaking.  I looked down at my dress – it was missing the belt. I panicked as I looked around for the clothes ladies. I spotted the programme being displayed on a giant TV.  I ran over to see what number I was going to be this time.  Good.  I was my lucky number 64.  I went over to the clothes ladies to fix my dress.  Suddenly I heard the judges call the next person – “number 64”.

You can read and comment on our stories from last week on our class blog. We love to get your comments.

You can read more about the 100 word challenge  here:

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