100 Word Challenge

Lambing Season by Jake

The frost was thick on ground.  The icicles hung from the roof tops and all the animals had to crouch in together to keep warm.  It was lambing season the busiest season for farmers.  The farmer was worried as the ewe was having problems giving birth.  He was there all night watching over her.  As sunlight dawned he noticed the ewe stood up and out popped her baby lamb.  It lay on the frosty ground with little movement. Just then it started to come to life.  He watched carefully as it shivered, they ran for blankets to keep the lamb warm.

The Lost Dog by Ava B

They were playing in the leaves, making piles and having fun. They heard a whimper in the corner of the field so they went to investigate and found a small frightened fluffy  puppy cowering in the cold, as it shivered, they looked at who had the warmest coat on and very quickly wrapped the little body up inside.
He had no collar and they had no idea where he came from. Sean’s dog had died a month ago and he was still very sad. His Mum said he could keep the little puppy and he decided to call him Leafy.

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School News/Gaeilge do Thuismitheoirí

Dear Parents,

We hope that everyone had a great mid term break last week and we all return ready to work hard for the remainder of this term.

We plan to have our school mass on Thursday 13th November at 10am in SS. Peter & Paul’s Church. However, if the weather is bad and/or if there is a funeral in the church on that morning, the school mass will take place in the school hall at 11:15am. We will notify parents by text on the morning if the mass is to be held in the school. Parents are welcome to walk with us to the church and we will leave the school grounds at 9:35am.

Parent/Teacher meetings will take place on Wednesday 19th/Thursday 20th November and dates and times for meetings will be sent out by the class teacher next week.

We regret that due to the closure of Gormanston College swimming pool, swimming classes for 4th classes are cancelled. We were unable to find another pool available for lessons so we will refund the money collected. Hopefully we will be able to reschedule lessons if and when the pool reopens.

Each class are working hard to develop their spoken Irish and we have attached some phrases to help parents and guardians support their children at home. Bain triail as-give it a go.

Gaeilge do Thuismitheoirí

Why not try using a few phrases in Irish with your children at home?

Here are a few suggestions that you could use perhaps when dropping or collecting the children from school.We will put a few with each newsletter home so you can build up a little “stór focal” to use.

We have included a rough pronunciation guide, but bear in mind that this isn’t 100% accurate as the sounds of Irish are different to the sounds of English. For example, in Irish many “t”s and “d”s have s a softer sound than in English, more like “th”. So here we go, and remember: “Tús maith, leath na hoibre” (Thews moh, la na hibre – A good start is half the work!)

Dia dhuit. (Dee-a gwith). Hello.

Conas atá tú? (Kunas a-thaw thew*). How are you?

An bhfuil tuirse ort? (On vwill theer-sha earth?) Are you tired?

Faigh do mhála. (Fie* thuh* vawla). Get your bag.

Cá bhfuil do mhála? (Kaw vwill thuh* vawla?) Where’s your bag?

Isteach sa charr anois. (Is-chock sa kawr* anish). Into the car now!

Brostaigh ort! (Brus-thig earth!) Hurry up!

An bhfuil a lán obair bhaile agat? (On vwill a lawn uber volya a-gooth*)

Slán leat! (Slawn lath) Bye bye.

* “thew” rhymes with “few”, “fie” as in “tie”, “thuh” just like “duh!” but with a softer d, the aw of “kawr” as in “law” and the oo of “gooth” as in the word “book”.

Fun with Playdough!

Look at our monsters that we made from playdough! We used playdough to explore the soft, delicate texture and  to practice how best to mould the playdough together before we used clay to make the final product.

This gave us an opportunity to think about the type of monster we were going to create.

Ms. Meehan showed us various images of monsters as our stimulus and we sang a song about Martians too!IMG_1717[1] IMG_1718[1] IMG_1719[1] IMG_1720[1] IMG_1721[1] IMG_1722[1] IMG_1723[1] IMG_1724[1] IMG_1725[1] IMG_1727[1] IMG_1728[1] IMG_1725[1]

Computer time in 3rd class!

We spent an afternoon using the laptops in school in pairs. The first thing we learned was the importance of looking after the laptops and how we turn them on/off correctly.

We then had an opportunity to write about ourselves using a Microsoft Word document.

Before we finished using the laptops, we were shown how to save our work to the teacher folder on the desktop for another day. Our next day using the laptops is the 3rd November. We all really looking forward it!

IMG_1709[1] IMG_1710[1] IMG_1711[1] IMG_1713[1] IMG_1714[1] IMG_1715[1] IMG_1712[1]


We began to learn about the  Egyptians before Halloween. This will be our second History Project and we are all very excited. The first thing we did was a concept map to see what we knew about Egypt already.

We then discussed what we knew and began to look at some short video clips, images of Egyptian landmarks and their way of life including their homes, clothes, food they eat, farming and Egyptian writing.

We have been put into groups for this project and given a topic to research. Over the next few weeks we will learn all about Egyptians and report to the rest of the class about our topic. Watch this space!

Below are some Egyptian art pieces.


Colour Mixing Art.

During the month of September we explored colour through painting and colour mixing. We began by using the primary colours and mixed them to make other colours from the colour wheel.

Gradually, we created a colour wheel with various different shades and tones of colours. We also looked at the complementary colours on the colour wheel. These are colours that are opposite on the colour wheel such as red and green.

Our final piece of art was inspired by a story we wrote in English about a Birthday Party. We used one colour and painted a picture just by using different shades of that colour.

Below are some samples of our work!IMG_1716[1]

How school has changed over time.

In our first History project of 3rd Class, we learned about Education and Schools long ago. We had an opportunity to explore and analyse various resources which St. Molaga’s has kept for teaching this interesting topic. Examples of material that we got to see and discuss in class were:

  • roll books from past pupils in St. Molaga’s Senior School
  • Copy books from past pupils of St. Molaga’s Senior chool
  • ink and slates like the ones children used to write on in school and
  • newspapers with  articles about St. Molaga’s Senior School

Mercedes made a model of an old school from Co. Cork out of clay for our project. She even made desks and chairs inside the school!. She did a fantastic job and we really enjoyed listening to how she made it. We found this project very interesting and most of us were able to talk to our families at home to learn more.IMG_1686[1] IMG_1685[1] IMG_1687[1] IMG_1688[1] IMG_1689[1] IMG_1690[1] IMG_1691[1] IMG_1692[1] IMG_1693[1]

Balbriggan Co. Dublin