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Action Stations!

Science in action!
Fourth Class have been learning about the respiration system over the last fortnight. Working in pairs, they investigated breathing rate and how it may be affected by relaxation and exercise. First, they measured their partner’s resting breathing rate. Then, they measured their breathing rate after a few minutes of meditation.
Finally, they measured each other’s breathing rate after running for several minutes. The results were quite surprising! Here are some photos of our scientists in action!
Green Schools Scooter Training
The fourth class pupils all enjoyed their Green Schools Scooter Training, which took place in school last Thursday. The weather was beautiful so we ended the day with a game of soccer on the astro pitch.

Skype Call – Sea Turtles, Sharks and Healthy Oceans

We had a Skype Call with Jennifer Nolan today. She taught us all about Sea Turtles and Sharks.

Jennifer also told us about all the litter in the ocean and how it is so harmful to sea creatures, especially Sea Turtles.

We got to ask Jennifer lots of questions and she showed us loads of great photographs. Click here to see some more.

We have decided in our class to try and only use re-usable bottles for our lunch drinks.

Green School Committee Tour

The Green School Committee went on a tour of the Rediscovery Centre today. It was a beautiful sunny day as we set of!

We got to the centre just before 10 am and we met the Education Officer Roberta. We also met Sarah and Emily.

She explained all the fun activities that we would be doing.

First we played a game where we were otters looking for fish in a polluted river. It was great fun.

Then we had to be birds looking for worms in the garden!

Next we went ‘pond dipping’ looking at all the life forms in the centre’s pond. We also went on a mini-beast hunt on the roof garden.

After lunch we had a tour of the centre and made some bug hotels.

We had a fantastic day and learned a lot about biodiversity.

Click on the link to see more photographs.

Biodiversity Day !

We held our Biodiversity day in the Halla on Friday 15th. It was a fantastic display of all the hard work done by all the classes.

There were lots of projects on display covering a wide range of topics including, biomes, bunnies, bees and birds!

Well done to the Green School Committee for all their hard work over the last two years.

Later in the afternoon we held our National Spring Clean. All the classes took part and collected lots of rubbish.

Sean and Callum even found €5 !  You can see some pictures of the day in the videos below. There are also some pictures on Balbriggan.info.

(Click on the links) Video 1 – Biodiversity Day

Video 2 – Biodiversity Day 

Biodiversity Video 3


Green Schools


This year’s Green School Committee members are Joe, Ella, Adam, Kate, Bronagh, Shane, Liam, Jake, Jessica, Aaron, Sophia, Josh and Bethan.

We are focusing on bio-diversity this year for our 5th green flag and our school is continuing to recycle, conserve energy and water and walk or cycle to school.

Keep up the good work everybody!


National SOW Day

Today we held our annual  Cycle on Wednesday (COW), Walk on Wednesday (WOW), and Scoot on Wednesday (SOW) Day.

All children were encouraged to cycle, scoot or walk to school today. Lots of children were dressed up for the occasion and prizes were given for the best costumes!                             DSC_0071DSC_0070DSC_0069DSC_0068DSC_0067DSC_0066


Planting Seeds


We planted seeds beside our bug hotel today. We received the seeds from @meadowinmygarden and they are designed to encourage bugs into our school grounds.

The seeds will grow into a wild meadow.  We think it will look great near the bug hotel.

Thanks to Michael our caretaker for rotavating the garden so that we could plant the seeds.DSC_1685DSC_1684DSC_1681DSC_1679DSC_1680DSC_1678DSC_1682bug hotel