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Our Busy First Term

Our class were very busy during the first term of school this year. In September and October, Ms. Hegarty came into our class and taught lessons on samba drumming. We learned various call and response tunes and we tried them out with all sorts of instruments. We finished it all off with a Samba Drumming workshop during Arts week. Here are some pictures of us practicing…

Our class did a lot of work on procedural writing during October and November. We put that knowledge to good use in our lessons on conceptual art. Each pupil wrote detailed instructions on how to create their artwork. Then a different pupil in the class had to follow the steps and try to create it. This was a lot more difficult than it seems! Sometimes the art turned out just as the artist wanted it to. Sometimes it looked a bit different, but it all looked beautiful! Below are pictures of some of our artworks and the artists who created them.
Of course, procedural writing also came in very handy when we made pizza and soda bread! Yummy!
In December, we learned all about the Neolithic (Stone Age) people, the Winter Solstice, and Newgrange. We even went on a class trip to Newgrange. The Visitor Centre was very interesting, but the highlight was going into the 5,000 year old structure itself just one week before the Winter Solstice and our Christmas holidays.
We worked really hard during the first term and, after our Christmas break, we’re ready to begin again! Bring it on!

Busy Week!

We’ve had a busy week this week! 

Our seeds that we planted continue to grow! Some of them grew so tall now during the mid-term break that it took three of us to measure them! 






On Tuesday we had sports conditioning training. It was great fun. We also learned about healthy eating and nutrition.






Emma from the RSA also visited on Tuesday and spoke to us about being safe on the roads and in the care. The best advice is to be ‘Aware’ when you are on the road, as a pedestrian, a cyclist or in a car.






Wednesday was ‘Ash Wednesday’. We received ashes from Fr. Eugene and we made our Lenten promises.





We’ve been celebrating ‘Friendship Week’ all week. We had some fun activities with Ms Sulllivan’s 5th class. We played games in the hall, wrote poems and did some ‘Friend-Ship’ art.











On Thursday and Friday we do  Maths Circuits. We love this part of the week. We were able to use the new laptops for one our circuits. 





We’ve started our ‘One World – Irish Aid award projects this week too. 






Click on the link to see more pictures!

Happy Chinese New Year!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year on January 22nd 2017, we made Chinese dragons in art. This year is the year of the rooster. Traditionally, dragons represent Chinese celebrations. We created dragons’ bodies by making intertwining loops with coloured card. Then we added detail to our dragon faces like piercing eyes, sharp teeth, pointy horns and long tongues!

Take a look at some of our work.

By Katie, Aisha and Ester.


Safter Internet Day 2017 #SID2017

We took part in Safer Internet day on Tuesday. We talked about staying safe online. We agreed that we need to be SMART and THINK.









If you are going online:

S – be safe – keep your personal information private.

M – Don’t meet up with anybody that you meet on line.

A – Accepting e-mails can be dangerous. Be careful about spam messages.

R – Not everything you read online is Reliable, be careful.

T – If you see or read something that upsets you – Tell and adult. 


We did a SVP food appeal for the homeless and people who wouldn’t have a Christmas dinner .We were asked to bring food in, at least one item. We had to bring it in for December 16th. As a class we made posters to remind every class about the food appeal. We hung posters around the school. The posters had to have 16th of December on them as that was the final date to bring in the food. On the posters we had lists of items that we could bring in. We sent people from our class around the school to remind everyone one more time. We had to remind them that the food had to have a non-perishable items and a good Best-before date. Our collection was very successful we got hundredss of items, and people from the SVP came to collect all of the food. They were delighted with all we had collected and we were happy to help.

By Leah M. and Sam
Ms Sullivan’s 5th class.




American Candy- the taste test.


On December 20th all of our class got candy from kids in Nevada like Airheads, hot tamales, Jolly Ranchers, Mike and Ike, Nerds, Milk duds, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, Butter, Fingers, Skittles, Almond joy, Malted Milk Balls and Ferrero Roche in our class the favourite sweet was airheads and nerds not a lot of people liked hot tamales we sent them lots of crisps like Tayto Walkers etc we also sent them Double Deckers, Dairy Milk, Milky Ways, Jelly like Haribo Etc. The bad thing about the candy was when we sent it to America the school closed for their Christmas Holiday’s so they weren’t able to taste the candy. Some of their candy could be bought in Ireland and some could not. They probably got a half packet of crisps each. Every one wanted to get Jolly Ranchers but there was only five. Most of the class liked Irish candy more than American candy.


Google Hangout

dsc_0003 dsc_0004 dsc_0005 dsc_0006 dsc_0007 dsc_0008














We took part in a Google Hangout today with lots of schools from around the world. There were schools from Germany, St Martinique (The Caribbean)  Russia, Argentina and Pennsylvania, USA.

We learned about Christmas Traditions in different countries and we told them about The Wren tradition and the tradition of leaving a candle in the window at Christmas time. 

Lorcan did the presentation about The Wren and Jessica did the presentation about the candle in the window.


Cake Sale

We had a very successful cake sale in 6th class to raise money for our trip to Glasnevin Cemetery. We want to thank everyone in the school who bought some of our delicious cakes and also to everyone who helped us with the baking at home! Congratulations to our raffle winners who won prizes supplied by the children in the picture below!! IMG_7963 IMG_7965 IMG_7966 IMG_7967IMG_7969