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Limericks – Mr. Gorman’s 3rd class

There once was a girl called Jill,

Who went down the hill,

She got a big smack,

Then said quack,

Then she had a pill.

By Mia


There once was a girl called Sue,

Who had nothing at all to do,

She didn’t feel well,

Then she fell,

After all that she had to go to the loo.

By Rachel


There once was a boy called Fin,

He fell in a cold bin,

He found a sack,

And it was black,

He wanted to get out but he fell on a pin.

By Oliver


Once there was a boy called Jack,

And he was so good at hacks,

He found a well

Then he fell,

And his mam gave him a whack.

By Adam


There once was a fat little cat,

Who wanted to be called Pat,

But he was called Bob,

And had a good job,

To catch every single rat.

By Conor.


There once was a lonely goat,

Who had a really BIG boat,

He sailed on the sea,

And drank some tea,

But it turned out his boat couldn’t float.

By Cara.


There once was a boy named Jake,

Who got bitten by a big snake,

He went to bed,

Then hurt his head,

Then he saw a nice lake.

By Ewan.


There once was a girl called Bell,

Who had horrible nasty smell,

She fell on a log,

And turned into a frog,

And that`s all I could tell.

By Natalia


There once was a boy called Jack,

Who had sweets in a pack,

He got really fat,

He looked like a cat,

And he never turned back.

by Robert


There once was a girl called Jill

She had a very big bill,

She sat on a tree,

And hurt her kne,e

Poor little old Jill and the bill.

by Caitlin


There once was a boy called Bill,

He told his mother he was ill,

His mother laughed,

Bill said stop being daft,

So his mother stopped and gave him a pill.

by Holly


There once was a boy called Phil,

Who had to pay the bill,

All the time,

And fell into slime,

And he had a friend called Jill.

By Craig


Once there was a boy called Bill,

Who always had a pet called Jill,

It was a dog,

Acting like a hog,

It always had to take a pill

by Sam


Once there was a dog called Bob,

Who had a full time job,

To scratch the fleas,

Off his knees,

His favourite food was corn on the cob.

by Noah, Ryan and Luke














By Aidan


There once was a pup,

Who fell into muck,

He had no time,

And fell into lime,

So then he had no luck.

By Julia


There was a young girl called Jill ,

And she lived On a hill ,

And she got a smack ,

After she had a big mac ,

Finally  she went back to the hill .

By Jessica


There once was a girl called Jill,

Who had a very big pill,

She stubbed her toe,

And said ho ho,

And then she went up the hill.

By Hannah


There once was a girl called Jill,

She had to pay a really big bill,

She fell into a sack,

And then she got a big mac,

And then she finAlly found the till.

By Lexie


There once was a boy named Jack,

Who always said the word quack,

He had no nose,

But still dId a pose,

And then he made friends with a boy named Mac.

By Jas, Calum and Leon






I Am Angry by Lee

I’m angry, I’m angry, I’m angry!

I want to stamp my feet,

I don’t want to go to bed!

And I don’t want to get out of bed|!

I don’t want to get dressed or do my teeth.

I’m angry, I’m angry, I’m angry!

I don’t want to walk to school,

I don’t want to drive to school,

I don’t want to do my home-work.

I don’t want to get out of my uniform,

I don’t want to go out to play!

Maybe I’ll star the day all over again!

Autumn Poetry by Adam, Julia, Mia G and Mikolaj

Autumn is coming,
leaves are falling.
Days are shorter,
nights are longer.
Children love when there is lots of leaves
falling down from trees.
There are lots of conkers and acorns on the ground.
Mice and squirrels make squeaky sounds.
October is here,
Halloween is near.

by Adam

There is a season called Autumn,
in Autumn there is all different coloured leaves falling from trees,there is no bees on trees,
after began’s to be Halloween,
often it is sunny weather,
animals go hibernating and go asleep,
so then bunny rabbit’s are not here!
farmers pull there animals to sleep in Autumn,
Autumn sometimes is bad because we cant play!
by mikolaj

Autumn Rush by Julia

The crunch on the ground,
is made by the leaves,
that the tree,
no longer heaves.

The hedgehog builds,
its lovely nest,
in which for the Winter,
it’s going to rest.

Then the rain
comes pouring down.
It coveres the leaves,
orange, yellow and brown.

Picking conkers
is not lame,
you can make conker animals
or play the conker game.

Autumn by Mia G

Autumn is here , Coldness appears.
Green on trees, Orange on trees .
Significant , Magnificent .
On trees, that have amber.
Leaves bursting , with orange.
Blustery , beautiful
Relevantly, marvellous
Yes ladies agree .
And this is how Autumn feels .
You might have felt the magnificent leaves ,
But you don’t know much,
And boys agree ,
Because I will appear , when your teacher is gone ,
You might feel a touch, of snow on your cheek ,
I know every thing but you don’t know your brain ME!!!!!


X-Box, X-Box a poem by Kenn Nesbitt

Click on the link to hear us say our poem! It must be love.

Xbox Xbox–Kenn Nesbitt

Xbox, Xbox,
you’re the one for me.
I also love my 3DS
and my Nintendo Wii.

GameCube, GameBoy,
Apple iPod Touch.
I never thought that I would ever
be in love this much.

Pac-Man, Sonic,
Mario, and Link.
Your names are etched inside my mind
in everlasting ink.

Run, jump, flip, hang,
double-jump, and climb.
That’s all I want to do
with every second of my time.

This is true love.
Yes, it’s plain to see.
Xbox, Xbox,
will you marry me?



The Owl and the Pussycat

We learned the famous poem by Edward Lear, and then we created some artwork based on the poem. We used lots of different pieces of fabric.

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat:
They took some honey, and plenty of money
Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
“0 lovely Pussy, 0 Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
         You are,
         You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl,
How charmingly sweet you sing!
Oh! let us be married; too long we have tarried,
But what shall we do for a ring?”
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the bong-tree grows;
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood,
With a ring at the end of his nose,
          His nose,
          His nose,
With a ring at the end of his nose.

“Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
Your ring?” Said the Piggy, “I will.”
So they took it away, and were married next day
By the turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
              The moon,
              The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

Poetry – Cinquains


Unreal cuteness,

Pooping, burping, farting,

the cutest thing in my life,


By Shane.



Funny, smart,

reading, playing, talking,

Moya is my friend.

By Molly.



Burping, goodness,

Making, faking, loving,

the best thing ever in my life,


By  Josh.



Fluffy, furry,

They are the best,

Climbing, flying, eating,

The funniest thing in my life


By Sophie.


Ice Cream.

Ice Cream,

Yummy food,

Making, baking, eating,

It is the best thing in my life!


By Sean.



Cheesy goodness,

Making, baking, eating,

The tastiest thing in my life,



Mars bar!

goodness, redness,,

eating, making, taking,

tastiest thing in my

whole life!


By Ariana.



Gold brick

Money, shiny,

Trading, mining, buying,

Best thing in my life ever,

Gold  Brick!

By Alex.




tasty goodness,

ways of making, baking,

the tastiest thing in my life


By Ryan.



Yummy golden,

Eating, waiting, hiding.

I love my kit-Kat,

Yummy Kit,


By Oliwia.





Dogs like dog food,

Eating, sleeping, drinking.


By Leah.



Amazing sport,

scoring, dribbling, skilling,

Its really the best sport,


By Evan.



Tasty goodness,

wrapping, eating, tasting,

The tastiest thing I ever tasted,


By Amy.




Shorty, funny,

fighting, running, walking,

One of the best cricketers,

good money!

By the smaller Qasim.




Nice, lovely,

Baking, sitting, watching,

I like staying at home!

By Emily.




Friendly, happy,

Loving, caring, sharing,

I love her so much.


By Wonder.





The Christmas Alphabet

A is for angel on top of the Christmas tree.

B is for baubles on the Christmas tree.

C is for children that play together each day.

D is for donkey that came to the stable.

E is for the elves up in the North Pole.

F is for family; family is fun.

G is for Gabriel, the angel that came down to Mary.

H is for holly that you hang up on the wall.

I is for indoor with your family.

J is for “Jingle Bells” that families sing.

K is for kings for the Three Kings.

L is for lights which we hang around the house.

M is for magic; Santa is magic!

N is for Nazareth where Jesus grew up.

O is for ornaments that we hang on the Christmas tree.

P is for Prancer, the name of Santa’s reindeer.

Q is for queues that are in shops everywhere.

R is for Rudolph that guides Santa’s sleigh.

S is for Santa, good old Santa!

T is for tree, our Christmas tree.

U is for unwrapping presents .

V is for Vixen, one of the reindeer.

W is for wisdom which Jesus has lots of.

X is for X-Mas, short for Christmas.

Y is for the Yule log we eat for dessert.

Z is for z z z z z as I snore through the night waiting for Santa!


There once was a boy called Lee

Who climbed up the Christmas tree

He could not get down

And started to frown

So he could not have his tea

Written by Callum J & Robert



There once was a boy called Rory

He felt very poorly

He had no tea

And started to flee

And that was the end of poor Rory

Written by Callum J & Robert


There once was a boy called Bob

He looked like a big fat blob

He was smelly

And had a big belly

So he finally closed his GOB!!!

Written by Adam M & Kevin


There once was a rat called Pat

He was very very fat

He ate chocolate every-day

So people would say

Look at that big fat rat

Written by Jack & Shane (The Karate kids)


Once there was a boy called Lee

Who sat on a magical tree

He turned into a dog

And went to God

And then got turned into pee

Written by Aaron & Ellie


Once there was a boy called Tim

He was not able to swim

He jumped off a rock

That looked like a sock

And that was the end of our good friend Tim

Written by Aaron & Ellie


There once was a cat called Billy

Who thought he was very silly

He broke his toe

And bought a bow

Then he changed his name to Dilly

Written by Killian and Ellie-May




There once was a girl called Jill

She lost a match five nil

She had a cry

And a big sigh

Then hid behind the hill

Written by  Ruth


There once was a boy called Bob.

Who had a habit to rob.

He robbed jewels.

He robbed stools.

So he got chased by an angry mobJ

Written by Cian and Bethan


Once there was a girl named Jill

Who ate a magical pill

And turned into a rat

And got stuck in a mat

And that was the end of Jill

Written by Adam D & Ryan



Once there was a man called Pat

Who lived in a dirty flat

And put in a bid

To buy a kid

And that is the story of Pat

Written by Adam D & Ryan



There once was a boy called Jake

He bought a little pet snake

The snake was smart

But he died with a dart

And that was the end of snake

Written by Seán & Lucy


There once was a boy named Lime.

That was very very fine.

He fell down a hill.

And hit a till.

And that was the end of time.

Written by Callum T and Angel




There once was a girl called Ell

Who fell into a well.

She  got thrown in hay

And had to pay

And then she went to hell

Written by Angel & Callum T


There once was a boy called Tim,

And his dad never taught him to swim,

He fell in a pool

He was such a fool

And that was the end of our friend Tim

Written by Adam s and Jordan


There lived a girl called Jill

She fell down a hill

And broke her leg

And got cut by a peg

So that was the end of Jill

Written by Adam s and Jordan


There was a boy named Bill

And he got really really ill

He went to the doctor

And met Harry Potter

And died from a magic pill

Written by Krzysztof and Ana


There once was a girl named Jill

That worked at a shopping till

The customers wanted more

And fell on the floor

And got in trouble with Jill

Written by Krzysztof and Ana