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Active Flag Committee present their findings

At our Green Schools Action Day on Friday 1st June, four children from the Active Flag committee represented the school at a stand in the hall. Many parents came in to view the Green Schools projects and to talk to the children from various committees to hear about what we are doing in school. The children from the Active Flag Committee presented the results of a recent survey undertaken by Ms Grey’s 6th class to find out how many children in the school are involved in different sports clubs outside school. Well done to them and to all the children who took part in activities on the day.

India Projects

We recently completed group projects on various elements of Indian culture, following our teacher’s trip to Kolkata last summer. Each group researched and presented on a particular aspect of Indian culture such as food, religions and customs, clothing and festivals, animals, traditions, sports and languages, famous people. We learnt a lot of thing we did not know about India and how different some things are there, in comparison to Ireland. After researching, each group illustrated their findings on a poster before presenting it to the class. We peer and self-assessed the quality of our project presentations just before the Easter holidays. Some children mentioned they would love to visit India in the future. We can’t wait for our next group projects!

European Projects

In geography we learned about France’s culture, religion, population, cuisine, famous landmarks such as the Eifell Tower and l’Arc de Triomphe as well as France’s lakes rivers and seas. We also learned about some of France’s history such as the Renaissance period, famous artwork such as the Mona Lisa which is in the Louvre in Paris.

After we learned about France, we worked with a partner to do research on our own European project. We used laptops to research information and then we made booklets to present all that we had learned to the class. It was great fun researching information and making our projects.

Here’s what they looked like!



War Projects

War Projects
We did projects on WW1 and WW2. Some of them were about the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank, Eva Mozes Kor, D-Day and Concentration Camps. When we were finished we presented them to the class and we answered questions. Everyone enjoyed learning about WW1 and WW2. The people who did the best projects got prizes. The projects that won were on Concentration Camps, WW1 and WW2.

Circus Projects – Fantastic Work

We have been working on our Circus Projects for the last two weeks.

We started presenting our projects today.  They are fantastic.

As part of our projects we had to complete a variety of tasks. Some were easy and some were hard. They included some of these:

  • made circus themed cakes, cookies and buns
  • built models of the circus
  • worked out the cost of keeping animals
  • made clothes for a teddy
  • compared the zoo to the circus
  • looked at the history of the circus
  • interviewed members of the circus
  • designed posters for the circus
  • created jingles
  • designed surveys
  • created modes of transport
  • compared the acts in the circus
  • investigated the most popular musical instruments in the circus
  • devised advertisements for circus acts
  • painted our faces
  • and lots more.

Many thanks to all the mammies for their help with the projects.

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Animal Projects

As we were looking at animals in our science books, we decided to pick our favourite animal and learn some more about them.  We all stood at the top of the class and presented our research!

A few interesting facts taken from these projects:

Beavers use their tails to communicate

IMG_0087     (Robert, Callum and Ronan)

There are over 300 breeds of pigs

IMG_0089  (Jude and Tobi)

Chipmunks have large pouches in their cheeks for carrying food

IMG_0101  (Shauna and Alexandra)

Ferrets have very bad breath!

IMG_0098   (Wiktoria, Chloe and Katie)


Gray wolves are the biggest dogs in the wolf family

IMG_0097    (Harrison, Ryan and Eddie)



Foxes have really good hearing and are nocturnal animals

IMG_0093   (Alvin and Dario)


Wild chinchillas can be found in South America

IMG_0090    (Leah and Ella)

Bats can eat all night!

IMG_0088    (Darragh and Craig)


Male rabbits are called Bucks and female rabbits are called Does.

IMG_0085    (Zofia and Sophie)

History projects

Below are some extracts from our history projects which are displayed on the notice board outside our classroom.








My  grandad was born in 1947. He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He lived in sandy mount. He is a cool dude . he is nice. He is pretty old.  He is 68. We have lots of fun together.  I love my grandad. And i love my granny too!! By Adam s

My Grandad had to walk to school every day. His favourite subject in school was Irish. His last job was as a librarian. Adam

My Grandad’s dad worked on the railway and his mum was a school teacher .He had four sisters and three brothers. He worked as a plaster.  Bethan:]

My Nana was not in any clubs. Her favourite sweet was a macaroon bar. When she was older she worked as a nurse.  She got to school on a bike.     Ellie-May

My grandad Williams history. Williams parents owned  a shop. It was very small and dull. Jamie

My uncle works at the same place as my dad. My dad worked in a farm before. Kevin

My Grandad. His favourite subject was Irish. He lived in Rush. His favourite meal was beef stew. J Robert

My aunt Jan’s Mother worked in a shop. She had three brothers and no sisters. By Ruth.

My nanny lived in  Seapoint  in Swords. She lived in a big farm house. Her dad was a herdsman and her mam was a house keeper. Her favourite subject was maths. Her least favourite subject was Irish. Callum T.

My grandad  lived in Leitrim. He lived in a house called Foxwood  house. Seán

My nanas best friend was Jacinta Mulligan. Her favourite teacher was Ms. Fultan. Her best game was hop scotch. Her favourite Christmas present was a red and white bike. Her best dinner was sausage, beans and mash. Her school was called St. Raphales. It was a five minute walk. By Callum J

My Nana Dolores.  My nana worked as a house wife and my grandad worked at the paper mills. Her favourite games were hopscotch tag and sometimes she played on the swing. By Adam M

My Nana Rita.   My grandma Rita had a very hard time in school there were very bad punishments when someone did something to someone like kneeling down on hard beanbags.  By Rita.