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5th Class visits the National Gallery and National History Museum

On Friday 18th May, 5th Class visited the National Gallery and National History Museum. It was a lovely day out and we really enjoyed it.

We had a guided tour in the National Gallery and saw paintings from artists such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Jack B Yeats. We were also lucky enough to be some of the first people to see a newly installed piece by Joe Caslin called “Finding Power”.


We loved the National History Museum and learned a lot about native animals and international animals.

Researching some native animals
We recognised the curlew from the school yard!
Look at the size of that fish!


Turas Scoile!

Chuaigh Rang a Cúig ar thuras scoile. Chuaigh muid go dtí Ardgillan. Bhí muid ar bís. Tháinig an bus ar a leathuair tar éis a naoi. Bhí muid ag caint agus ag canadh ar an mbus. Tar éis tamaill, shroich an bus Ardgillan. Bhuail muid múinteoirí. Bhí muid ag dreapadh suas balla. Bhí muid ag boghdóireacht agus ag millín péinte. Bhí muid ag sleamhnú ar an bhféar. Bhí muid ag siúl ar rópaí. Bhí muid ag imirt cluichí foirne. D’ith muid an lón ar a dó dhéag a chlog. Chuaigh muid abhaile ar a leathuair tar éis a dó. Bhí an-spórt againn.

6th Class – Confirmation & School Tour

Re: 6th Class Confirmation and School Tours

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are all very busy in class with our Confirmation preparations and are looking forward to the day of Confirmation. We ask that you talk with your child about these preparations and what the sacrament of Confirmation means to them.

Each year after confirmation we ask the children to donate money to a local charity. This year we have chosen the Irish Guide Dogs as the charity. On Friday 26th April, we ask that your child bring into school a donation, sealed in an envelope. (The photographer will be in the school that day also).

The 6th classes will be going on two school outings. On Friday 17th May we are going to the site of the Battle of the Boyne. There is no cost for this tour, but the bus will cost €5 each.

On Monday 24th June, we are going to the Cavan Crystal Maze. The cost of this tour (including bus fare) is approximately €30. We ask that the children pay for this tour themselves from their own money.

The graduation ceremony will be on Tuesday 25th June at 11am in the school hall.

Finally, we have been asked by the Parish Priest, Fr. Eugene, to remind you that photography/video cameras are not allowed during the Confirmation Ceremony and that professional photographers are not allowed to take pictures in the church at any time.

___________________ ____________________ _________________
Ms. J. Leonard Mr. F. Gorman Mr. M, Harrington

__________________ ____________________
Ms. A. McNicholas Ms. C. Brennock

Proclamation of the Irish Republic

On our tour of Leinster house we saw an original framed copy of the Easter 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic. It was read out at the GPO by Pádraig Pearse and posted up around Dublin. This copy was presented to the Nation by a former President of Ireland, Seán T Ó Ceallaigh. During Easter Week 1916 he was one of the volunteers who undertook to paste up the proclamation in public areas. This copy was preserved by his mother amongst her papers.




6th class Educational Tour

School tour!!!

Leinster house: For our school tour we went to Leinster House. We saw lots of politicians talking about mortgages and bills. There were lots of portraits of past Taoisigh hanging on the walls. A man gave us a tour and it was really interesting. It is really big and nice.

The national history museum: Next we went to the National History Museum. It had lots of interesting things from the past. There was a room where  you could watch a film about history. They had old Celtic tools, clothes and dishes. There was a room  with lots of dead bodies in it. There was also a room with Ancient Egyption treasures.

The Natural History Museum: Afterwards we went to the natural history museum. It was full of animals. There were hedgehogs, giraffes,zebras,rhinos,elephants,whales, Kangaroos,bugs,octopus,fish and SO much more! It was really interesting to be able to see all of the animals up close.

Aislinn & Tara

Our Trip to the Rediscovery Centre

Our Trip to the Rediscovery Centre


On the 10th of May 2012, our class visited the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun. We were welcomed in by Tara and Emma, who gave us an insight into what the centre does and how much gas and electricity we use. They spoke to us about the numerous ways we can save electricity, like switching to CFL bulbs or measuring the amount of water we put into our kettles.

The first activity we participated in was measuring the heat with and without greenhouse gases. A cup full of soil represented the earth. There were 2 cups of soil, one covered in clingfilm (green house gas) and one without clingfilm. They were put under lamps simulating the sun and we tested the temperature. The one with greenhouse gas (clingfilm) was hotter.

After that we tested how much energy is used by kettles, we made water wheels and solar ovens. We ate lunch and when we got back we played energy themed snakes and ladders where we had to answer questions to move forward. When that was finished we went upstairs to make circuits. It was really exciting to see how they worked.

The trip was amazing; we learned loads while still having fun. The Rediscovery Centre does amazing work and I’d love to return there someday.

By Eibhlin  Sixth class.