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Skype Call – Sea Turtles, Sharks and Healthy Oceans

We had a Skype Call with Jennifer Nolan today. She taught us all about Sea Turtles and Sharks.

Jennifer also told us about all the litter in the ocean and how it is so harmful to sea creatures, especially Sea Turtles.

We got to ask Jennifer lots of questions and she showed us loads of great photographs. Click here to see some more.

We have decided in our class to try and only use re-usable bottles for our lunch drinks.

Google Hangout

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We took part in a Google Hangout today with lots of schools from around the world. There were schools from Germany, St Martinique (The Caribbean)  Russia, Argentina and Pennsylvania, USA.

We learned about Christmas Traditions in different countries and we told them about The Wren tradition and the tradition of leaving a candle in the window at Christmas time. 

Lorcan did the presentation about The Wren and Jessica did the presentation about the candle in the window.


Our First Mystery Skype

We had our first Mystery Skype call today. We had to find the other school, using our maps and Google Earth, before they found us.

We were only allowed to ask questions that had Yes/No answers. We all had special jobs to do. We worked together to find out where they were. We guessed where they were, before they guessed where we are!

They are in Marlton, in New Jersey in The USA. They are in Ms. Boehm’s 2nd Grade class, in Beeler Elemenary School. We had great fun chatting with them after the Skype call. They didn’t know that Halloween originated in Ireland!

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Skype Call with New Zealand

We had a Skype call today with Ms Cass Parker’s class in Nelson, South Island, New Zealand.

This was our first Skype call to the Southern Hemisphere. Ms Parker’s class were holding a 24 hour Skypathon so they were Skyping through the night!

When we were talking to them it was 12.45am in New Zealnd and 1.45pm here.

Katie from our class did some free style dance for them and they did the Haka for us.

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Mystery Skype Call with Mr. Bonavita’s Class in Delaware

We did a Mystery Skype call today with Mr. Bonavita in Oldcastle, Delaware, USA.

We had great fun with his 4th Grade Class. They guessed where our school is before we guessed their location.

They didn’t believe we had a castle beside our school, so we took the laptop outside and showed them Bremore Castle.

This is their video of that moment!

Their sate is the oldest US state, founded in 1787 which is around the time that Baron Hamilton introduced cotton factories to Balbriggan.

Link to Animoto video.

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