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Still Running!

Even though it’s cold outside (even colder than our prefab) we still go out for a run twice a day almost every day. On Monday mornings we have P.E. but every other morning we go at approximately 10:10 and every afternoon at 2:15.  If it’s really cold or raining we wear our coats. If it’s lashing rain we stay inside and do a ‘bizzy’ break. That’s only  happened twice so far.

We have the choice to run a full lap or a half lap and we can go at whatever pace we like.  Mr. Gorman only runs a half lap but most of the class run a full lap.  Anyone who has been in every day and ran a full lap will have run approximately 50 km by Christmas.

The amazing thing is that it takes less than 5 minutes from the time we leave our desks until we’re back at work again. We know because we’ve timed it.

Yesterday it took us 4 minutes and 34 seconds from the time we lined up until we were all back in our desks at work.
This afternoon the astro was locked so we ran around the yard.

Here are some comments from our class. 

Laps clear my mind and after running I feel calm. Juwaria

Laps let me express my feelings and clear my mind but finally it is fun for me and the class. Senan

Sometimes when the astro is closed we do them around the yard but there still a lot more fun than doing work in class. Ellen

I like laps and I always beat Mr.Gorman. Mark

I like doing laps because it clears my mind and it is great fun to do laps. Sean

I like to do laps because it wakes me up and it’s really fun. Sam

I love doing laps because they are fun. Amy

I love laps because they help me get ready for the next subject. Caitlin.

I love laps because they keep me active. Tadhg

I like laps because you get a break from work. Daniel

I love laps. I am glad that we do laps. Hannah.

I love doing laps two times a day. Rhys.

Laps are so fun and they make you happy. Jack.

Laps are and cool but they are very tiring. Donal

I like the laps because it helps me get fit. Ava

I love laps because it gives me fresh air and helps me get fit. Cillian

I like laps because they’re fun to do. Sophia

I like laps because its fun. Niamh.

I love laps because its nice to get outside. Max

I like laps because I beat teacher all the time and it’s nice to have some fresh air. Austeja

I love laps because we get to go on the big astro and it gives you fresh air. Jake

Laps are for life because we get fresh air and it helps us to get fit and it’s great fun. Bartosz

Even when I don’t feel like going out I still do, because it give’s me and all the class energy and it helps us to concentrate.  Mr. Gorman


5th Class Gaelic Blitz

5th Class children from St. Molaga’s have been working very hard with Larissa over the last number of weeks, improving their Gaelic Football skills. Yesterday, three teams of children from 5th class got to practice these skills when they took part in a Gaelic Football blitz, with each team playing 5 games against children from Scoil Chormaic, the Gaelscoil, Bracken Ed Tog., Balbriggan Ed. Tog. and St. Georges. They wore the St Molaga’s jerseys with pride and it was great to see them playing so well and showing great sportsmanship! Well done to all the children who took part, both in the blitz today and in the training sessions over the last number of weeks! J


Running laps

We are a healthy and  active class. At least once once a day we go out to the All weather pitch (“the big astro”) for a run. The children choose whether to run a full lap which is approximately 440 metres or a half lap. In September the class ran a total of 489 laps.

1st (but it’s not a race!).
Full lap
Half lap

Teachers Versus Students Football Game

Today we had two games with the teachers versus a team from third and fourth classes and a game against a team from fifth and sixth classes.

The first game ended level 5-5.  It went to penalties, sudden death.  The students won after two penalties each (1-0)

The second game finished 3-2 to the students after getting a last minute goal.

Everybody enjoyed the day.

Below are some photographs.



School Football Blitz 2017

On the 20th of June, the school had a football blitz with the 5th and 6th class teams. The winning team will play against the teachers next week. Here are some photographs taken of the football blitz.

Freezing into place for an action photograph!
Running after the ball
Going for the goal
Another goal?
Who’s going to get the ball?
Look! It’s Football Man!

Near the end of the Football Blitz we took photographs of the teams.





Senior Boys Football Final

Well done to our senior boys football team who played in Parnell Park today. They played a brilliant match but it was not their day. We are all very proud of them and their managers, Mr Brown and Ms Daly. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thank you to all our supporters also who showed their appreciation of our great team.

Pat Browne Rugby Cup final

A team from 6th class played in the final of the Pat Browne cup in Rubgy on Thursday 4th May against St. George’s National School at Balbriggan Rugby Club. It was a thrilling encounter, contested fiercely between two excellent teams. St Gorges took an early lead, getting the first try, which was quickly cancelled out by an excellent run leading to a try, from our own Daniel. The two teams were then locked in battle until half time, following a repeated pattern where St. Georges would go one ahead, only for St. Molaga’s to equalise minutes later. This lead to a score of 5-4 to St. George’s at half time. At the half-time break, joint captains Josh and Conor C could be heard exhorting their team to hold the line and look for an early lead in the second half. Alas, it was not to be so, as St George’s broke through again, securing another try to give them a two-point lead at the start of the second half. St Molaga’s are nothing if not persistent however, and they dug in, to narrow the lead to one point shortly thereafter. St. Molaga’s Naoise played a key role in the centre of the line, tagging a superbly athletic player from St. George’s no less than three times, with tags also being made at key moments by Rian, Stan and Conor H. to prevent St. George’s players from scoring. The second half continued in this way with “tit for tat” tries from each side; St Molaga’s desperately trying to pull ahead with only minutes remaining until half-time. The full-time whistle finally blew, with both teams on even points! After a short break, the teams were informed that an extra 10 minutes would be played, but, it was a “sudden death” situation, with the first team to get a try to be declared winners. St. Molaga’s, being in possession of the ball, had the upper hand. One after the other however, the four tags allowed were used up until the ball passed again to St. Georges! Now they had the upper hand and, with the extraordinary speed and athleticism they had displayed up to that point, many feared that all was lost for St. Molaga’s! However, in a stroke of good luck for St. Molaga’s, St. George’s knocked the ball forward in error, which meant that the ball passed back to St. Molaga’s. The school team were quick to capitalise on St. George’s error and making a determined effort they pushed towards the touchline, with Daniel breaking free at last to score the winning try, his sixth in the final. Tries were also scored on the night by Josh, Colm (assisted by Eoin H) and Killian. Amid scenes of great jubilation, the trophy was presented by Mrs Brown in memory of her husband (Pat Browne – one of the founding members of the club) and St. Molaga’s team showed great sportsmanship in calling for three cheers for their opponents, who indeed were magnanimous in defeat. All in all, the final provided the spectators with an excellent display of rugby and sportsmanship. The Pat Browne trophy has come back to grace the trophy cabinet in St. Molaga’s school after a break of one year, and please God it will be back many times again in the years ahead! St. Molaga’s abú!