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St Patrick’s Day;]

I got my cub uniform on and stated walk to the meeting point of the parade at about 1.20pm.  I met my friends and leaders then we started walk down the street.  I saw my cousins  and aunties and my family as I walked down to the stage on St Georges square.   We sang the Bremore yell then to make a long  story short,  at the end of the parade I went down to the stalls to meet my cousins.  I went to my cousins house for dinner and thats pretty much my St Patricks day.


St Patricks Day

On Tuesday I was in the parade.  We were leading the parade it was kind of embarassing becuse I was a sixer and sixers haved to hold the flags.  But anyways after that we went back to the clubhouse to have some biscuits then we did the real thing we were behind the musicians.  it was really fun.  After the parade I went to the pub to get something to eat like potatos or chicken nuggets.  It was a  great day.


St Patrick’s Day !!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday afternoon  I got changed for St Patrick’s day.  I was wearing a lime top and a green trousers with a blue and orange jumper.  When I got to the parade we all had to wait because people kept  walking and the parade wouldn’t start. Finally the parade started and first the scouts came. The scouts were playing instruments.  I saw a small boy playing  a trumpet I was very shocked.    I saw the rugby team.  I saw my friend Eoin, he plays for the rugby team.  I saw most of my class.  I saw this girl’s  dancing group,  I thought they were alright because they did a dance and it was off timing  and some girls were doing the wrong dance.  I saw some of my friends that I don’t often see.  I thought St Patrick;s day was okay.  It wasn’t the best I have been to but if you weren’t there I recommend you to  ask a friend who went to the parade  and they will tell you how it went .


St. Patricks day

I went to the parade on Tuesday.   There were soccer teams, Glebe North and Balbriggan fc.   People were dressed up as leprechauns and there were ponies and old cars and trucks.  People were giving out free lollipops and people were getting an  Apache pizza  off people  and getting chips.  There were a bunch of people on motor bikes and a pitbull was barking at the ponies.


St.Patrick’s Day

On Tuesday morning I went to get dressed in my football gear to go down to the parade.   It was so fun there were fire trucks, motor  bikes.  They scared my baby brother Sam.  He jumped out of his buggy into my sister Katie’s hands he was that scared.  There were Apache pizza crew dressed up in pizza.  My uncle Dazza or Darren works for Apache pizza near the really old Tesco where the pet shop is.  Before the parade I went to Macaris to get some food I got 2 large scallops and some chips and a can of coke.


ST. Patrick’s Day

On Tuesday it was St. Patrick’s Day.  I was in the parade with  the Rugby Club.  There were  many  people ln the parade and there were plenty of people watching.  We had to walk from Bath Road to the Church car park.  There were people in old cars.  There were big tractors and one looked like the size of a house. When we got to the  Church car park we got sweets.  I had a great time in the parade.